Someone’s Clearly Gone Nuts…

As you may or may not know, I work in a different time zone than the bustling bee hive that is the Sulake Headquarters in Finland’s cool, but cold capitol city. This means that I will start work around an hour or so before my colleagues in Helsinki head home.

In those hurried minutes I get handed a whole lot of messages, new tasks and some loose ends (this will usually require at least two more cups of coffee than I prefer to drink on any given day).

Although admittedly, this process is always quite hectic, this week has been hectic times ten.

Maybe it’s because it’s a shorter work week, or perhaps it’s that spring truly is in the Helsinki air, but I’m telling you… something’s clearly going on over there, and I suspect, between you guys and I, that someone’s gone completely nuts.

Everywhere I look, there are squirrels and rabbits and.. nuts. Every conversation I’m having, there are squirrels and rabbits and… NUTS! This has lead me to reach the following conclusion: we can expect a lot of Nuts this Easter!

Here are some “loose ends” that I can share before Wednesday:

1. You get one Nut for each and every Credit you buy.

2. You can use those Nuts to buy nearly anything in the Shop, same value as Credits.

3. If enough Nuts are spent in your Hotel, you will unlock a whole new.. pet! And some crazy VIP deal.

Please note that once this promotion is live, it will be very clearly visible inside your Hotel, and you will be notified of the extra Nuts before you buy Credits.

But we can also expect…

1. The Limited Edition Rares, obviously..

2. New colour “make-overs” of some of our classic lines.

3. Revisits from some old favourite Furni lines

How about that? I will make sure to report back with more nutty details once it’s alive and kicking in all the Hotels (will happen at some point Wednesday!) – until then… I found this image “lying around” — can I get a collective “awww“?? ;)

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  1. Can you only buy nuts?
    Or they can also .. get through quests?

    [Sorry for my bad english]

  2. Linn,
    How can you earn/gain nuts?

  3. captaincabinet



  5. Here it is: “Awwww”. ;)

    In my country it is currently 23:07 o’ clock and go to sleep because of it. ;) Good night

    • Aww.. hehe. I don’t know exactly when (at what time) it will go live, though.. so please don’t lose sleep over it :)

  6. That’s very cool! Is it coming to worldwide on the same day? :)

  7. E a gente é obrigado a usar o tradutor, né? u-u

  8. hello a mi me gusta mucho habbo es lo mejor del mundo

  9. Dam this, I never buy credits

  10. You guys and I? Shouldn’t it be; you guys and me?

  11. Not really much point if you can’t earn them..
    It’s basically “Buy 20 credits, get 20 free” except you can only spend the nuts in the catalog and nice bribery with the new pet/VIP deal to actually get people to buy credits

  12. Also, where are my nuts? I have 120c in my Purse already…

    • Once the promo is live, you’ll see it very clearly in your Hotel… nuts everywhere :) It won’t work on the Credits you ALREADY have, though.

  13. The news only in english is a little bad for users, mostly for us from br and es habbo. About the news, well cute the new pet. Sorry for bad english.

    • Don’t be sorry – your English is good! All the information inside your Hotel will still be in Portuguese and Spanish, though.. and I hope you are able to use Google Translator for our blog!

  14. The bunny is so small… Cute though, but it’s a little plain. It would be nice if they had some patches or different color fur.

  15. If you would let us buy credits in the Republic of Ireland from mobile phone/”cellphone” that would be great. The only way at the moment to buy coins in Ireland is from a credit card. My family/I do not have a credit card.

  16. I laugh at how they only approve comments that say “great” or “awesome” or some other BS

    • That’s not true. Every comment that is not against our House Rules will be approved. However, a lot of the negative comments are loaded with abusive language… You can be as negative as you’d like, as long as you keep it civilized :)

  17. This is dumb

  18. About the limited time rares, whats going to be done about timezones? Cause a lot of people will find it unfair that they cant buy something because it was sold when they were either at school or in bed…

    • I did bring this up with the Head of Product this morning, so he is aware!

      • So are we going to be told around what time they’re going to be in the catalog then?

        • I wish I could give you an answer to this without having to guess… I would assume that they release the first Rares at peak times in all Hotels, however, I will have to ask them tomorrow.

