Introducing Rishell Biermann!

RishellYou may have noticed that we have heard your feedback about how we manage our customer service and from new Staff in Madrid, the creation of the Habbo Helper project and even short term initiatives like the .com Habbo Council we’re working to improve how we take care of Habbos. In this ongoing effort we have brought in a Top Gun to help get things organized and I’m very happy to say she will now be directly available to Habbos via Twitter, Habbo Forums and here on the Blog. I would like to present Rishell Biermann.

I can’t say enough about Rishell. In her past Rishell worked at building excellent customer care programs for EA, Zynga and Playdom. She knows the tools, the processes, the people and most of all she knows excellent customer service. I overheard Kitano (aka Mark) telling Puffin (aka Linn) that Rishell has magical powers. Might just be another Kitano hallucination, or it may be true!

Rishell is going to take all that know-how and help guide us to becoming a place where our User Care is legendary. She comes to us from a far off land to take on a very simple mission: Make Habbo a 5 Star Hotel. She will will work with our Marketing, Product and User Care groups to weave the Habbo experience together so that we are using social media, product and great Habbo community tools to make this a place that inspires deep loyalty.

And today is Rishell’s Birthday! So comment here or come by on Twitter and say Happy Birthday to @Habbo_Rishell so she can have a proper Habbo welcome.

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  1. o mark is kitano

    never knew that >_>

  2. Hi Rishel! Welcome and nice to meet you. I like! ;-)

  3. Hello & welcome! Happy birthday too :P

  4. Welcome to the team! It’s nice to have a global community manager!

  5. Welcome to Habbo Hotel Rishell! :D Hope you enjoy your stay, and i believe, together with the community’s contributions, Habbo will turn into a 5 star hotel! <3 Let's work towards that goal, and also I hope under your assistance, Habbo's Help Care will be better moderated, as users are getting messages for 'blocking' & 'inappropriate conversation' when they're obviously innocent. This caused much troubles to users, and also aggression. Well, most of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (: Have a Blast my dear. See you around the hotel if possible! :D <3

  6. Qui Bom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Happy BDAY!!!

  8. Audioromance

    Hi rishel welcom and HDB :)

  9. Welcome to Habbo! And Happy Birthday. ;)

  10. Happy Birthday and welcome!

  11. Welcome rishel I hope you enjoy you time here at habbo :)
    And have a wonderfull birthday~!

  12. Me and Richell have the same birthday :D

  13. Welcome to Habbo Hotel Rishell!
    Sure you will do a good job !

  14. Bem-Vindo ao HABBO HOTEL Rishell!
    Parabéns :)

  15. Welcome to Habbo & happy birthday. I hope it is your best yet, Doll!

  16. Felicidades Rishell espero que tengas un buen dia y nos traigas para que podamos comprar creditos en Andorra :)

  17. Happy Birthday! – MollyJo

  18. Best Wishes! :)

    Im in a big Customer Support Problem NOW and I really need help! I contacted Customer Support that said to use the help tool. And my issue isn’t that simple.

  19. jakejake11chill

    Hi nice to meet u need any help arround the hotel I’m very xp add me jakejake11chill oh and btw I own a big FBi

  20. Welcome. Hope you can bring back<3

  21. Rishell welcome to habbo who has many years of habbo hotel and congratulations on your birthday here in Brazil we are happy with their presence, and wanted to send a hug on behalf of all the characters Brazilians who are counting on you. Thank you! = D

    Signed: Islifersbozo and Tubitos

  22. Happy Birthday Rishell i hope that its awesome and amazing. Glad to ave you on staff. Hope its a pleasurable experience and not to much hard times.

  23. habbo es lo mejor

  24. Welcome , and happy birthday :)

  25. Bienvenido

  26. chile is my habbo and habbo is very good social network is a useful and fun to play my habbo called ziberboy


    Benvenuto Rishell :) e tanti auguri di buon compleanno :)

  28. is good for the amount of habbo from other countries and have fun together and there is a group for scammers “scammers” do not fulfill their functions

  29. Мне нравится Habbo, потому что это весело социальную сеть и хорошие

  30. Benvenuto Rishell :) e auguri di buon compleanno :)

  31. Seja bem-vindo ao Habbo Hotel e um Feliz Aniversário Rishell ^^
    GILMAR0721 – Habbo BR/PT

  32. Bienvenido, y feliz cumpleaños :) y qué la pases bien.

  33. welcome and happy birthday

  34. deathscythe0814

    So Linn is Puffin… She’s still cute for me… :D

  35. Tales Bócker

    Bem-vindo ! Welcome… :D

  36. Welcome to Habbo hotel Rishell! I hope you will enjoy our community & be able to improve this hotel with your expensive.

  37. Happy Birthday :)

  38. welcome men the habbo is the best

  39. Happy Birthday Rishell, and Welcome, to our great community!

  40. Happy Birthday:)

  41. me gusta mucho haboo

  42. Happy day, I’m waiting the Hotel fives stars

  43. Rah-Asia jewel

    i lov it but why do u get problems nd y does ittak so long o solve hem

  44. Bienvenueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee joyeux anniversaire

  45. me dunas mi habbo es mitere@esp gracias… i felicidadess

  46. Lucas Queiroz


    Me From Rio de Janeiro :D

    My name is Lucas queiroz

  47. habbo muito foda muito loko mais quero umas habbo moedas gratis

  48. Samy Takashima

    Hahay Brasil ♥

  49. Seja Bem Vindo Ao Habbo Hotel

  50. quero ser um mob habbo

  51. Feliz cumpleaños y Bienvenida, espero que disfrutes tu estadía aquí ¡GRACIAS POR ESTAR EN NUESTRA COMUNIDAD!

  52. pedro augusto

    kuando agente vai ganahr folds ??

  53. Salut Rishell ! Bienvenue sur Habbo est je te souhaite un bon anniversaire ! Santé et bonheur pour toi ♥

  54. Bienvenida y muy feliz cumpleaños Rishell Biermann!

  55. Gabriel Moraes

    Add i in Habbo BR
    Adicione eu no HABBO :GabrielMoraesxD

  56. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Hola y Feliz cumpleaños!!!!!!!

  57. gabriel tonial

    bem vinda!

  58. OI , Seja bem-vind !!! e espero que seja muito feliz e faça nossa felicidade com muitos emblemas !! kkkk. Bom trabalho aí ! beijão ( Traduzir se não fala minha língua )

  59. ola seja bem vinda : )

  60. Happy Late Birthday Rishell :D

  61. Apenas a Verdade

    Quanta babação de ovo!!!!

    Meu Deus é puxa saquismo em excesso !!!!!

    Até jogadores do BR/PT passaram a vir aqui pra puxar-saco e babar um pouquinho.

  62. MUY bien (Y) los felicito hey Rishell Bienvenida y feliz Cumpleaños Att: Avanzadox espero y me agregues

  63. parabens Rishell

  64. oi Rishell parabens e seja bem vindo : )

  65. isnt kitano fired l0l

  66. welcwelcome to habbo Rishell Biermann

  67. Happy birthday and I needed Rishell Biermann

  68. João Paulo Romualdo Gomes

    Rishel, bem vindo que você torne o nosso hotel o melhor de todos.

  69. Happy birthday!

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