How to become the ultimate Rare trader

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different Auction Room and Coin Shops inside Habbo Hotel. It pays to be as proactive as possible when tracking down the best ones – although there are a couple of places we’d advise you to start.

In this room (you need to be logged into Habbo for the link to take you to the right room) there is a forum access terminal where you can find out who owns LTDs and Rares at that particular point in time, and you can post messages on the forum requesting particular rares or tell other Habbos what you are selling too. You can see a picture of this particular room to the left.

Habbo Auction Room example

This is an example of a great Auction Room, where you can join the forum and keep up to date with average Rare and LTD prices!

Some of our fansites are really good at maintaining relatively accurate prices of Rares and LTDs. is a good example, but don’t stick to one site! You’ll get a much better, more balanced view of average prices if you ask a variety of different Habbos in lots of different places.

The price of teleports can be hard to keep track of because Habbo doesn’t allow them to be sold on the Marketplace. has a very reliable set of prices for teleports, and it’s pretty new at the time of writing. Go check it out!

Another famous trade-focused room is the Habbo Collector’s Forum. This forum is one of Habbo’s largest rare furni-oriented groups in the hotel. This particular group is good as it has a broad range of collectors active inside the group’s forum, and they all contribute to the collective knowledge of average prices inside the Hotel.

More importantly than anything, in the popular Auction Rooms and Coin Shops, you will end up finding out how much certain furni are selling for by just listening. The REALLY good traders will ask around to find out a number of different prices, as they’re then able to decide what kind of a profit they could seek to make.

Habbo Rare Traders

Trading Rares and LTDs is a fine art – don’t rush into it too fast!

Also, being part of several different Habbo Groups that focus on trade is going to be very beneficial for you, as you will be in contact with traders that are up to date and informed about current prices. Sometimes in Habbo, it’s about what you know AND who you know! See our Habbo Groups blogs for more information on how to get the best usage out of them.

NOTE: Habbo does NOT run fansites, and we are NOT responsible in any way for content hosted on them. The regularity of updates is sometimes not as reliable as it could be, so as a first port of call, we always advise aspiring Habbo traders to use the Marketplace.

Thanks to Habbos: UnderCover. / Badge / RadMatta / Audemars / B / DJ_Shadow / Celerys

How to create and manage your own Habbo Group

To create your own Group, you have to be a HC member. It costs 10 credits to create a Habbo Group, and as the owner of the Group you are able to decide quite a few different things – we’ll go into this shortly.

To purchase a Habbo Group, choose your group colours and customize your Badge, you need to go to the Shop icon at the bottom on your toolbar, and go to ‘Habbo Groups’ in the Shop’s side menu.

Habbo Groups

After you’ve said you want to purchase a Habbo Group, you will be asked to give a name and a description to your group. These are both REALLY important – almost as important as the Group Badge – as it’s how your group will appear to potential Habbo Group members!

Habbo GroupsAnother very important part of creating the group is choosing the Homeroom. Once you have chosen this and set up the group, you are NOT able to change the Homeroom, so it’s absolutely VITAL that you choose the right one. We advise you create an entirely new Homeroom, so that you have a blank slate to start with. You don’t even have to allow people to join the group until you have fully completed the Homeroom – so make sure you get it right :)

In the next two stages, you’ll be able to customise both your group’s colour scheme and the group’s Badge. Remember, you can always go back to change the Badge and colour scheme after you’ve created the group. But, you should remember that IF you decide to do this, the Habbos that are already part of your group might disagree with the changes, and some might not recognise the new Group Badge as well. There are many things you must consider when running a successful Habbo Group!

Managing your Group

Once you’ve made your Habbo Group, you’ll want to be able to manage it to make sure it’s as easy to join and participate as possible!

To manage your group, go to the Homeroom and click on the ‘Manage’ button on the right hand side of the screen.

This will bring up another window, where you are able to modify the group’s badge, colour scheme, name and description.

BUT, more importantly, this is where you can change the access settings of the group, and it’s also where you can change which of the group’s members have admin rights.

Admins are able to modify how the Homeroom looks – i.e. they are able to ‘decorate’ the Homeroom. To make existing group members into admins, you have to click on the ‘Members’ link below the badge.

