Some Nutty Details

After yesterday’s posts about the Limited Edition Rares and the Easter “nuttiness”, I got a lot of good questions from you guys through the comments, and although I tried to answer as much as I could, I thought… why don’t I take some of your more frequent questions and bring them to our main nutty “Shop Keeper”

So.. that’s what I did, and here are his answers:


Where do I get Nuts?
You will receive Nuts when you buy Habbo Credits with whatever payment methods are available in your Hotel.

If you do the “Earn Credits” thing (aka ‘Offers’) will you get Nuts?

If I have a Credits Subscription, do I get Nuts, too?
Yes, if you receive Credits during this campaign you will also receive Nuts.

Say I have a Goldbar and I redeem it for Credits in my purse will I get Nuts, too?
The Habbo Exchange items won’t yield Nuts when redeemed during this campaign. Sorry!

How do I see how many Nuts I have?
You will see the number of Nuts available to spend in the upper right corner of the Hotel View.

What items can I buy with Nuts?
You can buy almost anything from the Shop, except VIP Club, Habbo Exchange items, Rares, the new Pets, and Pixel items (things that require Pixels to buy).

Will Nuts expire?
You get Nuts with your Credits until April 10th, however, you can spend your Nuts up until the 12th of April, after that, they will disappear.

Why can’t we do Quests to get Nuts?
We wanted to mix it up a little, we have done a lot of Quests, so this time, we decided to do a different kind of promo!

Why didn’t you make Nuts like Horseshoes or Seashells, so we have to do Quests for them. You could make the quests a little harder since the prizes will be bigger.
This time around we wanted to surprise you with something different! We’ll do more Quests down the line, though.. and we’re working on making them harder as well.

Can I earn Nuts by selling stuff in the Marketplace?
No, sorry, the Marketplace will function as usual.


Will you consider people in different time zones when you release these new Rares? I would like to purchase them, but there is no way I am staying up till 4am to have a chance to buy one.
We’re working on finding a balance that will work for everyone in all time zones, in some Hotels we got it right, in others the first round wasn’t perfect. It’s a challenge, but we will keep fine-tuning it until it’s fair!

Will these Rares be tradeable?
Yes, you can use them in room trading and later on you’ll also be able to sell them in the Marketplace.

How many Rares will there actually be?
In total, there will be 6 Limited Edition Rares, 2 rare pets and a Platinum Bar, available during this campaign.

When we purchase one of the Limited Edition Rares, will the unique ID number be shown when you click the furniture in a room?
Yes, a unique number is displayed in the info stand.

Are you going to put old Rares back into the Shop? I hope not, since it would undermine many users.
No. We have no such plans!

Can you limit the amount people can buy per IP address?
No, we don’t plan on doing that.


Do we earn badges for any of this?
When you spend Nuts you earn 3 levels of badges, the special VIP offer will also include a badge, and so will one the limited Rares and the two rare pets.

Will you be able to buy the Rabbit even if you didn’t spend any Nuts?
Yes, you can buy the pet rabbit even if you didn’t spend any Nuts.

How long do these different Furni offers last?
Yes, some are available for 24 hours, some for the entire campaign, and then there are the Limited Edition Rares, which are available until they sell out.

A 500 Credit bar? Seriously?!
Absolutely. Platinum Bar, only available during this Easter.

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  1. Nice post, really clears things up for us! Thanks.

  2. so i can earn nuts if i sell items in market place? or am i wrong…

  3. and are the rare pets part of the rare promo or the easter promo? just wanna know if i have to look out for when a rare pets comes out :D

  4. What’s this special VIP offer about? Is it available yet?

  5. FAQs available on portuguese! Check! / FAQs disponíveis em português! Veja!

  6. Example I buy 20 credits, I get 20 nuts.
    Total I have 20 credits AND 20 nuts.

    In the catalogue, you can buy most of the items with nuts.
    So its like a buy credits and get X2 promo is it?
    It looks like it..

    And about the RARES part..

    • Yes, that’s the idea :)

      Also.. yes, we’re aware.. the team is recalculating for the next round of Rares, finding a balance that will be fair for all – in terms of when / how many etc.

  7. Thanks for this, I had some question, this post answer me.

  8. Will we have a chance soon to buy Easter type furni with the nuts? Thanks. =)

  9. hmm so i did earn credits and i didn’t even get coins or nuts it said up to half an hour and its been over 2 hours..

