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New Year, New Blog!

Happy New Year from Habbo!

A New Year, brings a new blog! We decided to kick off 2014 by bringing this blog back to life to give you a look ‘Behind the Pixels’. We’re not going to be talking about local Habbo events or updates, instead we’ll be trying to focus on updates that are global and relevant to all of our users! Excitied? You should be. You can expect a bi-weekly update related to game development, frequent campaign updates from our designers, as well as a monthly update discussing the Habbo Economy.

A look at least year…

Pocket Habbo

As many of you know, 2013 was a pretty busy year for us. We had an overhaul of our entire client interface, based on user feedback. We also introduced Builders Club, Free Flow Chat,

Walking 2.0, and lots of new features to Pocket Habbo. In addition we created a whopping 549 pieces of furniture and 922 new badges – which now means there are over 8000 badges in Habbo.

We know there have been a few hiccups with these updates and changes, but it is because of your continued feedback that we’re able to react and make positive changes to your Habbo experience – Keep it coming!

Upcoming plans

Over the next few weeks, we have some pretty awesome stuff coming to you guys. On top of the exciting quests and events that your local managers are coordinating, we’ve got a brand new range of furni coming. This new furni is something that will finally give room builders the tools they need to make the most of their rooms.

Builders Club

We ran a poll at the beginning of the New Year asking you various questions, focusing around the different categories you all would like added to Builders Club. We received huge number of responses, and here are the global results of that poll. Interesting, hey?


This will be talked about in more detail in the monthly economy update, but we have to be very careful with what we put into the Builders Club Warehouse. We know trading is an important part of Habbo for many of you and we don’t want to ruin that. We currently have over 650 furni in there, but we certainly can see where everyone agree on what they would like to see more of, and will be looking into which of those furni could be added to the warehouse. In  addition to the furni updates for Builders Club, we are working hard on adding alternative payment options and are happy to announce that we will soon be releasing an SMS option for Builders Club!

User Interface

The UI has some more exiting changes coming its way too. Those of you with eagle eyes will have noticed the little changes that were made between different hotel builds, but we’re not done just yet! We’re hoping to have the final changes done soon, things like the navigation and friends toolbar is coming close to the final stages. Here’s what we think the final product is going to look like…what do you think?


Next Issue: In the next issue, we’ll also be discussing the upcoming number verification feature, how and why your data is safe and the upcoming Valentines Campaign!

About the Author

Dom the Developer!Hi, My names Dom and I am developer here at Sulake! You’ll often find me wandering the hotels on the avatar ‘Macklebee’. Every few weeks I will be posting a new ‘Behind the Pixels’ post, talking to you about what’s up and all the exciting stuff coming in the hotel…We will be sharing more than ever before, so make sure to tune in. This is really important to me – I hope you enjoy! I feel strongly that Habbo is a place where creativity can bloom and I really want you to feel as though you’re a part of it.

Cloudy With a Chance of New Furni!

We’re excited to introduce a whole new way to spruce up your room… by changing the infamous, black background! Now you can add a special scenery, some floating clouds, or even change the color to whatever shade and hue fits your mood.

The new backgrounds are available in the Shop right now, but you can only buy them using our celebratory currency: Clouds!

Starting today, and during next week, you will get a Cloud for free. The Clouds can be used to buy most every Furni item in the Shop, as well as the new, cool backgrounds – so basically this offer means you get double value for your money!

Some Cloudy FAQs to answer your questions: 

How many Clouds will I get?
You will get one Cloud for each Credit you buy. So in a way, you will get double value for your money if you buy Credits while this promotion lasts!

Where do I get Clouds?
You will receive Clouds when you buy Habbo Credits with whatever payment methods are available in your Hotel.

If you do the “Earn Credits” thing (aka ‘Offers’) will you get Clouds?

If I have a Credits Subscription, do I get Clouds, too?
Yes, if you receive Credits during this campaign you will also receive Clouds.

Say I have a Goldbar and I redeem it for Credits in my purse will I get Clouds, too?
The Habbo Exchange items won’t yield Clouds when redeemed during this campaign. Sorry!

How do I see how many Clouds I have?
You will see the number of Clouds available to spend in the upper right corner of the Hotel View.

What items can I buy with Clouds?
We just launched three very exclusive, never-before-seen, backgrounds for your rooms and they can only be bought with Clouds! Apart from those, you can spend your Clouds on pretty much anything in the Shop! In fact, there are only a few thing Clouds can’t buy you, like VIP membership, Habbo Groups, LTD Rares and Credit Furni.

Will Clouds expire?
Yes, Clouds will expire after this campaign is over, we will let you know when.

Can we do Quests to earn Clouds?
Unfortunately, no. You will get Clouds only when you buy or earn Credits.

Can I earn Clouds by selling stuff in the Marketplace?
No, sorry, the Marketplace will function as usual.

