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Behind The Bunny: Interviewing Xeregrinus

Xeregrinus (that’s his name on started working for Sulake as a graphic designer in November 2011, and we didn’t scare him off! Before working for Sulake he’s worked in industrial design, print design and done graphics work for mobile platforms. He’s also a keen sportsman. Since he’s the man of the hour, designing the new pet Bunnies, we wanted to ask him a few questions!

How did you start working on the Bunny? Did you make any sketches or work from any reference material?
I started with checking all kinds of references in the Internet – googling every kind of rabbit and bunny I could find. Then I did some hand and tablet drawings and also tried to find out how rabbits and bunnies move in real life by watching online video footage of them. All this to get the right feeling and perspective.

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Behind The Bunny: Mark Interviewing Mark

MarkMark has worked for Sulake for ten years and is currently a Senior Copywriter. In this revelatory and confusing interview, he talks to himself about the personalities of the new pet Bunnies.

To make it less confusing, I am conducting this interview via time travel, where ‘Morning Mark’ interviewed ‘Afternoon Mark’, and ‘Evening Mark’ wrote it up. It was less confusing to Mark, at least…

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3 New Bunnies!

The weekend just got off to a very good start in all our Hotels worldwide, with the launch of three new, very special little Bunnies!

One evil, one bored and one manic-ly excited… and if that wasn’t enough to make you pull up a smile, then surely badges will, no?

Each Bunny comes with its own special personality – and badge. And if you collect one of each (black, brown and pink), you’ll also receive an extra special triple threat badge (see below).

Oh, and did I mention… that those of you that already bought the white Bunny since its launch, will also get badgy treat? Well, you will. The white Bunny badge does not count towards the aforementioned triple threat badge, though…

In the Shop, you’ll also find the Bunnies’ new nests…  and one VERY special nest that will arrive in all Hotels on Saturday. Keep your eyes peeled and get ready to be quick about it!

The Bunnies are not here to stay forever, though… even the white bunny’s days will be counted soon, so if you’re a fan of these crazy, cute fluffballs, you’d better grab your chance this weekend, while they’re still here.

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