    P.S Great post [;

    • Hm. I would send a message to the Help Tool – our Credits dept should be able to help you better than I would on your specific issue.

  10. Oh, shit, I wanted to buy the black merdragon, but i was in school when it was released, so i didn’t buy any. It was an injustice. :(

    • The team is talking about re-calculating for the next round so that it’s more fair for everyone.. I’m sorry that you missed out on this one, though..

  11. And since there’s no news section at homepage already. Why don’t you post a banner which links to the habbo blog (here) at the homepage so that when people login, they can see :D

    Just a suggestion :P

    • For now, we’ve got the Twitter feed buzzing whenever there is an update – but our plan was to make it a part of the Habbo website if the blog turned out to be a popular edition… and so far it seems like you guys like it.. which is good :)

  12. ¡Excellent! Thanks. Which day will come rare pets?

  13. When you buy 12 month VIP with 100 c it’s 140 off not 200?

  14. Hey there!

    Quick question: The super rare golden dragon, previously handed out to the #1 battle ball players on all hotels each month (06-07 I believe), was by accident put out in the catalogue earlier today at the Norwegian Habbo Hotel. Even though it was only out for a couple of minutes, it seems that a lot of players have gotten their hands on them. This has caused the value of it to significantly drop.

    Users like -free and Ansane seem to have bought quite a few. Seeing as the help tool is quite useless in these type of cases, and this seem to have been an error connected to the easter campeign, what do you plan to do about it?

    • Hm.. I will bring this issue forward. I can’t really answer you, as it’s the first I hear of it… but I promise to bring your question up with the right people.

    • I have brought it up and it will be looked into tomorrow morning.

  15. Sorry about all of my questions! i tend to over think these things :3

  16. how many nuts will need to be spent to unlock the bunny

  17. Excuse .. the platinum bar is available only until 04.10 or more ?? And it is as a rare furni ? Don’t appear more in the catalog ?

  18. Okay, so one rare pet is a rabbit. How much will it cost and what will the next pet be?

    • It will be available at some point after your Hotel reaches the goal for the Community Challenge (follow the wheel inside your Hotel!) — I am not quite sure what the price will be actually!

  19. Why does the LimitedEditionRares sell the 100/100 first then 99/100

  20. Please read my post in the A Peek Behind The Pixels! article when you get a chance.

  21. Is there going to be actual, new easter furni or just re released furni?

    • No, there won’t be new Easter themed items this year (well, except the bunny pet!), the classics will be released, and obviously.. there is all the other new stuff :)

  22. Just a question, sorry for even asking, Um can you give us a hint on the new rare pet,(Other then the bunneh)? It would mean a lot.

  23. will the pets only be out for a limited time/amout like the rares ?

  24. Thanks for replying.

  25. Do the Rares all come out at the same time?
    So will the next Rare tomorrow be out at the same time, like the Rare today?

  26. Thanks for answering my question about the nuts :) Im excited to see what future quests we will have to do!

  27. Last night some young kids were going through our neighborhood selling dandelions they had picked and were selling them for 10c a piece. Good idea no? xD

  28. OH! Important notice! The 5 credit for 1 day VIP and 10 credits for 7 days VIP can be glitched. If you click on VIP and then to etc “platinum exchange” and then back to VIP you can see those offers for just 1 sec before they switch back to normal. If you click fast enough you can buy 1 day VIP for 5 coins and 7 days VIP for 10 coins. Need to be fixed!

      • And another problem occurs with people getting banned for wired messages when entering room and the owner place a wired box making you say things you’re not allowed to say. Then they report you so you can get banned. This must be fixed ASAP! There should be an option where you can turn off these wired messages. And I would rather say that the wired messages should come from the owner itself and not you. That would clear out so much and make it easier for Moderators to ban the correct person and not the innocence one.

  29. I am using a translator, and I’m Spanish, I wanted to ask if all the rares will come out in the same amount, for example HABBO.ES have sold 1000 leviathanes, the rare 1000 comes out tomorrow will sell well?

  30. Can you suggest that we would love to buy the upcoming VIP offer and LTD rares with the nuts please. :)

  31. You said two rare pets? Can you give us a hint what the second pet is? :D

  32. Will the black egg will be released in the same time the black merdragon was released?

  33. what do you have to do to get them

  34. Do all rares will have only 1000 volumes?

    Excuse my way of speaking English. I’m Venezuelan.