  19. Svf (Add me on Habbo) (:

    So, if you bought 100c, you would get 100 nuts?

  20. Famous.Stylez

    Hi Linn…
    i dont’t know wheater it is suitable to your post, but why noone is asking me in the HelpToll in the german HabboHotel?! :-(( I’m worried about my account… Famous.Stylez

  21. Can men get 2 nuts automaticly? Only makes scence.

  22. Oh, I have one question about the rares, when they will go to the Habbo PT/BR, and how much the first will cost?

    (Sorry about the english, I’m from Brazil and i don’t now english so much)

  23. I literally just bought 75 credits an hour and a half ago… Will I still get my peanuts? =(

    • Hm.. I don’t think so.. it’s an automatic process. I’m really sorry :(

      • That’s really frustrating… I rarely purchase credits, and the ONE time I do, just so that I can purchase the LTD rare tomorrow, I find out an hour later that if I waited, I would have gotten these “Peanuts.”

        • I understand.. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to deal with this or make any promises.. I wish I could. The only thing I could do, is advice you to contact Customer Service…

  24. Famous.Stylez

    Lin, answer please :-(

  25. Arthur Agnezi

    Everyone will have a right to buy rare in the catalog?

  26. Hi Linn! I was wondering.. If i have the subscription do I get nuts too? And if i buy 60 coins means I get 60 nuts which are basically 120c!? Thank you.

  27. stupid. why cant we do quests to get them? this is just a way for habbo / sulake to get more money. nice job, keep up the good work..


    -,- ever get the fact that not everyone wastes their real life money to buy credits for a game.. smh pathetic
    no wonder why habbo is losing so much players, used to be over 12k every day whether it was warm or cold outside and now there’s like only 5000 lol way to go! you guys are on a roll!!

    • I am sorry you feel this way… We’re on a path to bring Habbo forward, try new things, put resources into developing new, fun stuff… Hopefully that’ll make a difference – also in the way you feel!

  28. I dont see the point where it says this event is starting???

    • It will start Wednesday, at which point you will clearly be able to tell that there is a promotion happening – I promise.

  29. Wait, so do you get nuts for buying credits? As in Buying a $10 card, and getting 50c? Or exchanging.

  30. When you say new colour makeovers… will these be rare furnis in new colours? And if so, will they also be sold as rares or sold at a low price. Or will they be norm furnis in a new colour?

    Anyway great news I can’t wait for this Easter. Looks like it has the potential to be better than last year!

    And does that mean you’re working in the USA or Canada Linn?

    • 1: Stay tuned and find out!

      2: I know, I think it sounds like a lot of fun!

      3: Yes, that’s certainly what that means :)

  31. Hello someone could kill my doubts? the new interface and new rare already be in the hotel’s tomorrow?

  32. About the new Limited Edition Rare’s “Would it be possible to ask how many rares there will actually be?”

  33. u have to buy cards or just from the credshop

  34. about the new pet bunny fluffy <3, it can be purchased only with cash or nuts?

    • You can buy it with Credits for sure.. and depending on how fast it’s unlocked, I’m sure you could buy it with Nuts, too. I will ask Head of Product to make sure!

  35. SOLAMENTE SE CONSEGUIRAN comprando creidtos? con retos no? mucha avaricia…. tambien ayuden a los que no pueden comprar y sobre los rares que vienen… luego de que acabe el evento no seran tradeables?

  36. Que site é esse? ‘-‘ huahsuhas

  37. Hey Linn, great to see you working your socks off answering the questions and I must say that those complaining about having to buy credits, this is a real life business so if they earnt no profits, there would be no cute bunnies!

    Second of all, do we earn badges for any of this?


    • Aw.. thanks for the pep talk! Trying to get back to all as fast as I can.. :)

      And this is what the head of product said about badges:

      When you spend nuts you earn 3 levels of badges. The special VIP offer will also include a badge, and so will one the limited Rares and the two rare pets.

  38. Hi! I want to know each credit you buy is by payment metods or change the coins? whatever i think an Awwww is not enough for that pretty pet. Thanks for the information.

