Pocket Habbo is Coming on December 19th!



Our new Pocket Habbo mobile app is launching around the world on December 19th. You’ll be able to download the 100% free Pocket Habbo app from the Apple Store on an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad (compatibility mode).


Pocket Habbo can be linked to your Habbo Account from any hotel and allows you to talk with your Habbo friends from your mobile. You can also receive offline messages on your mobile and in Habbo!

As a holiday bonus, starting Thursday you’ll be able to redeem a daily gift for 12 days just for checking in on Pocket Habbo! Easy access to Habbo and daily rewards, what could be better? Make sure to download early to get all the gifts!

We hope you enjoy this new way to stay connected.

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  2. Wow, Just Wow

  3. What about android??

  4. What about Android devices? Nothing?

  5. What are the gifts? Like mystery present items or different.

  6. Sweet, cool that’s awesome

  7. sounds good, will it appear in the app store straight away – worldwide?

  8. Will you be able to purchase credits through the app?

  9. habboprism what is your habbo name? are you our new hotel manager? :P

  10. So, are you saying Android will be defiently have the app very soon after its been tested on iOS?

  11. just bs that free gifts are given to a small portion of ppl that own ipad etc & to hell with all of your other customers!

  12. Might sound stupid, but will it be coming out on blackberry app world:s?

  13. thnx fur th update haboprism I am really excitd fur pockethabo

  14. Reblogged this on hotjcardhabbo and commented:
    cannot wait

  15. Thank you all very much! I have been looking foreward to this since the day it was announced on twitter! I only wish I could test it ;)

  16. I got this app friday when it was released for a few hours >;D

  17. Are you making a version for Windows Phone?

  18. I got selected to be a “SuperHabbo” and went on Pocket Habbo. Anyway I have a problem. I clicked an account which was banned and now I can’t change to any other Habbos on that email. It’s just stuck on that one. Anything I can do to fix this? Deleting the app doesn’t help me. Thanks – MONEYMAGIC

  19. how is this “super habbo” selected may i ask?

  20. I really like this update! Can’t wait to test it out when its out. Loving every update done this year for habbo. :)

  21. Just wondering if it’s possible to actually play habbo on an app? not this one but is it possible to create one which can play habbo on an iOS?

    • This one is not full Habbo mmo. You can connect with friends and manage basic account features. More to come in the future.

      It is possible to make, but that doesn’t make the experience the same. We have made another mobile 3d environment and the magic definitely comes from the community not just the tools. Our goal here was to support the community rather than migrate entirely.

  22. Can you put it on the CelluarOne Alcatel Slide Please? :)

  23. Will this only be available on Apple App Store or is it also available on Android’s Play Store?

  24. Hi ,

    from what i know , Safari on Iphone could not load habbo as there is no flash player however there is an app on the app store called. – Puffin Browsers which enable flash player and u could actually play habbo with your iphone. Just that instead of a mouse using to click , you had to use your finger.

    Secondly , is it possible to not have so much promotion stuff on the right side ? like a feature to hide everything ? (just like the stream ? so when we want it we will click it to open if not its keeps appearing n i have to minimize it but can’t remove it)

    • Sure, any flash browser can run Habbo, but it’s not optimized for small screens. The new App gives a better way to stay connected.

      Agree about the right side. It’s crowded and needs cleanup. We are looking into it.

  25. How come I didn’t get picked to be a super habbo?! I fit all the requirements ~tear :'(

  26. How do you apply for a staff position?

  27. I’ve tried on my iPad with 5.1 and the app is closed, is it normal?
    on the iphone, push notifications are disabled yet?

  28. you should make one for android xx

  29. will we be able to go around in room to stalk friends etc?

  30. Can’t wait to try it out! (:

  31. What about Tablet? =]

  32. what about blackberry? :o

  33. i am hoping that you do androyed

  34. Please make it for android :( all android device :(

  35. How do you get the gifts, do you sign in through the app? Or does your email have to be the same as your apple id email?

  36. hello., i used sony ericsson neo xperia..i have android..i dont have iso or what..can you help me with this? i like this application and free gift..wow.sound fun..but…help me, how to get this application on my smartphone??

  37. What about Windows Phone?

  38. is this even out on the app store i dont even see it

  39. Hopefully Pocket Habbo will come to Blackberry 10 as well. RIM has made it easy to develop apps for their new platform or at least port over from other platforms with their developer tools.

  40. same here nothing

  41. I can’t find it on the apple app store !!!!!!!!!!!


  43. i have downloaded the app, but the ipad mini has to use the “iphone” version. what does this mean? i thought the ipad has its own version too. but nonetheless i think it is a great app ;) messaging does work and shows ur friend’s list, online and offline. even ur friend requests!

  44. When I try log into pocket habbo via habbo.com it says the server is under maitnence what is this and what do I do about it is it maitnence cause my brothers works fine?

