Limited Edition Rares

So, you all know about Rares, right… they’re Rare. Well, some more so than others, of course. Because while some are so Rare that they go for thousands of Credits in the Marketplace, others were sold in much larger quantities and are worth much less.

There’s been a lot of talk about the reselling of Rares, the uncertainty of numbers, and the inflation/deflation of Rare value, with Habbos wanting new Rares, how could we make them work better for the future? Our product team (the people behind the Furni!) discussed the issue at length, and then they came up with an idea that just might work:

What if Rares were truly LIMITED? What if we only offered up a certain amount, and once they were sold out, that was it. No more. You would know exactly how many of that particular Rare were available in your Hotel. It would be limited from the start, and with time, as always, it would get even more and more… Rare.

This idea caught on, and after working out the details and going through the motions, they’re ready to launch! And maybe it’s because it’s been a bit… nuts around here lately, but we hear that you can expect not just one or two new Limited Edition Rares… but one for every day of the Easter week. Yep, that ought to do it!

They’ll be very different, all belonging to various existing Furni lines, selling in different quantities, at different price points, but all marked “LTD” – because of course… they’ll all be limited. Once a Limited Edition Rare is sold out, it’s gone.

First ever Limited Edition Rare is set to go live in all Hotels tomorrow, Wednesday April 4th!

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  1. How many rares? Which one is on sell tomorrow? What time? How much? D:

    • Will it tell us how many are left in stock? Can yiu limit the amount people can buy per IP address?

      • Oy! Lots of questions! :)

        As far as I know, there will be one for each day, first one tomorrow, last one Monday. I am not quite sure when… It will tell you how many are left. I don’t think they will limit pr IP for now, but there was talk of it, so I guess it might happen if the first round gets bought up by one person.. Let’s just say they’ll be keeping a close eye on it!

        • What time do they enter the catalog? Uk time?

        • Gostaria de saber se mesmo depois da semana da Pascoa continuaram a colocar deferentes raros LTD e tem como sabermos antecipadamente qual raro ira ter e o dia horário etc. isso ajuda muito porque tem vez que colocam um raro mas como não sabemos acabamos perdendo a oportunidade de compra-los Por serem raros baratos saem muito rápido do catalogo afinal é limitado.

          Obrigado por vossa atenção!

          • Sim, sei que muitos de vocês foram muito chateado que você não sabia quando o item LTD próxima seria liberado, por isso decidimos tentar este .. Estou feliz que você aprovar!

      • Can the mammoth sofa be a limited edition rare?

    • well i would say about 10 rares should be on habbo

  2. I really hope you consider other people outside the UK when you release these new rares as I would like to purchase them but there is no way I am staying up till like 4am to have a chance to buy one :/

  3. I just wanna know about the dino egg lol…

  4. Excuse .. so there are 1 type of rares per day or 1 piece per day ?

    • So Rare A would be sold tomorrow, with X amount available. Then on Thursday, Rare B would enter the Shop with X amount available.. and so on and so forth :)

  5. How much will it cost around? More then a hundred?! O.o Hope not tho. :p So, everyday the rare will change? O.o

    • I haven’t seen all the prices, but I *think* 100 would be the highest price (maybe there will be one or two above), but most are under… at least from what I’ve seen.

  6. i got email cos im fansite owner but they quoted ” and will also tie in to various existing Furni sets.” will we see new types of rares or just remakes like a purple bird bath etc?

    • There will be some remakes, and some brand new ones (like the cabinet in the post). The Product Team guys are working on some different angles… :)

      • ooo so brands of furniture like thats executive if i look correctly ;) Also I discovered on a hotel the first one on the sweedish hotel is 100items but they have around 900online users on average yet we have 7,000 will we get higher limited amount or will it just be the same to make it even more ‘rare’?

  7. Will this rares be tradeables?

  8. ooo so brands of furniture like thats executive if i look correctly ;) Also I discovered on a hotel the first one on the sweedish hotel is 100items but they have around 900online users on average yet we have 7,000 will we get higher limited amount or will it just be the same to make it even more ‘rare’? (reposted this as a reply instead of a comment to your reply incase you didn’t see :3)

    • I think the amounts available will vary from Hotel to Hotel, based on the number of Habbos. At least that’s what I was told. Whether this will change at some point, I don’t know, but it makes sense to make the numbers relative :)

  9. What about the platinum 500c bar? that’d be worth 100c, too?

    what a bargain haha.