  39. What can you buy with the nuts?

    • I think pretty much anything except.. Habbo Exchange items, VIP and.. the stuff you need to buy with Pixels (or Pixels and Credits). You will be able to clearly tell in the Shop :)

  40. Hello, when the Limited Edition comes to German habbo hotel?

    Sorry but I’m not so good English and had to take an online translator.

  41. So what I said time of

  42. Apenas a Verdade

    Que merda!!! Falta de consideração. Um dos hoteis mais movimentados BR/PT e ainda temos que usar o tradutor. VAI TOMAR NO CU SULAKE. Falta de respeito por parte da empresa com os milhares de jogadores que jogam o dinheiro no lixo que vicia mais do que video poker.

  43. Hola me llamo Diego Alejandro diegytoxx38 en queria preguntar si los mod o staff son solo aquellos trabajadores en Sulake o es un user Seleccionado (Espero que hables español) Responde LINN

    • Hello my name is Diego Alejandro diegytoxx38 in wanted to ask if the mod or staff are only those workers Sulake or is a user selected respond LINN (Sorry do not speak English use the google translator)

  44. This is so exciting, I see a lot of potential in this year’s easter campaign (finally something good out of Habbo in the past few months)! Are you still in Toronto Linn?

  45. To the person above who said that all the guys should get 2 nuts…..
    NO! You already have 2 nuts, it’s us girls who should get 2 free nuts to start with ^_^

  46. I think this is a FANTASTIC IDEA! Same with the limited edition rares! I’ve been wanting some promos like this for a long time! The new staff are doing so much better than the old staff. Thank you for making Habbo fun again. :)

  47. I had trouble understanding some things because the google translator is not very good … I play on habbo PT / BR.

    If I buy coins by 9 cell, I make a NUT?
    Do not quite understand … Can you explain?

  48. deathscythe0814

    @Linn – When will this “Nut” thingy start? and until when? And can I add you on facebook :D

  49. possa gente e obrigado a usa tradutor hahaha assim ta dificil fais em portugues ai pelo amor de deus

  50. Ok, so I know this has been asked alot… Can the staff like.. lets say change it for each state.. Because of the timezones, as in the rares.. :3

    • I have put this question forward to our Head of Product.. will have another post ready soon, with an interview! :)

  51. how many nuts do i have to spend in the shop to unlock the pet?… or is that a secret? ;O

  52. when will this start so i can buy coins :D

  53. Looks good, however I dislike it’s all credit based – pixels are hardly used! And I think you confused ‘lose’ and ‘loose’ up a bit ;)

    • We try to mix things up a bit, and we haven’t really done any promos with Credits in forever.. so.. here is one! Pixels might get a revamp at some point too, I’m sure :) .. also; oops on the “lose/loose” .. always get those wrong ;)

  54. Is the different currency going to be permanent? Or, do we have to spend it within a certain time period or risk losing it? It would be nice to know because that would decide whether or not to start buying credits again.

    Much appreciated.

    • Hi! This is an Easter promo (pretty much a “Double Credits” promo) .. you can get Nuts until April 10th and you’ll have to spend them all before April 12 – when they will disappear. :)

  55. Bacana! Tenho certeza que irei adorar as novidades, o Hotel está voltando!!! :D

  56. I honestly dont think this is fair at all, I never buy credits and I never will but I do have alot of coins from winning comps or other things but, I think there should be other ways to get peanuts then just buying coins to recive them. I really want the new pet, but I don’t wanna buy credits to get it. Why don’t you make peanuts like horseshoes or seashells, we have to do quests for them. You could make the quests a little harder since the prizes will be bigger. Please read this :)

    • We do a lot of quests and such, and we haven’t done a Credit promo in a very long time, so we figured one was probably due. We will be mixing it up a lot going forward, with something for everyone, so stay tuned for quests and competitions to come :)

  57. so will we be able to buy the limited rares WITH the nuts? :)

  58. If you do the earn credits thing will you get nuts?

  59. Sooo tonight in australia then you’ll maint n make people happy n give nuts, I buy all the nuts i can then i will love habbo

    Theres my daily Journal!

  60. so if you buy 12 credits 12nuts?