  35. Bueno yo soy español, y mi problema es de Habbo Hotel España… Pero lo pondré en inglés también.

    Bueno, mi problema es que no puedo comprar los LTD. Cuando llego del instituto, ya están agotados, y no puedo comprarlos. Podrías publicar una hora exacta en la que se publicarán los nuevos LTD? Por favor, si es posible, que sea después de las 18:00 (Hora Española)

    Well, my problem is that I can’t buy the LTD. When I reached high school, are already exhausted, and I can’t buy them. You could publish an exact time to be published the new LTD? Please, if possible, that is after 18:00 (Spanish Time)

  36. Hi! I luv the blog, but Im spanish, I want a Spanish blog, well, I undersntand English, but there r a lot of Spanish people that they dun understand English :S

  37. Não gostei disto! o preço das moedas em meu país estão muito caras… e aqui no Brasil temos muitos usuários e não dá tempo de comprar os raros ltd, espero que seja vendido por IP em meu país :c

    • Você é cego? eles não tem planos de fazer isso, nem seria possível já que se pode mudar o endereço IP fácilmente.

  38. If the campaign stops and you didn’t do anything with the Nuts, will all your Nuts go?

  39. I love this forum, I would like to know who you are a staff lin?, Also wanted to know if there will be some rare that we have to pay with credit and nuts?, And also wanted to know if the bar executive it’s a rare?, THANKS!

  40. Tak for svarene! Det er bare ærgeligt, at jeg ikke kan være online.
    Thanks for the answers! It’s just sadly that i can’t be online.

  41. Arthur Agnezi

    Linn … What time zone of you? I’m wondering why I live in Brazil and do not know what time it will be here when there is 4AM! If you know let me know.

  42. See this yet? (Source @HabbiesNL) What are your thoughts from Staff in charge of this. I think it’s great for that one Habbo who is lucky to afford that many and was online at the right time.. but not so nice for those that came online too late and couldn’t even get one. Something to consider for next time I suppose. =)

  43. I don’t understand why the platinum bar only available for Easter period, isn’t it just like the gold bar and other physical credits!?

  44. alguem ai pode vira tradutor e postra aki baixo pra min ler obrigado

  45. platinum bars ever be redeemed?

  46. platinum bars ever be redeemed/exchanged?

  47. Do the pet cost nuts? -_-

  48. how long will the rare pets be available? i just found out that i will not be having any wifi for the next 5 days and i really want to get those pets ;D

  49. hi can i b staff on habbo hotel my name is James habbo names james1cool

  50. At (norway) the VIP-deal are unlocked, but we can’t buy it!!!!

  51. hey Liin how are you?!

    Do you know What time rares will appear in BRAZIL?! if u dont know in brazil how about in US?


  52. Will the other rare furniture also costs 75 credits?
    (I use a translator so the meaning might not be correct)

  53. Just wondering, it’s probably a dumb question but can the Platinum Bars still be redeemed after they’re taken out the catalogue?

  54. Oh, and I know you haven’t decided on a time to release the next Limited Edition furni and that you guys are meeting about it tomorrow morning but… what would be the earliest you’d release it so I know when to log on and wait? :)

  55. Well, this is not a question, is a recommendation.

    I Recommend that all rares have 1000 volumes (maximum)

    If something is wrong with this post, I apologize, it’s because I use a translator online.

  56. To put a bar of $ 500 if users do not have much money to buy it?

  57. Olá!
    Fui banido na minha conta “Tub” e não fiz nada de mais…
    Eu estava com o meu amigo “murano@90” conversando normalmente, e eu abri o site no navegador explorer “” logo após, eu sai e acessei “” mais eu estava logado no Habbo pelo google chorme, eu nem cheguei acessar, email/senha.
    E a tela recarrega dizendo que fui banido por golpe.
    Não entendi o banimento, eu sei que foi injusto, tenho absoluta certeza.
    Se caso eu fiz alguma coisa de errado (coisa que não fiz) peço desculpas para todos vocês, em nenhum momento eu tentei fazer alguma coisa que poderia roubar os usuários, jamais fiz isso, e jamais irei fazer…
    Espero por uma resposta, Grato!

    • Eu não sou a pessoa certa para responder a esta pergunta. Você terá que pedir o serviço ao cliente. Sinto muito!