  10. naa thats not limited just a new item for a while it didnt say the quantity or w.e and i see Linn but surely if we got x10 the people the item won’t be limited if it goes up by x10 that’ll be 1000 items, i’ve got alot of super and ‘ultra’ rares on here i’d advise you to have 100-200 stock otherwise it’s just not going to benefit anyone as simple economy of supply and demand remember ;)

    • I notified the head of the Product Team that there would be lots of valuable comments to this blog post, and I know he read through them once already — will remind him to do so again tomorrow!

    • e quanto sera o totem ? e quando vai acaba esse preconceito , quando as pessoas chingarem voces , poderiam bani… pricipalmente essas pessoas rica pq fica passando na cara e n gosto disso : so por que tenho 25c

  11. I thought interesting but what about old rares? You guys will put old rares in the catalogue? Or just rares that never existed in each hotel?

  12. a 500c bar? serious?!

    • I’ve only seen pictures and some prices. When I had my meeting with the Head of Product, the value was still a hot topic. We’ll see tomorrow.

  13. Os raros LDT irão ser negociáveis ?

  14. Will furni items ever have the new rotation like the mannequins? Think black holes will ever be changed or be able to be reduced to 1×1 instead of 2×2 for better custom rooms? Along with the black holes, if we do happen to get a 1×1 will it be able to be a half-square (half the space box that’s on the floor, diagonally or vertically/horizontally)?

    • Making the Product Team aware of your questions, unfortunately, I’m not able to answer them at this time, but maybe we should do an interview with the Head of Product?

      • I bet the rotation would mean to recreate most of the furni items or create new images (unsure of how the process works properly). But it’d give a new look on room designs and having diagonal furni items (like sofas) may be a bother to some people but I’d prefer the singular chairs to be a ‘trial’ before all furni items changed.

  15. Pablo. (lAbejaCool)

    Muy Buena idea así el furni raro sera mucho mas raro de lo habitual y ofrecerá mas ventajas al tradear :)
    Ahora a luchar por 1 Jujuju,

  16. Will this come to any other hotel too? Like or is it just .com?

  17. Sounds good, what time will they be put up for UK?

  18. But the new limited rare will be set tomorrow on or all habbos ?

  19. when will the new items come what time?

  20. Jme fait passer pour une conne mais j’ai rien compris .. D;

  21. I can’t be online! Det er noget værre lort! (For groft til at alle kan forstå det).. But cool, i think. A way to earn some more money?

  22. me parece muy buena la idea! pero al ser limitados, solo poco personas lo tendran lo que provocara que suban exageradamente su precio.

  23. What About people who allready have Ultra Rares such as Navy Pillows, Blue Marqs , Infobuses , Pink Smoke machines , etc….Should those people be concerned , seeing as those could possibly be released

  24. wow, this gonna valorize so much prices of rares in Already have a lot of rares being sold for like 8k, 5k, etc… and please, can you ask for put iced collection back on the store on this collection is not sold on the store for years, and is being sold like rares –‘

  25. So how many rares are being released in total…? 4 or 6? Also how is this going to be done fairly based on timezones… I think we need some kind of idea what time they’ll be appearing in the catalog seeing as they’ll probably vanish after a few minutes.

  26. Awesome! Even though classic rares are the only one’s that look good.

  27. I will definitly be buying all of them!!! I hope nothing ugly, creepy, scary, gross, crawly like the hound thing that is just the worst ugliest furni.

  28. I like that copier from the school furni line… that u can sit on and scan ur bum! :) I hope that will be released! Ill send one to all my friends. :)

  29. Hola, ¿Hasta cuando estará esta promoción de los ‘LTD’?

  30. Good stuff. Buying creds tonight! :)

  31. Ok i’ve an other question .. x) .. Thanks for fast reply first .. the news rare was available at 0.00 or 8.00 (opening time for most part of the hotel) or in the morning ?!?!

  32. Hello I would like to know if this also reach Portugal, I’m from Portugal and I love rare. Prowl around the 100c is cheap.