Go For Gold In The Habbo-lympix

It seems like the Olympics have been going on forever doesn’t it? If I had a million pounds every time someone asked me “Hey, did you watch the games yesterday?” then I would have two million pounds. I guess an Olympics without Eric Moussambani just isn’t worth watching to some people. But in Habbo we’re not so apathetic, perish the thought! We love the games, and this week the Habbo-lympix celebration and competitions continue. The Habbo-lympix quests are still ongoing, with awesome Habbo-lympix badges up for grabs- the more quests you complete, the higher level you achieve.

We’ve also got some great Habbo-lympix Rares coming on sale this week. A Limited Edition Rare, a statue of an angry-looking Habbo throwing a javelin, and a traditional (non-numbered) Rare Union Jack Sofa. Yes, now you can sit on a sofa decorated with the flag of Great Britain. A dream come true for those of you who have dreamed of sitting on a sofa decorated with the British flag. The Sofa is available only for a limited time, so get yours while you can!

Tomorrow begins our latest room building competition- Habbos will have to design a relaxing room fit for a Queen. Habbos will have from Thursday to Saturday to build their room, and then the voting will be open from Sunday to Monday. The top ten Habbos in the competition will each win a Medal case/ Trophy Furni.

Habbo-lympix 2012

Today marks the start of our campaign, celebrating the spirit of togetherness and our ability to reach for the stars and make it happen!

We just launched a quest that will take you around the Habbo world, see the sights and hopefully meet some new friends. The quest will earn you achievements and who knows, maybe even a surprise or two!

To give you the full Habbo-lympix experience, there are also some new Furni available in the Shop (and more new stuff will follow next week!) – podiums and trophies and pretty much everything you’d need to create your own awesome stadiums.

And speaking of awesome stadiums — with the help of some very talented Habbos from various Fansites, we’ve launched some really cool Habbo-lympix Villages in all the Hotels – a place to hang out, answer quizzes and maybe even take home a prize or two! If you want to be a part of it all, simply add the tag ‘Habbo-lympix‘ to your room! It’s the same tag in every Hotel.

So what are you waiting for – come on over and help us celebrate the Habbo-lympix spirit! It’s all happening in your Hotel right now :)

The Gate of Eternity

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SarcophagusAs we’re nearing the end of the Quest for the Ancients, and something exciting has happened… we’ve found the Gate of Eternity!

If you’ve gathered all the artefacts, earned all four badges (the first one was given out without an artefact), managed to wear them together in the right order, you will have received the very magical Gate of Eternity

But what are they??

I put our resident historian on the case, and after some research into the phenomenon, Neja was able to tell me this…

“A long, long time ago, when the Ancients arrived in Habbo, they decided Habbos should be able to go anywhere in the world. Habbos would get to explore and discover wonderful places: forests, seas, jungles and vast lands, full of plants, animals and other Habbos! For this purpose, the Network of the Ancients was built. The Gate of Eternity would take Habbos wherever they wanted to go!

The Ancients were very careful about who were allowed to be the gate guardians. The artefacts had to be handled with care, and the puzzle was not for all. Only those who could solve it, would be granted guardianship of a Gate of Eternity.

Years passed and the Network of the Ancients was used less and less. Some of the Gates of Eternity were shut down and some were forgotten, left in dusty corners of Habbo… Until now! With your help, the magic of the Ancients has returned and the Gates of Eternity are reactivated!

If you’ve been granted a Gate, make sure you create a wonderful place for it – you want your guests from all corners of Habbo to be in awe of the place they arrive to! And remember, this Network of the Ancients is exclusive – reachable only by entering a Gate of Eternity…”

So there you have it Habbos! Go exploring with your Gate of Eternity…

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Free Chat Is Coming Back!

Exclusive Frank TrophyWith all the new and improved safety measures that have been made, we’re finally ready to return to “Free Chat!” It will be a gradual process, starting with a pilot in the Spanish Hotel today and continuing with the French and Brazilian Hotels on Thursday. If all goes well, all the rest of the Hotels will follow as soon as they’re ready, hopefully next week!

To celebrate, we’re throwing parties in all the Hotels where you can win a BADGE, a never-before-seen TROPHY and even unlock a week of FREE VIP for everyone that attended!

Get ready, Habbos… the party starts in Spain already on Wednesday at 1pm Spanish time!

PS: You can also read what Paul had to say about returning to filtered chat here ››

In the Footsteps of the Ancients – FAQs

SarcophagusToday marks the start of a three week adventure following in the Footsteps of the Ancients! We’ve got Quests and room competitions and new Furni – and some very special artifacts that come with even more special badges… To get you started on the right foot, here are some answers to a few questions that you might have!

Good luck!

How can I participate in this campaign?
You participate simply by logging into your Hotel, the information is right there on the Hotel View!

How long will this campaign last?
3 weeks! Every week we’ll explore a new place – the desert, the savannah and the jungle.

How long will the new Furni be in the Shop?
There will be new Furni every week, and it will all be available until the end of the campaign.

How can I take part in the room competition?
Build a room that fits the theme using at least 3 different pieces of the new Furni line. Once it’s done and you’re happy with it, you can easily enter your room by clicking the button that appears in your room!

How many rooms can I enter?
You can only enter one room pr competition, so make it a great one!