  58. José Gabriel

    Linn, não seria interessante disponibilizar o blog para a língua portuguesa? Somos o maior hotel, acho que merecemos, não?

  59. Bom No Caso se eu compra a barra de platina, sera que no foturo eu posso gerar pelo mesmo valor?

  60. Hey can I say something I’m from and wonder if one day there will be no test for a moderator or just another question, although there will be managers?

    • With 514, we aim to have Habbos help others in a more involved way. There will still be a Customer Service team employed by us, but Habbos would have a chance to help, too!

  61. Awesome! I have a question though, when you first log into Habbo, the welcome page has a count down timer underneath where it says “This Easter go nuts for more value!”

    As of right now there are 9 hours and 48 minutes left. Is that for the Bensalem furni? When the timer runs out a new furni line will open or something? Thanks!

  62. Hola, soy de mexico y traduje esta pagina con el complemento pero . . . a que hora saldria el nuevo raro aqui en mexico el huevo dino ?

    Saludos y gracias.

    Enviado desde aplicacion iPad. Ok no xD

  63. Qual serão os próximos mascotes? e raros?

  64. Umm can you tell us when maybe the next rare wil lbe coming out in the US, as because I’m from Austrlia I want to get a good time so I know when to stay up and get some sleep.

  65. Can somebody answer this –
    In my hotel we just unlocked the “crazy vip offer” but when I click it, all I see is the regular vip prices. Do you only get the vip offer if you spent nuts

  66. Liin Pode me dar algumas moedas? ;D TIpo umas 100 ;( E Desbanir minha conta: Banned2? D;
    Meda as moedinhas Pela Poll.Cofe E tbm tenho outra conta Banida…
    Pode fazer isso por mim^?

  67. hello I am the habbo br like to know what time it enters rare porfavor could not even get a thank you rare these days will have the rare catalog

  68. Linn, Whats your favourite pokemon? ;D

  69. Why can’t we buy gifts with nuts? Nor can we with credits either…

  70. me gustaría comprarme pronto el conejo

  71. I think it’s unfair, I’ve just come back from school one that was already sold out limited edition tree

  72. will the new pets be coins only or could we use nuts if you know ? thanks!

  73. Why can’t we gift anymore? I was banned on my main account till April 24th and I was all excited over the vip deal and the new pets but now your telling me i wont be able to gift it to my other account anyways? im not about to waste 100+ coins on a clone when i do all my badge collecting on my main account. ugh

  74. How much will it cost dinosaur egg.
    I would like to know if I should buy or not cr
    (I use a translator so the meaning can not be correct)

  75. I find this action total nonsense, when I come home from my work is all sold out. people buy more than 100. There is nothing left for the poor habbo’s. I think the system was better when it focuses on IP address. People who gamble tend to have lots of credits. They can buy as many unique rare as they want. They make more profit and sell it for $. They play Habbo as part-time job. bad stunt habbo!

  76. At what UK time are limited editions likely to appear in the shop? ^__^

  77. Hello, I want to know what time you guys put the rare vain? I’M NOT BUYING CONSEGUIINDO 1000 RARE HOTEL ARE FEW FOR ALL “!

  78. Arthur Agnezi

    My God … When that time will be right because here in Brazil this crap rare today 6:30 AM no longer had anything! It seems that we will be unable to buy any! Oh My God.

  79. Linn, when exactly does the new rare come out? When the timer on the hotel view hits zero? I woke up at 6:30 AM MNT and the rare was already sold out.

    • Arthur Agnezi

      Yeah bro … Here in Brazil is out the 6 hours of the morning, just when the timer reached zero, not sure why Levithan arrived nine hours in the morning … Let’s see if they settle down to stay with this appointment now!

  80. Nice post, clarified my doubts: D

  81. Arthur Agnezi

    Yeah bro … Here in Brazil is out the 6 hours of the morning, just when the timer reached zero, not sure why Levithan arrived nine hours in the morning … Let’s see if they settle down to stay with this appointment now!

  82. Isso er um Roubo da empresas habbo! so colocam os raros de madrugada….chego de manha nao tem mais nenhum! ai todo mundo quer cobra 300 cambios numa Arvore de Cereja e 400 num leviatã! vcs tinha que deixa esse raros num maximo 2 dias para todos ter a chance de ter…isso esta muito errado ninguem ta gostando disso! >: ( assim vcs vao perde muitos jogadores!