Habbo Groups

To become an Admin, Habbos must first join your group. Once they have joined and you have accepted their membership request, you can give them Admin rights very easily. See below:

Habbo Groups

To change the Group Type, and the Group Rights, you have to go to the ‘Manage Groups’ screen, and click on the ‘Settings Tab’. From there, you can decide on whether the group is closed, open, or is a ‘membership request’ group.

You can also decide if ALL group members can decorate the Homeroom, or just the Admins.

Habbo Groups

For a much more in depth frequently asked questions style Habbo Groups guide, go here.

Thanks to Habbo Teschan

How to build and host the Telephrase Game

So, to host your own Telephrase game, you need to run the game from your own room. Telephrase is a very simple game that doesn’t require much space, as an absolute maximum of 15 Habbos can play at one time.

The basic idea behind it is that 10 – 15 Habbos are let into the room (depending on how many seats you have), and they have to guess a word that you have decided previously based on a theme of your choosing. So – you would say that the theme is ‘Pirates’, and you would choose ‘Blackbeard’ as your word. The game participants would then have to guess what the word is by typing while they are sat down, and the last person to guess right would be ejected from the game, or ‘kicked’ from the room. The last Habbo remaining wins the game!

To run the game, you just need to be able to fit in the following:

  • Enough space for 3 enclosed areas, each with a gate.
  • A stack of three different Wired furni.
  • 3 sofas / chairs.
  • 1 single chair.

To help make this guide more visual, we’ve included screenshots to illustrate exactly how to set up the room.

Building the Telephrase game room

Below, you can see a screenshot of a simple Telephrase Game setup.

The different areas of the Telephrase Game

Here you can see the different areas of the Telephrase Game.

Like we said above, you need THREE enclosed areas. So:

  • YELLOW is the entrance. This is where the door is, and it’s where Habbos who want to play your game will come to queue up before being allowed in to play the game.
  • RED is where you host the game from. You want to be separated from the Habbos actually playing Telephrase, so stay in here and double click the gate to make sure it’s closed.
  • YELLOW is where Habbos will be teleported to after they’ve guessed the right word.
  • And the red rectangle shows you where Habbos enter the room.

So, using furni that you already have, or Builder’s Club <Insert link to>, build a room with the same sort of layout, with five different sofas (they can be single, double or triple seaters).

Also, you need to go to the Habbo Catalogue and buy the following Wired furni:

  1. WIRED Trigger: User Says Keyword.
  2. WIRED Effect: Teleport to Furni.
  3. WIRED Condition: Triggering User is on Furni.

Setting up the Wired furni

Once you have created the room, you need to place the Wired furni in the room (preferably somewhere out of the way). Then, make sure each one is set correctly, as shown below:

For the Wired Trigger User Says Keyword, check out the screenshot:

WIRED Trigger: User Says Keyword.

For the Wired Effect: Teleport to Furni, check out the screenshot: 

WIRED Effect: Teleport to Furni.

For the Wired Condition: Triggering User is on Furni, check out the screenshot:

WIRED Condition: Triggering User is on Furni.


How to host Telephrase

Ok, so now you need to actually HOST the game! Here’s how in some simple steps. First, here’s the colour map of each section of the room for you again on the right:

The different areas of the Telephrase Game

Here you can see the different areas of the Telephrase Game.

  1. OK, so first off, you need to get yourself inside the RED area, and close all of the gates.
  2. Once you make the room publicly available (if it isn’t already), you will have other Habbos trying to enter your Telephrase room. Once you are ready to host, and you have enough people to play, open the YELLOW area’s gate.
  3. If Habbos don’t sit down after they enter, you need to prompt them to do so. If there are more Habbos in the main area than seats, you will have to ask the ones without a seat to leave. If they refuse, you’ll be forced to kick them.
  4. Once those that are in the main game area are seated, you can start the game. To start with, you need to set a Telephrase theme, as the Habbos need that to be able to guess the word that you have in your Wired ‘Keyword’ Trigger. So, for example, you could say that the theme is ‘Pirates’ for the first round. In the Wired ‘Keyword’ Trigger, you would have to put a single word related to the ‘Pirates’ theme. For example, ‘Blackbeard’ (Blackbeard is a famous pirate).
  5. Once the Habbos know the theme, they will start guessing the keyword. This is where you have to watch closely and see which Habbo is the last one to guess the keyword correctly. It’s easy to see because they will be the last Habbo in the main game area.
  6. To eject the losing Habbo for each round, you must kick them from the room if they refuse to leave. After each round ends, you must open the gate in the GREEN area, close it again when all Habbos have re-entered the room, and then create a new theme. Also, DON’T FORGET to choose a new keyword that is relevant to the theme!
  7. Repeat this process until you have a winner!