  33. Nice… i think is a good idea !!!

  34. What made you come up with the idea of …. Re-colouring old furni… ?

  35. Então, todos vocês sabem sobre Rares, certo … eles são raros. Bem, alguns mais do que outros, claro. Porque enquanto alguns são tão raros que eles vão para milhares de créditos no mercado, outros foram vendidos em quantidades muito maiores e valem muito menos.

    Tem havido muita conversa sobre a revenda de Rares, a incerteza dos números, ea inflação / deflação de raro valor, com Habbos que querem Rares novos, como poderíamos fazê-los funcionar melhor para o futuro? Nossa equipe de produto (! As pessoas por trás do Mobi) discutiu a questão em profundidade, e então eles vieram com uma idéia que só poderia funcionar:

    E se Rares foram verdadeiramente limitado? E se nós apenas ofereceu uma certa quantia, e uma vez que foram vendidos para fora, era isso. Não mais. Você saberia exatamente quantas de que a Rare especial estavam disponíveis em seu hotel. Seria limitado desde o início, e com o tempo, como sempre, ele iria ficar ainda mais e mais … Rare.

    Essa idéia pegou, e depois de trabalhar os detalhes e atravessando os movimentos, eles estão prontos para lançar! E talvez seja porque tem sido um pouco … nozes por aqui ultimamente, mas ouvimos que você pode esperar não apenas um ou dois novos Raro Edição Limitada … mas um para cada dia da semana da Páscoa. Sim, que deveria fazê-lo!

    Eles vão ser muito diferentes, todos pertencentes a várias linhas existentes Mobis, vendendo em quantidades diferentes, a diferentes preços, mas todos marcados “LTD” – porque é claro … todos eles vão ser limitado. Uma vez que a Limited Edition Raro é vendido para fora, ele se foi.

    Primeira Limited Edition Rare está definido para ir viver em todos os hotéis de amanhã, quarta-feira 04 de abril!

  36. So will there be a specific section for these LTD rares or will we have to search for them?

  37. What about time zones? This will be hugely unfair for Habbos at school at the time these limited edition rares are released. I hope you realise that this might very well encourage truancy in some parts of the world?

    This would have been amazing before the merge of the English hotels. Once again it is only going to cause more resentment at an idea that looks good on paper but fails to be fair in execution.

  38. I have to say I don’t really like this idea. We aren’t really even earning them, at least with some of the rares we could get them in competitions. Also, since the English speaking hotels are merged it isn’t fair for certain parts of the world to get it first, for instance if they are released on the UK’s time, US people might be sleeping so the UK gets the advantage. Why don’t you guys do like 25 for each country/ time zone area. It isn’t that fair. Events like the Demi Lavato chat weren’t fair for some people because it was at a bad time. *this is all because of the merge* :/

    • I promise that the product department will be monitoring this closely, making sure that everyone has a chance at the LTD Rares. The first round of Rares will tell us a lot.

  39. Arthur Agnezi

    Linn makes you an idea of ​​what Rare can enter the catalog? What is the maximum price?

  40. the us people get too much any way its time the uk got a advantage

  41. Liin Queria saber o Preço mais ou menos do novo raro Limitado, se ele vai sair hj as 00:00 pq ja serão 04 de abril , e quero saber se eles vão aumentar depois que sair do catalogo e quantos estarão disponiveis pra venda?

    • Unfortunately, I do not know the details. You will have to wait and see :)

      • Linn, Você tem como dizer , quantos mais ou menos estarão a venda? porque eu trabalho e to fazendo plantão na madrugada de 4 de abril para ver se ele sai, caso sejam poucos não terei chance de comprar, acho que seria bom que dessem um dia para ele ficar no catalogo!

  42. I just cant wait for those new rares to come out……..

  43. What time will be release around, according to the timezone, GMT+8.00?

  44. So your saying make an item and have it be untradable?

  45. Eu gostaria de saber se no habbo br/pt por terem média de 25000 on será mais que 100 rares limitados

  46. What time They go on sale?

  47. (Español) Espero que no pongáis en catálogo rares ya existentes, ya que perjudicaría a sus dueños por la bajada de su precio.

    Hope you do not get in rares existing catalog, since it would undermine their owners by lowering its price.