  61. What an amazing bunny, great now I am overloaded with cuteness!

  62. Hey, say I have a goldbar and I redeem it for credits in my purse will the nuts come too?

  63. Awww what an amazing superb bunny. Great now I am overloaded with cuteness!

  64. Will we only be able to spend nuts in the “Nut” section of the catalouge, and will we be getting a free amount for a starter, such as 3 nuts?

  65. Are these nuts an easter update, or will they stay for a longer time?

  66. Just wondering is the rabbit or bunny going to become a pet? in habbo? or is it just for display?, and if it’s going to be for sale how much will it cost? I didn’t see anymore information about the rabbit or bunny xD.

  67. I find it hilarious how people always say ‘this is only a way for sulake to make more money’
    and they’re always so nasty about it? Sulake is a business, habbo is part of it and the whole point of a business is to make money lol.

    Overall, I think this is a great idea for habbo. Habbo did lose a lot of players after the merge and so on, and I’m sure this’ll bring lots of new players!

    • We have made major adjustments to our business model, and hoping to be able to turn things in a direction that will be exciting and fun.. with cool surprises and good features. It’s a challenge, but we’re giving it our all! :)

  68. If i redeem 1c will i get 1 nut?

  69. Um,, but .. Mean if ur already right on cata, and you dw to use real money to buy habbo coisn again, then u cnnot get nuts? Or nuts will be given only when people exchange for habbo goldbars/sacks/bronzes ?O.o

    • I do not think you get Nuts when you redeem your Habbo Exchange Furni (gold bars, coins, sacks) — but if you buy Credits with any payment method, you get double its worth in Nuts.

  70. Hi Linn,

    If I reload credits before this event, I will no peanuts? I hope to buy the rare limited! *0* And darlin ‘you seem to Marimoon! (An interviewer Brazilian *laughs*)

    I hope you understand my English… ^^

  71. I have a gold bar.. If I redeem it will I get nuts?

  72. If I redeem a goldbar will I get nuts?

  73. Hi Linn If We Buy A £10 Card And I Get 80 Credit’s For This Does That Mean I Can Get Nuts But Also Have My 80 Credit’s Or Dose The 80 Cedit’s Get Turned Into Nut’s and No Credit’s

    (Im Sure U Get Board Of These I Am Sorry If I Have Disruptted)

    Also It’s Not To This But Do Any Of U’r Team Go On Habbo With The Character As SOmeone Said They Are “Habbo Help”

    Please Could U Reply

    • I’m not easily bored :)

      You would get the same amount of Nuts as Credits as long as you redeemed it within the period of this promo (so between the start and before April 10) :)

      We have our own Habbo Help team, I’m not part of that department, but I go on Habbo to check stuff out and to play with new pets and features etc.. :)

  74. there should be a way to earn nuts by doing some sort of quest as well as buying credits. that way everybody wins

    • We mixed things up a bit.. we’ve done Hearts and Seashells and Horseshoes and you name it.. now we’re doing Nuts a bit differently.. who knows what’s next ;)

  75. So if we buy 30 credits, we get 30 nuts?

  76. IrishBoy-Cian

    can’t wait, i’ll buy credits when this launches :D

  77. Tradução : Como você pode ou não pode saber, eu trabalho em um fuso horário diferente do da colmeia de abelhas movimentada que é a sede da Sulake na fria Finlândia, cidade capital, mas frio. Isso significa que eu vou começar a trabalhar cerca de uma hora ou assim antes de meus colegas em Helsínquia para casa.

    Naqueles minutos apressados ​​Eu me entregou um monte de mensagens, novas tarefas e alguns perdem extremidades (isto geralmente exigem pelo menos duas xícaras de café mais do que eu preferem beber em qualquer dia).

    Embora se reconheça que, este processo é sempre muito agitado, esta semana tem sido agitada dez vezes.

    Talvez seja porque é uma semana de trabalho mais curto, ou talvez seja que a primavera realmente está no ar Helsinki, mas eu estou te dizendo … algo está claramente acontecendo por lá, e eu suspeito que, entre vocês e eu, que alguém se foi completamente louco .

    Onde quer que eu olhe, há esquilos e coelhos e .. nozes. Cada conversa que estou tendo, há esquilos e coelhos e … NUTS! Isto me leva a chegar a seguinte conclusão: podemos esperar um monte de Nuts nesta Páscoa!