Thanks to Habbos: UnderCover.

Price fixing – what it is and how to avoid it

Habbo Marketplace Trading Habbo Marketplace TradingAs with any economy, some traders will try to manipulate and inflate the market by putting furni up for sale for very high prices, and then buying that furni from themselves. This pushes the average price up on the Marketplace, and as a result makes it more likely people will pay higher prices for that particular furni.

We want to share a simple, but effective little tip with you all. Clicking on the Item Information button next to an item for sale in the Marketplace brings up a line graph, which shows the average price of that particular furni for the past 30 days.

This is an example of price manipulation. Don't be fooled!

This is an example of price manipulation. Don’t be fooled!

A normal average price trend in the Habbo Marketplace

A normal average price trend in the Habbo Marketplace

In the picture to the immediate left, you can see a furni which has had a steady average price range for the past 30 days. However, you can also see that some Habbos have bought the Castle Wall for 10 credits very recently; perhaps on the day this particular screenshot was taken. This is an example of a normal, non-manipulated price range.

In the image to the far left, there is a large spike right in the middle of the line graph. This could be due to a number of reasons (it could have been someone trying to manipulate the average price) but this picture perfectly illustrates how the average price of furni can change quickly, so always make sure to do your due diligence!

Now we’ve told you how price fixing works, we trust that a) you’ll be more vigilant about it, but b) that you won’t try and fix prices on the Habbo Marketplace yourself!

Thanks to Habbos: UnderCover. / Badge / RadMatter / Audemars / B / DJ_Shadow / Celerys

Behind the Scenes: Habbocalypse 2015 (Part Two)

We received such a great response to our last blog that we decided to do another one! Without further ado here are Elementary_Kage, Cromsnosehair and MrCroissant!

From left to right - Cromsnosehair, Elementary_Kage and MrCroissant.

From left to right – Cromsnosehair, Elementary_Kage and MrCroissant.


Q: HELLO! How are you all today?

MrCroissant: “Never better!”

Cromsnosehair: “Brilliant!”

Elementary_Kage: “YEP. Just fine thanks.”

MrCroissant's Four Horsemen Sketch

MrCroissant’s Four Horsemen Sketch

Q: Can you tell us a bit about some of the ideas that the design team had for Habboween 2015, before apocalypse was chosen?

Cromsnosehair: “We had fun throwing around post-apocalyptic ideas, trying to come up with an original spin on the theme whilst avoiding the obvious clichés (sorry, no zombies this time!)”

Elementary Kage's original sketches of the Horses for the Horsemen of the Habbocalypse

Elementary Kage’s original sketches of the Horses for the Horsemen of the Habbocalypse

Elementary_Kage: “I’ve always really liked the concept of things like the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ and the ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’, so all the designs geared towards those themes were really interesting for me. I did a couple of horse sketches (see image, right) trying to make them look as creepy and gross as possible, which was really fun. I love the final designs for the four horsemen though.

The brainstorming sessions were very interesting and a lot of fun. We went more in-depth with the research than we have before, to figure out exactly how we can try to implement new features and merge them effectively with our designs. Habbos were very helpful in answering questions we had about their favourite things and stuff they would like to see which helped us a lot with this process.”

Q: Could you tell us a bit about the floor pieces you made for the Habbocalypse?

MrCroissant's Habbocalypse Floor Tiles and their multiple states

MrCroissant’s Habbocalypse Floor Tiles and their multiple states

MrCroissant: “I wanted the users to be able to make a really urban scene, so the addition of the double yellow lines and centre markings will help make the floor pieces reusable for builders. The Cyberpunk line had a similar look however they looked more futuristic than present day.”

Q: What was your favourite furni to make and why?

Cromsnosehair: “I think I’m most pleased with the building pieces that I made for this campaign. They had to connect and tile with each other, they presented a technical challenge. I always enjoy seeing what builders create with these type of furni and how they combine them with other furni from older campaigns.”