    • Arthur Agnezi

      Pois é… Esse povo não consegue enxergar a injustiça que está ocorrendo, Acho esse projeto totalmente inútil mesmo porque de Mil raros, no máximo 100 pessoas compram porque compram 10 cada um!!! E Também quando vai sair a hora oficial nos hotéis porque desse jeito não dá!!!

  83. Arthur Agnezi

    Look at this:
    It is fair to the other?

  84. Would be perfect increase 1 or 2 hours for the launch of the new Rare.

    not hurts to Spain or any of the countries of South America.

  85. Deveria ser em portugues também =[

  86. At “” Hotel there’s only 1000 of each limited rare :( Can you do anything to change that? we are more than 20,000 at the hotel

  87. Nice nice; but i only can buy Shalimar, Black area, black model end 3 or 4 other kind of stuff.
    Is it because i am playing on ?

  88. Beptavo Habbo

    Will the VIP offer’s badge (VIP Diamond) stay on the inventory even if the year of vip has finished? or it will be removed once the year finish?

  89. I don’t understand why the rares are being released on UK time when there are more people playing in North America…you NEED to fix these times of release; I went to bed at 1am, woke up at 7am and the new rare was sold out…

  90. Eu fui banida injustamente por que a menina que se passava por minha amiga tava com inveja de min pq eu tinha um jogo na Rockadriele um kart ai ela min pediu o site do ranking de kart n e site de hack e eu na inocensia mandei o site pra ela dentro de 1 minuto apareçeu que fui banida até 2023 por diivulgar site de roubo , e eu n entendi nada so fis chorar chorar e chorar , eu tinha umas condicoes boa na quela conta todo mundo min conhecia era querida por todos e o meu jogo dessa conta todo mundo gosta e eu n consigo viver sem essa conta eu choro todos os dias por mandar esse site do rank pra ela pq n foi de hack ela min reporto e fez isso com migo o que pode fazer por min eu quero que desbana n aguento mas ‘-‘

  91. Seria legal se tivesse tarefas que os prémios fossem nuts!

  92. Hi , I have a quick question about the bunny, Is it going to be a limited edition rare (like only 1000 or 800 of them) or will they just be a regular pet

  93. The limited rares will release every 24 hours? in .es?

  94. Why can’t we gift anymore? I was banned on my main account till April 24th and I was all excited over the vip deal and the new pets but now your telling me i wont be able to gift it to my other account anyways? im not about to waste 100+ coins on a clone when i do all my badge collecting on my main account. ugh -please respond this time -.-

  95. ¿ Porque no ponen que se pueda comprar habbocambio con Nueces o cacahuetes ?

  96. Porqué no ponen que se pueda comprar Habbocambio con nueces?

  97. Alessa… Any idea what the new hours will come out tomorrow in the rare hours of the U.S.? the people’s saying that they were up to five other rare morning, then the next 5 will also come ace!

  98. Habbo pfelipq4922

    Ah!O blog é todo em inglês.Por que vocês da Equipe deste blog não criam uma versão em português?Seria um excelente progresso para o mesmo.Ah!O blog é todo em inglês.Por que vocês da Equipe deste blog não criam uma versão em português?Seria um excelente progresso para o mesmo.

  99. Habbo pfelipq4922

    Me desculpem, galera, é que eu estou pelo celular e, sem querer, repeti 2x.

  100. Hey! Just a question for Linn, are you Puffin?

  101. hey Linn what what time in Aus does the third limited edition rare come out ??

  102. I’m just wondering whether or not the limited edition’s are going to come out during the weekend also..? Or only starting Monday again?

  103. 900 Nuts is really Expensive!

  104. You only misinformation, habbo ta this shit. I woke up early to buy the new rare when I see a lot cheaper. The price will not appreciate it.
    I am glad you are improving every day worse :@

  105. Will the Rares be on sale over the weekend?

  106. NeonCookiesXDo

    Why the hell, won’t my habbo load?:[

  107. Since this nutty stuff has started I can’t seem to buy things as gifts anymore. Is this a bug?

  108. add my on my name is marcus-tur on

  109. Hi linn,

    Last night, released 3,ooo units of the rare space bed. This has unfortunately caused inflation. Deman has dramatically decreased. No one is buying them. Prices range from $25-30 credits. Please, I need your help. Do something so that the rares are not devalued. They’re all really beautiful, but an increase in the number of total units thatare released decreases value and demand. Perhaps release 1,ooo and not 3,ooo like last night. This season is very important to me and it makes me really sad to see how the furni can go from $50 to $25. Thank you and Happy holidays.