  48. Sou higor…jogo habbo BR!tive que bota no tradutor pra ler mais gostei da ideia…vc estam de Parabens…Sou XPD762! Paz pra firma do Habbo

  49. Im in England and its past midnight. I cant find the rare ANYWHERE. Please help me

  50. oh man, i remember when rares were like 25c or something and even then I thought it was pricey :S re-playing and seeing how much things go for now is almost ridiculous. Especially since the price of buying cards from the store hasnt changed and neither has using the landline or cell phone. I love rares and I dont mind spending some money but yikes 100c or more? :S

  51. Will the quantity of each rare be the same or will it vary?

  52. O_O Valla Ta bonito

  53. what time is it going on sale in malayisa/singapore as our time is GMT+8

  54. Linn eu queria saber se para quem esta online no hotel precisará estar relogando para poder ter a atualização da loja e poder comprar o produto ou se ja vai entrar sem precisar relogar.

  55. I love the cabinet, it’s so essential.


  57. Why would i stay awake, until 4am just to buy this, there would be no way i am going to be waking up 4 in the morning. I wake up at 8, so i don’t think its fair for the people who live out side of UK

  58. Hello , i find these rares , i’m Australian and i think that most Uk, Aus, NZ would be very upset , as american habbo get everything in there 12 hour time zone , and other countries have to stay up for 24 hours for a rare they have being saving up for , so goes with the famous people , we all miss them , can we have old habbo back

  59. Hello , sorry had to get so angry , anyway , i still find it unfair , for all people have to wait 24 hours , and american habbo only have to wait for 12 hours , i know alot of people who play habbo in real , and they got really angry and upset , cause Demi girl who came on habbo was a different time zone , and my friend has being listening to her on ellen and in her songs

  60. When will they go on sale in german/swiss hotel? ..

  61. Aww The Rare Didnt Release After Maintainence :(

  62. Will it release early on the day?

  63. It would be awesome with a black throne :D

  64. arrived at the hotel BR / PT :)

    (Sorry my bad English, using to translate, because I am using the translator, I am PT / BR)

  65. I got one!

  66. first rare just released for, and yeah its cool and all but really?
    idk what happened to “rare” and “limited” edition… theres 800 of them, that in no way makes them ‘rare’

  67. Hey Linn! :) The Rares arrived in the german Habbo, but 500 ones are sold out after some minutes. I love the idea, but I think everybody should get a chance, but they hadnt. I didnt want to buy the “Black Giant”, but I think enough habbos else. The german Habbo has a lot of gambler with a huge of credits… So set more Rares for tomorrow. <:)

  68. Someone in the Dutch hotel bought 127 black leviathans….

  69. This is absolutely crazy. 11am and already all 800 Black Leviathans are gone…. this is absolutely NOT fair to Americans and Canadians. Why not release rares when it’s 9pm UK time? It would be around 4pm in North America if you did that (at least EST).

  70. ksam, there are 800 of them. How many hundreds upon thousands of Habbos are there? And how many of those people are going to wind up growing too old for Habbo and not sell the rares? They’ll increase in rarity quite quickly.

  71. affe; poe pra comprar de tarde tambe, que estuda de manha, junto ATOA -.-‘

  72. This new way is just BAD especially for habbo worlds were 2+ different countrys play with different time zones. you guys should think better before this kind of stuff.. when the rare was releaced here it was 8 am in brasil and 4am in portugal (i’m portuguese) so thanks alot.

  73. when will come the egg :d btw i have number 400 ^^
    at the dutch hotel :p

  74. What time they arrive in the Hotel? (Netherlands?)

  75. chapeleiro.louco

    The new rares allways will go to the catologue at the morning, like in Brasil 8:00 am?

  76. Apenas a Verdade

    SULAKE é muito desgraçada de colocar raros para serem vendidos em horarios que não são para todos. Raros deveriam ser por 24 horas ou nos finais de semana. Mas não, colocam em horarios que so favorecem uma classe. VAI TOMAR NO CU, BANDO DE LADROES DE COLARINHO BRANCO. SULAKE = VIDEOPOKER

  77. and What time this rares is will appear? because i lost this FIRST RARE that appear today
    ;(( i dont know what time will appear and i lost, sold out!

    What time the rares will appear in day by day?!