Cromnosehair's initial sketch of the building furni he made

Cromnosehair’s initial sketch of the building furni

Elementary_Kage: “Although I didn’t work on the Habboween furni, there’s still a lot of pieces I’m very fond of. I particularly like the masks for both the light and dark sides; I would definitely wear them myself!”

Q:What furni do you think Habbos are going to be most excited for? 

Elementary_Kage: “I think the Habbos will really like the clothes for this campaign. Not just the masks, but also the robes and armour suits. I can imagine a lot of fun events and roleplaying happening with those, which is always fun to see.

Below, you can see the original (and slightly censored) mockup all the designers worked together to create!

One of the first Habbocalypse sketches by the design team at Habbo, WITH game-changing feature CENSORED!

Initial Habbocalypse concept sketches created by the design team, with the ‘game-changing feature’ censored.

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Thanks for tuning in.

– Habbo Staff



Behind the Scenes: Habbocalypse 2015

As many of you probably know all too well, Habboween is very nearly here. This year, something big, bad and positively apocalyptic is coming to Habbo… That’s right; its the HABBOCALYPSE!

We stole some time from a few of our lovely designers to talk about the furni they’ve been working on, what they’re proud of, the design process and what they’re most excited about for this Habboween. So, without further ado, please welcome KukuyitMrCroissant and Sparkaro!

From left to right - Kukuyit, MrCroissant and Sparkaro

From left to right – Kukuyit, MrCroissant and Sparkaro


Q: So, firstly, How are you guys:

Kukuyit's Corrupted Kitty full animation loop!

Kukuyit’s Corrupted Kitty full animation loop!

Sparkaro: “Really good.”

Kukuyit: “Meow! Just kidding – good, thanks.”

MrCroissant: “Fine, thanks!”

Evil Raider Afro Duck

The infamous Evil Raider WITH Afro Duck!

Q: Can one of you tell us a bit about some of the ideas that the design team had for the Habboween 2015, before Apocalypse was chosen? 

Sparkaro: “I initially liked the idea of a nuclear apocalypse, like where cities have been abandoned or destroyed as a result of nuclear war with the ever-present threat of radiation and mutant creatures (like three eyed ducks).

Then there were a few ideas that focused on the theme of darkness, such as shadows, ghosts and demons. For me that sounded really interesting and seemed like an opportunity to get uber creative with our designs. I enjoyed thinking about how we’d characterise the evil presence, whilst incorporating traditional apocalyptic themes. For example, I loved the idea of including the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and putting a twist on that somehow.”

Q: What was your favourite furni to make and why? 

MrCroissant's finished version of The Habbocalypse Horseman of Famine

MrCroissant’s final version of The Habbocalypse Horseman of Famine

Sparkaro: “I loved working on the Evil Raider (a friend of Demonic Frank) with his fiery green afro hairdo. I had fun working on the animations for it, like his pet duck that occasionally pops out from the afro and who has styled himself in a similar fashion to his owner, hehe.”

Kukuyit: “I really enjoyed working on the Corrupted Kitty the most – no Halloween is complete without a classic black cat. It’s one of the more time-consuming furni to make since it has so many layers of animation. But it was totally worth it in the end!” 

MrCroissant: “Without a doubt, I’m most proud of the Four Horsemen LTDs I made. It was so much fun creating the animations and giving each of them a different personality, whilst maintaining a cohesive look. Also, working on the character-based stuff is my favourite part of the job, and is what I tend to focus on in my personal art projects too.”

Q: What furni do you think Habbos are going to be most excited for? 

MrCroissant: “Well, really, I hope the Habbos enjoy the entire furni line! It has come together really nicely. However, there is a certain ‘secret’ furni that I think Habbos who love “something completely different” will enjoy the most!

Kukuyit: “I think Habbos are going to love the furni that can only be acquired in a special way. You definitely need to use a different kind of perspective…That’s all I’m saying about it!”

MrCroissant's preliminary sketches of the Four Horsemen of the Habbocalypse

MrCroissant’s preliminary sketches of the Four Horsemen of the Habbocalypse

Q: Can you give us any hints about the ‘game-changing’ feature everyone’s been talking about? 

Sparkaro: “Well, I’m super hyped because it will add a whole new element to Habbo that’s different from anything we’ve ever had before. So, I hope that Habbos have a tonne of fun with it! I can’t reveal anything specific yet…but I’ve been designing stuff for the new feature and it’s been really, really exciting to be part of the whole production process!” 