  110. Por ejemplo, en lo siguiente de lo VIP, que hay es un POD, será el pod dorado, o algun tipo muy antiguo, esque me gustaria saberlo para venderlo o no venderlo ya que son muy caros.

  111. Oigan en el finde semana no hacen ningun rare? ;S

  112. The rabbit is unlocked on the Danish Hotel.. But I can’t find it on the hotel or catalog? Where can I buy it?

    And another question..
    Why should I spend so many credits to get nuts, so I can get the Nuts badge level 3?
    I have buy 3 x 125 = 600 kr. ($ 105,99)
    And that is still not enough!! Why should I spend so many money, to get the badge level 3? Is more than 210 dollars!!

  113. Que horas vai lançar o Raro? Madruguei atoa?

  114. ¿Sacaran rare limitado este lunes? y si lo acen yo creo que deverian ponerlo un sabado o domingo no di de semana porque en habbo la mayoria de la comunidad son niños de 10 a 17 o 18 años y y para ellos que estan en el colegio seria imposible comprar rare limitado ya que a esa hora estan en el colegio.O poner rare limitado a una hora como a las 3:30 pero poner hora no me parece una solucion porque los españoles tienen unas 8 horas + que algunos paises latinoamericanos. por eso digo que deberian poner el ultimo rare el sabado 14 o domingo 15.

  115. So you give vip for de habbos? Please.

  116. AF vai toma banho 200 moedas aquele ovo que nem faz nada só vocês mesmo aff




  120. TENHO 75 MOEDAS NO MEU Porta-Moedas mais fiz as peskizas e naum recebi nenhum código oq eu fasso?

  121. soo…the dragon eggs came out suddenly and there was like no…warning or anything about it ._. i thought the easter timer for the next rare was counting down the hours till the next one…and now there sold out…also theres like a plus sign in the left top corner of the dragon egg…what does that mean? more is gonna be added?

  122. ._. Me parecio muy caro huevo de dinosaurio los otros rares costaron 75,50 me imagine huevo de dinosaurio a unos 150 pero 200!! es demasiado.

  123. Why can not I buy 1 year VIP? I have 5 days left and I can not why? help me please

  124. Because I can not buy VIP? Option 1 year 100 coins gone??

  125. Los rares no estan tan buenos los unicos buenos son el huevo de dinosaurio y leviathan negro, deberian de hacer nuevos rares enve de poner rares ya existentes pero de otro color (pero si hacen nuevos que sean buenos ¿no? xDDDD)

  126. the plus sign in the limited edition black dinosaur egg is there will be more? or that came with motherboard? I hope to answer through

  127. Ok like having limited edition rares wasn’t bad enought now you people decide to ruin your own justification for them…

    in the past: “Lets makes Limited edition rares so people knows the value of them (the less there are the great is the value :D” (Bad idea still you guys maneged to “justify it”)

    Now: “You send 1000 leviatan each at 75coins then 1000 Eggs each ate 200coins” Realy!!!??? Whats was that first post all about??? We guys just want to profit thats what is true! atlist think about the stuff before you do it. OMG

    If you really wanted to solve the problem without all this stupidity here is what you should have done: (Its sad that an habbo as to be the one to tell you this)

    + Not limitit the rares simply count the amount sold and display it after they are not being sell no more
    + Do that for every rare already sold (use data warehouse system for that)
    + After a habbo stop playng for some time i dont know like a hole 1 maybe decrease the amount off rares he posessed from the total sold (why? you ask..) well becasue what gives a mobi value is not the amount that was sold but the amount still in play! that is far less!
    + Give the info to the world in some sort of automatic page of all rares with this kind of table:

    Name | Orginal Price| Year of selling| Amount sold| Amount in play (tip explain how this is calculated)

    Are you starting to get the ideia? and MOREEEEEEEEE you can do things like if there are only 250 rares and 200 belong to the same person (simulate monopolisation and increase a value (how? you ask… ) easy simple also redusing that amont from the total like in the case were player is inactive)

    If trully what you wanted in the first place was to help that was the best solution, whay?
    + Just like said before it actualy solves the first problem
    + It does it for all rares and not only for teh new ones you are selling now
    + You have all this information already in your data bases you just need to do a good query and a nice displaying page.