  78. What time rares will appear in BRAZIL?!


  79. Zwarte = Black

    Learn something new on Habbo everyday. =)

  80. why do yall put rares as limited time

  81. vcs podiam fazer um raro tipo de algum famoso tipo a estatua da lady gaga ou do michael jackson fazer um raro que venda uma coissa diferente pq isso sim aposto que o pessoal ia comprar bastante eses raros michael jackson um incone da musica pop ele tem varios fans principlamente no habbo ia vender que nem agua lady gaga nossa diva que ja estorou fas um tempo tbm ia vender bastante esses raros sim movem as pessoas vcs tem que fazer raros que movem as pessoas nao raros que nao fazem sentido algum…

  82. Linn solo te digo que seria bueno habilitar una linea telefonica de habbo para Argentina por lo menos yo compraria muchos creditos Jaja

  83. oigan y por k ahora la comida de las mascotas son compradas por creditos no todos tienen estaba mejor kon pixeles y tmbn por k se pueden morir las mascotas ya k no tienen komo toar leche o pesacado f k gachos son

  84. when will the rares arrive at Habbo DK?

  85. eu adoro ese jogo mais ele devia dar pixesl de grasa ou moveis eu não tenho nada na minha casa

  86. how much will be the rare of tomorrow?

    (sorry for bad english)

  87. What about the Platinum Bars? How long can We see them in the shop? Will they be gone ALso on Monday? :[ I hope not

  88. I honestly think you guys should make it so only 1 per habbo account because im sure many habbos bought more then one of these which made it harder for others who couldn’t get coins until later on…..

  89. Will we be able to buy the rares with nuts?

  90. This is cool!

  91. Okay, This is totally not fair. Everyone in the U.S has to stay up all night and wait until 5am to buy the LIMITED rares, whereas others have the pleasure of buying them in the morning/midday. This is seriously messed up, because of this I missed any chance of getting the first release.

  92. may i ask how do think it is possible our normal people to buy any of these new rares?

    for example: i’m in school from 8a.m to 3a.m, and meanwhile you have put a new rare for sale and every single rare is sold ??

    so there’s no way i could buy these new rares, so please, do something about this bad and unfair schedule!!

  93. habbo es lo mejor del mundo y el mejor juego que hay

  94. habbo es lo mejor y el emjor juego de cambio yo lo juego y es como un juego jenial

  95. This would have been a great idea if it were thought through completely. serves people in very different regions so our time zones differ greatly. People in the US are put at a massive disadvantage because these LTD Rares are released in the middle of the night for us. I woke up at 6AM and they were all already gone.

    How exactly is that fair? lol.

  96. Que hooras que da pra compra o rare no catalogo ? xD :S

  97. these rare stuff sell out so fast is there a specific time when there up for grabs because every time i log on there all sold out and that was ten this morning. Also there should be a limit per ip address because i know this one guy who bought loads of black levithians with his clones. Not really fair.

    • There will be different amounts selling at different prices throughout the long weekend – the team told me they expect there to be plenty of LTD Rares to go around :)

  98. Hi! I play and live in the US and I guess there are other users playing in the hispanic habbo and would like to buy credits but unfortunaltely we cannot buy credits because on the payments options there are only certain countries but not the US. Can you please consider with sulake staff to add in for people that live in USA so they can buy credits. Thank you so much

  99. I don’t find it fair that the rares come out at great times for UK and Aus and then for USA it comes out like 6-7am wtf? I’m not going to wakeup that early just to get a rare. I think that we should have a chance at it.

  100. I Just wanted to know , at what time are they puting ther ares at sell , in wich country are you taking the time from and at what time in that country are you letting rares out , Thankz :) , Am from

  101. I don’t understand why the rares are being released on UK time when there are more people playing in North America…you NEED to fix these times of release; I went to bed at 1am, woke up at 7am and the new rare was sold out…

    You keep saying “there’s plenty to go around” and that just isn’t fair: people are hoarding them with clones and selling them for double and triple the price.

  102. Hola, quisiese saber los dias en que va a salir cada rare.

  103. habbos biggest entries from usa .10k ppl daily.still habbo reliases this LTD rares in usa time after midnight .i dont think thats fair to usa ppl who filled hotels every day,

  104. I Am Brazilian and you ?

  105. pissofffffffff

    This is unfair.

  106. How are you sorting the times? We can’t be up during the night to catch some rares..

  107. queria saber qual a hora do raro que entra e quantidade…..obg………..

  108. gostaria de saber qual a hora que os raros LTD estão disponiveis na loja..