MrCroissant: “I totally am; it’s exciting because it adds a lot to the game. Habbos will also be able to get a great feeling of progression and discovery at the same time with this new ‘game-changer’. I can really see this changing things (for the better) in the future!”

Kukuyit: “I’m really excited about the new feature too! It required a mega amount of work from everyone in the company; design, marketing, development, engagement and other support to get it finished for Habboween. We’re anxious to see what Habbos make of it, particularly the creative ones!

SO. LOTS to look forward to!

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Habbo Staff

How to build and host the Fridge Game

One of the oldest and most popular games in Habbo Hotel is the awesome, mighty Fridge Game! How does it work, we hear you say! Well, it goes a little something like this:

The host lets a number of people into the a queue area of the Fridge Game rom. Then, they are let into a playing area where they then sit down on one of the seats. THEN, one by one, each Habbo takes turns to go a fridge and takes a random hand item from it.

The legendary Habbo Pura Refrigerator

The legendary Habbo Pura Refrigerator

Depending on which item the Habbo gets from the fridge, something happens to them. Exactly what happens to them depends on the host’s rules, but here’s a list of a commonly used rules for you anyway:

  1. Carrot: Player loses and is asked to leave. If the player doesn’t leave, kick them!
  2. Can of drink: Player is safe and moves to the next round.
  3. Ice cream: Player is allowed to pick another player to kick from the game, regardless of what they got from the fridge last time. Obviously, the ice cream is a favourite.

Remember, the above may change depending on who is hosting each Fridge Game, so make sure all the Habbos that are playing in your game knows your rules!

Every Habbo takes it in turns to go the Pura Refrigerator and take out a random item, and they are kicked until there is just one Habbo left. This Habbo is the winner and depending on how generous you’re feeling, you could give them a prize!

IMPORTANT NOTE: you are NOT allowed to charge Habbos to participate in your Fridge Game – if you do, it could get you tradelocked. You have been warned!

Building the Fridge Game room

Like the Telephrase game, the room can be laid out how you want it to be. Just make sure you have at least three, but preferably four defined areas:

  1. Queue area – YELLOW.
  2. Playing area – the grassy bit with the seats ;)
  3. Fridge area – RED.
  4. VIP area – GREEN (optional).
How to build and host the Fridge Game in Habbo

Building and hosting the Fridge Game is super-easy (when you know how!)

As you can see from the screenshot, you need enough space for the following:

  • Around 10 chairs (you can choose how many Habbos play in your Fridge Game – but remember that too many of them will make it much harder to host!)
  • A Pura Refrigerator. You can rent these for 90 duckets.
  • A queue area separated by dividers with access points shut off by gates.
  • And, if you want one, a VIP area for you and your Habbo friends!

How to host the Fridge Game

OK! Now we’ll go into how you actually HOST the Fridge Game. In most cases, the Fridge Game is hosted without the use of Wired furni, which means that you need to pay extra close attention to how many people are in your room, which seat they are sitting in, whose turn it is etc.

  1. To start with, make sure you are in either the playing area, but in the VIP area (GREEN) if you’ve got one. Also, make sure the gate is closed.
  2. Once Habbos start to come in and queue, they will enter where the red rectangle is, waiting for the game to start.
  3. Once you want to start letting them in to sit down, you can open the gate in the YELLOW queue area. Once you have filled up all the seats or enough to have a decent game, you need to close the gate in the YELLOW queue area to stop more Habbos coming in.
  4. To start the game, all Habbos must be sitting in their seats. Once they are, you must tell each player to go up to the RED fridge area and double click on the fridge to take an item out. Watch closely each time to make sure that they don’t take two items instead of one!
  5. Depending on what they get, you are responsible for taking action against them. So, if they get a carrot, you need to kick them from the room. If they get a can of drink, they need to go back to the same seat they were in before and you can carry on with the round. If they get an ice cream, you need to ask them who they want to kick from the game!
  6. Repeat this process until you just have a winner!

How to record your screen for Habbo videos

In the past, a LOT of Habbos have asked us how to create videos of the Habbo client – mainly because they want to show their friends, customers and audiences how good they are at building, using Wired furni or hosting games (among a LOT of other things, of course!)

Depending on whether you are using a Mac or a PC, you’ll need to look at a different part of this blog (this is because different software and procedures are required).