    Thanks for reading and for any possible reply.

  128. Please put more dino eggs many credits ran out to buy the executive bar! plate and wanted! please I am with those who did not buy because I could neither buy

  129. Why should I spend more than 200 $ to get the Nuts level 3 badge?! That is so fucking crazy!! More than 200 $ to get a badge?!

  130. talk about an epic fail.

  131. linn i bought a soul lion someone told me you get a rare nest with it aswell but i didn’t is this true?

    p.s wheres the bunny D;

  132. When the rabbits are in the catalog?
    I’m going on vacation tomorrow afternoon and then have no more internet. -.-‘

  133. AAver, pero las encuestas de gana creditos porque no van?




  136. i dont know if anyone else had noticed but on the top left corner theres a plus sign there…what does mean? more eggs will be added? please back|

  137. Poner el habbo antiguo porfabor todos lo queremos en nos vamos a ir de habbo si no lo poneis kitar el battle banzai y poner el battle ball y el habbo lido etc… queremos el habbo antiguo como en el 2008 porfabor estais cometiendo un gran error

  138. I’m getting inpatient now -.-

    • Same here! I was thinking that they would bring it out on Easter but they brought out that stupid lion that nobody is going to buy, when i read what Oliver said I was like ok I can wait one more day, but this is just stupid and I dont feel like waiting any more. My hotel unlocked the bunny 3days ago! Put it in the catty now >:(

  139. ok really a platinum bar What The F*** were you thinking its way to expensive and the limited edition rares are a bit stupid cause people just buy the hole lot of them and than no one can buy any u should put a limited like 5 or something the 12 month VIP is fair but i want you to make it last till 13th or something and the albino turtle i getting cred on thursday and i really want the little turtle

  140. Do we get a badge when when someone give us an turtle in the easter?

  141. i got everything except the dino egg…and ir eally wanted it but it came out the same day the stuipid bar came out and i wasnt prepared…but i hope they add more eggs cuz that most likely got sold out in less then 5 mins…..and i WISHHH Linn could answer my questions asap >:(

  142. logangustafson

    Hey Will there be any new sections placed in the catalogue under Easter 2012 (where exec and cinema & stuff were) Thanks, I need to know whether or not to save my peanuts for a new section.

  143. hey, i have one question, but is not about the subject. i have 2$ in my cellphone, but when i try to buy credits, i receive a message that say that i dont have enough money to send the message. What happen?

  144. Hola, yo juego habbo españa, y soy de venezuela y queria decirles Que los creditos en mi pais son muy caros por ejemplo: 1 Creditos = 1 $. Es Muy Caro, y me di cuenta que en españa y los demas paises, Es mas barato
    yo pago 5,700 $ x 5 creditos
    Quisiera saber si pudieran Bajar el Precio a 4,700 $ x 5 creditos
    Estoy triste por eso
    Si lo pudieran hacer Gracias

    Por Favor

    Hello, I play habbo Spain, and I’m from Venezuela and wanted to say that the credits in my country are very expensive for example: 1 Credits = $ 1. It is very expensive, and I realized that in Spain and other countries, is cheaper
    I pay $ 5.700 x 5 credits
    I wonder if they could lower the price to $ 4.700 x 5 credits
    I’m sad about that
    If you could do Thanks


  145. Encuentro un Fracaso lo de semana de pascua… Como es que hay que cargar 1000 créditos para recibir 1000 cacahuetes y gastarlos en catalogo para conseguir placas?? de que se trata acaso habbo en estos 8 años online no a recaudado suficiente dinero como para sostenerse en los costos?? es necesario que la gente invierta MUCHO mas dinero de lo que ya a invertido para conseguir estas placas tan feas?

    es muy decepcionante saber que en ves de mejorar tiendan a empeorar… cada ves seremos menos habbos… ESTO NO RESPETA LA MANERA HABBO !!!

    Trabajo Noob.

  146. What about rabit i have no rabit in singapore can i have and please i still have lots of nuts and need time :(

  147. o habbo e english o my god nooooo

  1. Pingback: Pulling The Rabbit Out Of A Hat « Behind the Pixels

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