  109. It seems that you’ve been ignoring the countless comments regarding the release time of the rares. I think we’d all really love for you to say SOMETHING addressing the topic. Please and Thank you ~Badger

  110. not want to read comments but know the time.

  111. how much the black dragon egg kost the price?

  112. Whats with the easter sale countdown? Is that when they update the catalogue and bring in the new rares?

  113. Linn, They are no longer negotiable as the machine banana?
    or will forever be negotiable?

    (Sorry for bad english)

  114. If there was more quantities, it would decrease the rarity, defeating the whole purpose of the word “rare.” These items were not meant for everyone to have a shot at, it is for those who are willing to sacrafice their time. Unfortunately I’m getting up at 2am, Do I like it? No, but I’m willing to do it to get the rare, I’ll catch up on sleep later…Its fair game, and there most definately should not be a limited on purchases…what kind of crap is that…Its Fair Game! If you want it, you wake up…Its like Black Friday, you think stores are going to save you some nice deal 40′ TV’s at 12 in the afternoon when people are willing to get them at 4am? Its fair game…

  115. Una pregunta, disculpa por el español.
    Porqué en todos los hoteles se venden menos raros y en el español (.ES) le quitan valor poniendo miles de estos?

  116. Wanneer komt de zwarte dino in de shop? @Habbo NL

  117. poxa tem algum horario definido quanto a lançamento de raros no hotel br. já perdir os 2 primeiros q mais me interessavam..:(
    o certo sera lançar na loja do habbo br. em um horario mais apropriado. para q todos desfrutassem de suas compras. sem q tenha sido atrapalhado por horarios de aulas. e etc..

  118. You can not be serious.. You released Furni that has already been released? So much for Limited Edition Rare -__-“

  119. Where is todays? No one said anything about not having them on weekend haha

  120. Carles Lázaro

    I have two questions:
    1. Why not put the rares on time? The executive bar did not come out today.
    2. How much will cost the black egg?

  121. was Wird das rare Heute um 20 uhr

  122. how many black dinos are goin to be released and how many credits per dino ?

  123. Olá, gostaria de saber por quê têm que comprar tantas nozes para upar o emblemas nozes?

  124. 1 rare a day huh? yeah well today i thought that 1 rare was the exec bar, so i logged on bought the bar played around a bit then logged off, come back on today and find out that there were 2 rares and the egg was sold out! the same egg ive been w8ing for saved up for planned for. didnt know it was coming out because from what i know there was going to be only 1 rare a day. Smh. Why habbo?

  125. You all really pulled a messed up move. Most people in US stayed up until 5-6AM waiting for the rare and you didn’t release it so we went to sleep thinking that the executive furni was the new rare. And while we slept you released what we’ve all been waiting for. **** that. You p*ssed a lot of people off pulling a stunt like that.

    • habbo said they was realisin 1 rare per day how come the blk dino come out same day has exec drink machine thanx habbo we was ready for it

      • Yeah, that’s bullshit, you have a countdown for a reason, then you release it out of the blue. That’s the only rare the majority of people wanted, why not make it fair game for anyone, and have the set time it gets released.

  126. how come habbo said 1 rare each day then decide to release 2 on the same day ? surely they was meant to be released on easter sunday ?

  127. Haran concursos para ganar nuevos raros ?

  128. Wow Habbo, You really messed up.. Why release the one thing everyone would want on a day that we wouldnt even think it would AND TO TOP IT OFF, two rares on the same day-.- Thanks alot habbo, just thanks…

  129. IT’S SO UNFAIR! I saw your CEO, Paul’s Tweet, saying there will be two release of rares today, one on 1pm London, one on 7pm London timing! But 7pm London timing, my area will be SLEEPING! And yet you guys released the freaking Black Dino! Which is the HIT of this year’s easter. That;s so unfair! You released a Bar, which will most likely worth 1c next time when their sleeping, and released and a Egg that can worth more then 5gb next time when we’re sleeping! IT’S SOOOO UNFAIR! Idc, Im lodging complain, You guess need to plan well! -.- Super unfair to our district people!