For Habbos that use Mac

If you have a Mac, LUCKY YOU! This means you don’t need to download any extra software to actually record your screen. You’re winning.

First, open up Quicktime Player (you can usually find it in the Mac’s Launchpad in the ‘Other’ box). Once you have it open, you need to create a ‘New Screen Recording’. You can do this by right clicking on the Quicktime Player icon on the bottom toolbar and then selecting it from there.

Habbo timelapse video

Once you have clicked on ‘New Screen Recording’, a little Quicktime Player box will appear on your screen; to start recording you just have to click on the red ‘record’ button.

Habbo timelapse video

You’ll then be presented with the option to record the entire screen by clicking the screen, or recording just a part of the screen. To record just a part of the screen, drag the mouse pointer over the area you want to record and let go to record.

Habbo timelapse video

Once you’ve finished, go to the Quicktime Player icon on the bottom toolbar and right-click and select ‘Stop Screen Recording’.

Habbo timelapse video

Once you’ve stopped the recording, you need to save it. Go to the top toolbar; click on ‘File’, then ‘Save’.

Habbo timelapse video

You’re done!

For Habbos that use PC

OK – so the process to record screens if you are a PC user is still simple so don’t panic, but PCs don’t (generally) have a built in tool for this purpose. So, you’re going to have to download a bit of software called VLC Media Player. While this is a very well known program and the above link goes to a Google-verified website, PLEASE get permission from the person whose computer you are using BEFORE downloading and installing it!

Once you have downloaded it, open up a new VLC Media Player Session and click ‘Media’ and ‘Convert / Save’ (strange option to begin a new recording, but believe us – this is correct!)

Habbo timelapse video

After you’ve clicked, a new window will appear called ‘Open Media’. You need to go to the ‘Capture Device’ tab on the far right, and from the pull down menu to the right of ‘Capture mode’, you need to select ‘Desktop’.

TIP: before recording your Desktop, make sure there is absolutely NOTHING confidential in view there. So be careful to close any programs or browser windows with anything personal in them.

Habbo timelapse video

In the same ‘Open Media’ window, there is an option to change the frame rate. To create a smooth-running and decent quality video, we’d advise you switch it up to around 30.00 f/s. Once you’ve done this, click the ‘Convert / Save’ button at the bottom of the ‘Open Media’ screen.

Habbo timelapse video

Now the ‘Convert’ window will appear. Check that the ‘Destination’ is where you want to it be saved, and if you want to change the resolution click on the little tool icon next to the ‘Profile’ drop-down menu.

Then, hit the ‘Start’ button! And YOU’RE DONE!

Habbo timelapse video

How to become a Marketplace pro

Habbo’s economy functions much like any other real-world economy – the trick is to buy low, and sell high. So, for example, if you bought a furni (or ten of the same furni) for ten credits each, and then a year later the price of that particular furni had increased to fifteen credits, for each one that you sold, you’d make five credits. Sounds REALLY simple, right?

It definitely sounds simple, but the real trick is to know WHEN to buy and WHEN to sell – and to know this you need to know how much furni is at any point in time. As well as knowing the right prices, you also need to know how to make the absolute most out of the Marketplace.

See the graph below and to the right – it shows the fluctuation of the price of (an unspecified) furni. You can see that the furni starts off high, but starts to fall in value. Once it’s fallen to a specific point, we’ve indicated WHEN you should buy a particular item by highlighting the area in red. The perfect time to buy is when the item is at its lowest value. To know when exactly an item is at its lowest value is something you will have to practice.

Graph showing the 'sweet spot' to buy at (in red and circled in green)

Graph showing the ‘sweet spot’ to buy at (in red and circled in green)

In every situation, you’ll have to work hard to KNOW when an item is about to go up in price. It will nearly always be due to an item becoming harder to find (suddenly or gradually) – perhaps one rich Habbo has bought a large chunk of the total number of that particular furni and is hoarding them, or perhaps someone is using them in a building project. You have to keep your ear to the ground to know!

Then, once the item has risen enough, you want to sell it while it’s high! So, simple enough when you know WHEN to sell, right?

Using the Marketplace efficiently

For the bare fundamental basics of how to use the Habbo Hotel Marketplace, see here

Dreaming of credits in HabboIt’s really important that you familiarise yourself with these basics, as it’s definitely the most useful tool for Habbo traders. Selling your goods on the Marketplace (often known simply as ‘MP’ by Habbos) is a quick and easy way to get rid of furni for standard prices.

