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Introducing Rishell Biermann!

RishellYou may have noticed that we have heard your feedback about how we manage our customer service and from new Staff in Madrid, the creation of the Habbo Helper project and even short term initiatives like the .com Habbo Council we’re working to improve how we take care of Habbos. In this ongoing effort we have brought in a Top Gun to help get things organized and I’m very happy to say she will now be directly available to Habbos via Twitter, Habbo Forums and here on the Blog. I would like to present Rishell Biermann.

I can’t say enough about Rishell. In her past Rishell worked at building excellent customer care programs for EA, Zynga and Playdom. She knows the tools, the processes, the people and most of all she knows excellent customer service. I overheard Kitano (aka Mark) telling Puffin (aka Linn) that Rishell has magical powers. Might just be another Kitano hallucination, or it may be true!

Rishell is going to take all that know-how and help guide us to becoming a place where our User Care is legendary. She comes to us from a far off land to take on a very simple mission: Make Habbo a 5 Star Hotel. She will will work with our Marketing, Product and User Care groups to weave the Habbo experience together so that we are using social media, product and great Habbo community tools to make this a place that inspires deep loyalty.

And today is Rishell’s Birthday! So comment here or come by on Twitter and say Happy Birthday to @Habbo_Rishell so she can have a proper Habbo welcome.


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