  130. Just to add on, please plan well, it isn’t nice at all? THE TIMING IS STILL WRONG. Habbo Staff, please, consider bout asia people. NOT ONLY UK PAID FOR THIS GAME. I also bought lots of credits, some of those funds u get, ARE FROM ME. Can you guys actually release the egg again? Like, 500 of those, when they are sleeping, and we’re online? Like, switch those egg to be released on 1pm London timing today. PLEASE. -.-

  131. I would consider this HORRIBLE planning on staffs part, but of course this wouldn’t be the first. Did you guys actually expect a fair and interesting Easter present from Habbo? The prices are high, the timing is wrong, and it all around is horrible. I personally think Habbo should pay all of us back somehow with a gift or coins or a badge or something. This is insanely unfair and I wouldn’t doubt if a lot of people quit.

  132. jurjurjur0293

    necesito saber cual es el rare que tiraran hoy y su precio ….

  133. To solve LTD Rares problems:

    Problem: Bulk Purchasers

    Solution: Have a purchase timer so that you can only purchase 1 rare every 30 minutes. That should slow down bulk purchasers.

    Problem: Time Zones

    Solution: Ltd rares should have opening times, so UK time have 250 limit, USA zone 500 limit, Asia zone 250 limit

    Am I thinking too simply?

  134. To solve LTD Rares problems Habbo should:

    Problem: Bulk Purchasers

    Solution: Have a purchase timer so that you can only purchase 1 LTD rare every 30 minutes. That should slow down bulk purchasers.

    Problem: Time Zones

    Solution: LTD rares should have opening times, so UK time have 250 limit, USA zone 500 limit, Asia zone 250 limit

    Am I thinking too simply? If they aregood ideas can Habbo pay me in credits plz :)

  135. Sou o unico brasileiro aki? o.O

  136. muito bom

  137. WDF is this. I stayed up till Midnight, US time, and the rares were not released. I didnt know it was UK time. It shouldn’t be. Thanks for NOT paying attention to these comments.

  138. Re-posting this comment because Im having the same ISSUE.

    Hi! I play and live in the US and I guess there are other users playing in the hispanic habbo and would like to buy credits but unfortunaltely we cannot buy credits because on the payments options there are only certain countries but not the US. Can you please consider with sulake staff to add in for people that live in USA so they can buy credits. Thank you so much.

  139. how many more rares are to come?????????????

  140. Completley unfair! I stayed up to see the release of the next rare WHICH WAS THE DINO EGG and when I saw that the rare wasnt released I went to bed. I woke up and the rare was SOLD OUT! That was completly unfair!

  141. Is there a rare being released on monday, not asking for a time just want to know.

  142. Bom, saber disso , Gastei inheiro com camera , e agr ta um lixo , tomare que suba mesmo


  144. sou brasileiro e não entendi nada !!


    el dia 5 de abril compre un rare limitado ( la cama esa) una vez que se agoto yo iba muy emocionado a venderla pero me llevo la sorpresa de que el dia de hoy 10 de abril la cama esa se en cuentra por el valor de 20 creditos en las salas de tradeos y Nadie da mas , recordando que compre este furni por valor de 50 creditos en el catalogo me parace mal que , por esta ivercion haya perdido 30 CREDITOS en lugar de haber obtenido una ganancia. creo que comprar rares en catalogo en la fecha actual no conviene ya que en lugar de subir bajan

  146. ChangeMeAtHell

    Linn are you a staff or what?

  147. quando vão tirar o raro cortina levei prejuisso por causa disso :s muito palha ja venderam uns 5000 dele sendo q era 3000 todo dia volta ao 973 n to entendendo vo perder moedas por esse erro :S quero q tome providendcias e que me paguem o valor gasto atoa por mim

  148. omg i lost so much money on this event these rares wont be worth anything and on top of that, thanks to your misinformation and lack of communication myself and so many others didnt get a chance to get the rare that we where all w8ing for. I lost over 500 coins that I wont get back from ltd rares. this isnt the first time u guys screwed me over i bought the sf_walls thinking that they were going to be the unreleased versions but they turned out to be black loading boxes(today you guys changed them into the regular sci fi walls the walls i did not want) so i want a refund!


    No entiendo nada de lo que dicen :BB Si alguien habla español y es inglés, me agrega a : Prosil-B4n

  150. Muito show habbo bombando :)

  151. Algum dia vcs vão dar algum raro ou moedas de graça para habbos?

  152. da hora esses raros :D

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