How many room competitions will there be?
There will be three in all, one for each week of the campaign!

If my room makes it to Top 10 in the first room competition, am I disqualified for the other room competitions?
No we don’t disqualify talented people in Habbo. Even if you won the first room competition you can still compete for the others – but you can’t submit the same room of course.

If my room makes it to Top 10, do I only get a badge or will I get another prize as well?
You’ll get fame! In addition to a badge, your Habbo will be profiled on the Hotel View, and your room will be listed in the official rooms tab in the Navigator!

If my room makes it to Top 10, do I also get the badge for Top 100 and for taking part in the room competition in the first place?
You will receive one badge according to your ranking.

How many badges can I earn in this campaign?
Four badges are available as parts of the Ancients’ map, then there are three for the room competitions.

How many times can I vote for a room/any rooms?
You have 3 votes per day. You can give all to the same room or split your votes between different rooms.

What is the big deal with these so-called artifacts, and how do I find them?
Artifacts are legendary relics built by the Ancients – the Fathers of Habbo who mysteriously disappeared years ago. Every week there is a new Artifact to collect. You can buy the Artifacts with Stars, which you earn by doing Quests. Every Artifact comes with its own special badge – a piece of map that you need to complete and assemble in order to reach the Gates of Eternity. It’s also possible to buy artifacts by Credits if you haven’t manage to earn enough Stars.

What are the Gates Of Eternity, and how can I get my hands on them?
Texts are unclear about the Gates of Eternity, but we think that the Ancients found them – and that the Gates completely changed their lives forever! As far as we know, the only way to reach the Gates is to complete the map. But think twice before diving into adventure, you have do it at your own risk…

How can I take part in the Quest?
You can find it on the Hotel View, or you can go to your room and click on the Quest icon in your left side menu. Activate the “Footsteps of the Ancients” Quest to take part!

How can I get people to vote for my room when I can’t say my room name?
Ask people to follow you to your room to vote! You should also try using Facebook and Twitter.

Will there be any LTD Rares in this campaign?
We’ll see…


Monster Plant Fix Is On Its Way!

Since last week, our tech team has been investigating the disappearances of Monster Plants. Seems that a lot of Habbos’ Monster Plants have gone missing, temporarily or permanently, because of a bug with the plants in relation to Group Rooms, and this is obviously NOT okay.

They are working on a fix as we speak, but because it is a little bit complicated, we don’t know yet exactly when it will be implemented. However, they think they’ll be able to have it all sorted out by the end of this week, but hopefully even sooner than that.

Once fixed, your Monster Plant(s) will be returned to your Inventory, and automatically revived.

In other words, the minute they install the fix for this problem, you can check your Pet Inventory, and your plant will be there, alive and well, ready to be tended to as usual.

We are so sorry about this, and we hope to be able to fix it VERY soon.

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Six Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Monster Plants

Previously: 7 Stacking Tips You Can’t Live Without!

(This is a transcript of Charlie Chastain, motivational speaker, addressing a crowd of Monster Plant breeders at Moncon 2012. Despite the fact that he knew as much about Monster Plants as Jamie Kennedy does about… anything.)

Hello there! How we all doing today? Great, just great! My name is Charlie Chastain, you might remember me from that scandal a few months back starring that Hollywood celebrity and a hot-air balloon. Well, today I’m here to talk to you about how you can take great care of your Monster Plants, and really enjoy it in the process.

There’s nothing more fun than planting a seed, taking care of it, and watching it grow into an ugly pile of ears, eyes and mouths, am I right? But it’s not all fun and games, I know, I know, but these plants depend on you! You’re their rock, you’re the one they turn to when they need help, and while it might be a crushing responsibility, there’s nothing more beautiful than when a Monster Plant looks you in the eye and says “I’m not going to eat you,” nothing, except maybe Avatar in 3D. Have you seen Avatar? It’s about these blue cats (no, not Thundercats,) that live on an alien world and fight evil humans who want to destroy their forest home to mine for metals. It sounds dull, but it’s really a metaphor for the collapse of the Soviet Union, at least that’s what my girlfriend who’s a member of the Socialist Alliance says.

Okay! You ready? I know I am, so let’s begin to discover within ourselves how we can take control of our lives and really help these Plants be the most beautiful, ugly things ever born out of creation. Except maybe the Bonus Jonas.

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An Interview With A Monster Plant

This week I had the misfortune to sit down with a Monster Plant and ask it some questions. I didn’t want to, quite frankly, I can’t look at a Monster Plant for longer than ten minutes without feeling ill. Still, that’s ten minutes longer than I can look in a mirror. So I wasn’t planning to talk to the Monster Plant, but my boss told me there was a new flavor of popcorn (banana popcorn!) and they had some samples in the meeting room opposite the toilets.

When I went to check, I found no popcorn at all. Instead as I entered, the door was locked behind me, and I found myself staring, open mouthed, open eyed (well for a few seconds, before my mind attempted to grasp the horror and recoiled in fright) at the creature before me. A trap!

Resigned to my fate, I began my interview. Wishing that banana popcorn really existed.

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