  45. um i downloaded the pocket habbo and apparently when i’m on habbo on my laptop and on pocket habbo, i can’t receive the messages on pocket habbo when i’m chatting with my friends ..but i can see the messages they sent on habbo on my laptop.. help please ?

  46. This keeps crashing everytime i try opening it on my ipad :/ Like it barely even opens, it just crashes right away.

  47. I cant use the search function

  48. Excited for this coming to Android – it will be a nice feature to help users stay connected outside of the client, thus retaining more users and building a friendly environment!
    Good work!

  49. When I try log into pocket habbo via habbo.com it says the server is under maitnence what is this and what do I do about it is it maitnence cause my brothers works fine?

  50. Its Unfair , Having Online IOS 5 For It To Download This App. You Should Make It Applicable For IOS 3Gs , IOS 4 , IOS 4S

    • All of those devices are capable of running iOS 5 and greater. iOS 5 is the operating system not the device model. If you go to settings -> update software it should work for you. Hope you enjoy the new app :)

  51. Is it coming out for the iPad? I can use the one for iPhone

  52. Help i cant open pocket habbo using my ioad do i need IOS6…..plsss help me if i opened it it will close by itself help D;

  53. I have downloaded the PocketHabbo in my iphone. But when I tried to log in my habbo account in PocketHabbo through Habbo.com, it says “Login Failed – Server is in under maintenance! Try again later (Habbo.com -3). I’ve tried rebboting my iphone, re-installing the app but it still doesn’t work. Can you help it out? Or i will miss the chance of winning the gifts. :(

    • I suggest you post this issue on User Voice along with some screenshots. You can also contact our customer service via help.habbo,com. Unfortunately I don’t have access to all your account details to fully explore the issues.

  54. This looks very nice and stylish on my phone. Congrats Ediootti!

  55. Hi,
    Like to know if there is a date to launch the application on the platforms Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone?

  56. Btw i am using IPad 3 so… Can u do something about it plsss :( i really want pocket habbo i tried to re-download gain but its still the same when i opened it will close by it self pls do something about ty

    • Our developers are looking into iPad issues, but unfortunately changes to the app would have to go through another review by apple which takes a bit of time during the Holidays.

  57. Ok…but pls do it fast i really want to use Pocket Habbo :)

  58. okay cool , but i cant use it till android version , so i wait paitiently … waiting … still waiting … not holding my breth lol :P

  59. i chatted with some people online but it doesn’t pop up when the other person has sent a message under “new messages” or anything? it doesn’t even show in older conversations, so i went and click start chat again and their new message was there! plus how do i get rid of older convos because they are from 5 days ago lol.. i click the convo and then X but it’s still there!

  60. It doesn’t work at all :( i’m in .com and all it tells me is “Oops!!! Login failed! Server is under maintenance. Try again later. (habbo.com – 3)” and it’s been telling me that all day. Is this correct?

  61. Will you add a minimail feature to this PocketHabbo? I miss Minimail!

  62. I can’t seem to log in. Whenever I try to, It says there is an error, and that the server is under maintenance.

  63. Hello,

    Firstly, the app is great.
    But, there’s no option to log in with Google accounts.
    I use my Google Account to log in, and there’s no option for google accounts log in

    • Thanks for the feedback. We can look at this in the future. In the mean time you could always add an email and password to your existing ID.

      • I like this app so far but I have a suggestion. I was playing on my computer and just before I got off, I got a friend request. I was going to accept this request later on my ipod however there is no place for requests. I think you should add a section somewhere for friend requests. Other than that it’s good! :D

  64. why my Ipad cannot open the pockethabbo??

  65. Hello. I’m wondering if Pocket Habbo will have an option to log-in with Facebook accounts, considering my account is connected to my facebook when I merged it in 2009.

  66. what about android

  67. Thank you for making this habboprism

  68. Its only available for Iphone and iPod touch. Using the iPhone version on iPad makes in pixelated

  69. Logged in fine yesterday. Now I’m getting “Login failed! Server is under maintenance. Try again later. (habbo.com – 2)”

  70. I can’t log in to the app today; seems there’s a connection error. Is this a bug on your end or mine?

  71. I can’t log in. It say the maintenance thingy. If i miss the gifts, does it mean i can never get it? U guys can’t just deny me something u guys promised.

  72. Are there any issues with Pocket Habbo today? My gift for today (Holoboy) hasn’t synced to my Habbo Account (mark302) and last night I was getting connection problems. I’ve tried quitting the app several times, and signing out. Will I still be able to get the gift for today?
    I got yesterdays as soon as I opened it.

    mark302 (Habbo.com)

  73. Blackberry or other Smartphones? What else is on the Pocket Habbo radar besides, apple and android?

  74. I hope u can build for android..im still waiting for you

  75. I got this app on my iphone!! Its Great!! Love it!!

  76. Hey people wow the new pocket habbo is great

  77. killedbytom123


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