Because of this, it’s a really brilliant way to take advantage of what are considered ‘lazy’ traders. A lot of Habbos sell large amounts of furni, often in bulk, for prices much lower than normal. It’s considered wise to check the Marketplace regularly for deals like these, as there’s often a LOT of money to be made! But, like any good deal on Habbo, you’ll need to have a good idea of what the real average price for furni is.

In some situations, if you have a medium to high value item, and you want to sell it quickly and easily without the bother of Auction Rooms, it’s better to use the Marketplace. Habbos who really, REALLY want certain furni are sometimes more likely to pay over the average price if it means they can get it right there and then. This is particularly true of the richer Habbos.

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Introducing the New Habbo Web 2015!

Bubbling in beta for many months and the time has finally arrived… the shiny new Habbo Web is ready for the catwalk!

As well as the ability to easily view your profile, badges, and friends, our highly talented developers and designers have worked through all our ideas and feedback to produce a whole range of new and exciting tools.

  • Modern look-and-feel
  • Smooth Web-to-Client transition
  • News & updates accessible before login
  • Access to private messages and minimails offline
  • Optimised for mobile and tablet viewing
    …PLUS tons more exciting features coming soon!

Try it out!

Go take a look at all the shiny new things:

  • Shop HC, BC, rares, bundles and credits in the entirely redesigned HabboMall section (used to be Credits)
  • Explore all of Stories on the web, now called Creations
  • See if you have any new private messages on the Messaging page
  • Check out ideas on how to play, or brush up on your Habbo Way, in the brand new Playing Habbo section

You can find out more about all the exciting new features and what else you can expect in the FAQ below.

More stuff to come!

Some pages that required more intensive development are still ‘works in progress’. We hope to have them ready to go in a few weeks, but in the mean time you will be redirected to the old web for certain pages. Don’t worry – all your activities are still safe, including credit purchase transactions!

This project has been in the pipeline for a while so we are thrilled to finally let you get your hands on it! This is a very proud moment for all of us – in Finland, Madrid and London – as we can show you the first glimpses of the jam-packed future of Habbo.

Happy exploring,

Habbo Staff

Q: Why a new Habbo Web?

A: After almost five years since the last refresh, we felt now was the perfect opportunity for a responsive web makeover! This exciting new web comes with a modern look-and-feel, plus a ton of awesome new features and tools for you to express and share your creativity.

Q: What to expect from the new Habbo Web?

You can expect a whole list of fierce and fabulous new features such as:

  • Modern look-and-feel
  • Awesome tools to help you express + share your creativity inside and outside of Habbo!
  • Optimised viewing for mobile and tablet
  • Smooth Web-to-Hotel transition
  • Make selfies, selfies and more selfies!
  • News & updates accessible before login
  • Private messages and minimails accessible offline
    …PLUS tons more exciting features coming soon!

Q: Why doesn’t the client open in a popup window, like it used to?

 A: We wanted to improve the transition from web to Hotel and make it a more seamless. If you prefer the old way, you can simply right-click the ‘Go to Hotel’ link in the right hand of the page and select “Open in new window”.

Q: Why do some pages, like news, take me to the old web?

A: Some pages that required more intensive development are still ‘works in progress’. We hope to have them ready to go in a few weeks, but in the mean time all your activities are still safe!

Q: What happens with the stuff I bought to customize my homepage in the current Habbo Web?

A: We have taken your requests into account and are looking into how we can offer the best possible solution. Until then, you can see your homepage here:

Q: Where’s my group home page?

A: We’ll add group home pages to the new web later. Until then, your group page is available on the old website – just change www to ex in the URL (so it starts with

Q: Where can I select another avatar, manage my friends or change my email / security questions / profile visibility settings?

A: You can change your password on the new web, but to access any other settings, you need to log in at Whatever changes you make in the settings there will be reflected in the new as well. We’re working hard to make all the settings available in the new web.

Q: What happened to Stories?

A: All the old Stories content is now on the web: selfie editor, competitions, pixel art upload, all your previous art etc. Just click Community and you’ll see a page called Creations.

Q: Where can I view my profile?
A: You can view all your badges, rooms, groups, friends, and creations by clicking your avatar name in the top right and choosing View my public profile.


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