    Aqui estão alguns “perder extremidades” que eu possa compartilhar até quarta-feira:

    1. Você recebe uma porca de crédito cada vez que você comprar.

    2. Você pode usar essas Nuts para comprar quase qualquer coisa na loja valor, mesmo que de Créditos.

    3. Se Nuts suficientes são gastos em seu hotel, você irá desbloquear um novo conjunto .. animal de estimação! E algum negócio louco VIP.

    Por favor, note que uma vez que esta promoção é ao vivo, será muito visível dentro do seu hotel, e você será notificado das Nuts extras antes que você compre créditos.

    Mas também podemos esperar …

    1. Os Rares Limited Edition, obviamente ..

    2. Nova cor “make-overs” de algumas de nossas linhas clássicas.

    3. Novas visitas de alguns antigos linhas favoritas Mobis

    Que tal isso? Eu vou ter certeza de informar com mais detalhes noz, uma vez que está vivo e pontapés em todos os hotéis (que acontecerá em algum ponto quarta-feira!) – Até então … Eu encontrei esta imagem “por aí” – eu posso conseguir um coletivo “awww” ? ;)

  78. When we purchase one of the Limited Edition Rares, will the unique ID number be shown when you click the furniture in a room? I think it’d be a good idea. ;D

  79. Do we have to buy the credits aka nuts to get the Rabbit or will it be available for everyone?

  80. the rares will be on sale for a few days?, I mean just for this month will appear or long? I do not understand; l sorry for my English

  81. And for those who have credit and we can not have nuts?
    we can not access the new pet can not be!

    I just bought a card of 170 credits can not have nuts?

  82. Can we use credits to buy a rabbit?

  83. Please can you look into the Subscription? It wouldn’t be fair for Subscribers to miss out on the Nuts!
    If you can’t answer this officially, I feel a lot of people will cancel their subscriptions so they don’t miss out on the deal that everyone else is getting… myself included!

  84. Will this work for Subscribers?

    Please clarify! If not, I will be cancelling my Subscription, along with many others, so that I don’t miss out!

    • Yes, I got confirmation today that if you receive Credits during the time of the Promotion, you will get Nuts, too :)

  85. WHY is the german translation in Habbo so bad? Are you translating with google? The grammar is bad, the orthography is VERY bad. I feel kidding…
    Why don’t you translate Habbo with the users, like twitter do it? Look here:

  86. I found it absurd when I came home from school already had the rare cabado was at least have a larger amount.

  87. Will we get peanuts with credits on all of the different payment methods? Because I normally buy credits by home phone, and on HABBO.COM (my hotel) when I click on the credits page, all the ways to buy show a picture of a credit and peanut apart from home phone and prepaid.

    I don’t want to buy any credits now buy home phone if I could, in effect, buy double by another method.

    Please reply!!!!! Thanks in advance :D

    • Yes, this promotion should work for every payment method as long as you redeem within the time of the promo (so starting whenever it went live in your Hotel today, ending EOD April 9). Make sure you spend your Nuts before April 12, though :)

  88. currencies by buying phone gets nuts?

    • Yes, you’ll be able to tell from the Credits page for your Hotel – all payment methods should give you Nuts as well as Credits :)

  89. IrishBoy-Cian

    The bunnys are so cute! can’t wait to buy more credits for the nuts! *hehe*

  90. WTF????? i joined on at 10am (local time) and the ltd rare it’s already sold out!!!!!!!!!

  91. Hvor mange språk kan du egentlig snakke, Linn :o?

    • Hm.. Jeg snakker vel norsk og engelsk ganske så flytende, er ok på dansk og svensk og tysk, kan forstå spansk og fransk.. og ja.. det var vel det ;)

  92. ok so here is my last question i promise :) are we able to also get nuts when we earn coins through things like surveys or downloading games. cuz i earn a lot of credits through those surveys habbo offers.

  93. (Español) ESPERO Que No pongáis in rares catalogo ya existentes, ya que Qué perjudicaría una de SUS dueños Por La Bajada De Su Precio.

    Espero que usted no recibe en el catálogo de raras existentes, ya que perjudicaría a sus propietarios mediante la reducción de su precio.

  94. Whoooaaaaaa Habbo Hotel Sz Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

  95. Will there be any quests that let us earn nuts?

  96. Ah Man, Esses negócios do Nozes era para ser que nem as tarefas da ferradura, a sulake cada dias mais lascando os noob’s, forçando agente a comprar moedas.. Bom, era legal ganhar nozes com tarefas não acha? Vamos ver no que dá.. (responde em português).

  97. Lim ageita isso aê pô , não dá véi, nem todas as mães, pais, deixam seus flhos comprarem moedas.. essa era uma das soluções, como vão ganhar o emblema do nozes, todo queriam, mais como a sulake é gananciosa, força agente a comprar moedas..

  98. virei vip agora no habbo br português, obrigado :Principe e Sr. 4Queijos haha’ vocês me ajudaram muito hoje !!

  99. Hey,some nut’s win in the buy credits of the phone ?

  100. Fui banido injustamente em 2010, mas não vou ficar queto, vou lutar pelo que é meu !

  101. For some cause the picture just isn’t loading appropriately, is at this time there an issue? 538539

  102. can u make a pet bunny rabbit

  103. Lin few users in habbo hotel BR / PT difficulties are with the incredible offer to buy the vip one year since the catalog does not appear to them incredible offer. You could ask your superiors are looking at the error?

  104. I don’t understand why the rares are being released on UK time when there are more people playing in North America…you NEED to fix these times of release; I went to bed at 1am, woke up at 7am and the new rare was sold out…

  105. The “Earn Credit” deals are “unavailable” in my country (UK), Do you know why?

    • I am not quite sure.. if you look up Hannele among our Sulake tweeters, she might be able to tell you – she is on the Payment team! :)

  106. Thanks for your help, Ill try that out now! :)

  107. the promotion of the VIP and those who are in the club vip or who does not belong?

  108. Can we get gifts back please? …

    A gift option for 1 year VIP would be nice as well!

  109. How much will the rabbits cost?

  110. is rabbits going to be as expensive as the rares or normal price? i dont want to be buying alot of creds if it isnt.. and how long will it be in cat or is it limited…. been dying to know

  111. What if you have a subscription?

  112. Hello Linn! I just wanted to say this is a great promotion! Great deals, Rares and nuts! I just wanted to say I would love to purchase the one year VIP for 100 Credits, but it isn’t there for me, and I only have a few days left. Please can you ask someone to check this problem out? It is happening to some people over several hotels. I am on .COM thanks!

  113. 900c / peanuts is 180$ canadian -.- for the lvl 3 peanut spender badge!

  114. When are the bunnys in released? They’re already unlocked… :(
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  115. Can you get a nut from a credit offer ? or survey?

  116. Porque não faz uma versão em Português do site?

  117. eu nuca consigui compra moedas com o cartão pq linn ?

  118. Is there a pet rabbit???

  119. no entendio na de na xd

  120. se compra pelo cel no br vem nozes ?

  121. I think the language English is a language used we trades (comércios in portuguese) and the Sulake this right.

    For example:

    I speak portuguese. Rafaela speak Japanese. To talk about businesses (a companies, for example), we need know the language English.

    Is more or less so than it works.

    I don’t know talk English, very good. Sorry.

  122. Bajen los precios del catálogo, son exageradísimos

  123. Cam cat o sa coste iepurele 20 de credite 25 sau mai mult?

  124. I adore this idea! Its a great leap in the hotel. Ive had real fun with the nuts. I Liked the way you could buy the new two rare pets with the Nuts. It Helped alot the nuts aswell so like you could save your credits and spend your nuts.
    I have to say its been great fun this easter. I can’t wait for the new pet rabbit to come out! It looks so cute. Id like to ask is the wheel broken or something because it stays there right where it is!. But im really looking forward to seeing the new pet rabbits come out.

    Us Women wont forget this easter quickly with the fun we’ve had with the nuts ;D!!

    Much Love Carla.


  126. Como eu faço para desbani minha conta :( ????????????????????

  127. Who are you Linn?

  128. An interesting post there mate ! Thanks for posting !

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