Rares, Rabbits & Nuts

We had an exciting weekend and I know the Rares got everyone very engaged because I added about 500 new followers on Twitter @PaulLaFo. Most of the comments were positive. We made some mistakes around timezones and we hear you clearly on that.

What was the most fun was hearing people talk about firsts for Habbo. This campaign had a lot of firsts, from the time based Rare releases to the idea of a temporary currency in Nuts. What is the most fun about this is that the ideas mostly came from Habbos.

As we all tweeted and went into the Hotels the idea about more buying power and time based rares came from Habbos. We just built on the idea and went with it. The result was exciting.

We have this crazy idea that we turn the high level direction of the site over to Habbos. You come up with the direction, the ideas and campaigns that would make the site insanely fun and we build what you want where it is practical. We call it “make Habbos the stars.” In a way, you have become the executives.

The hard part about being an executive is you want something done really fast and there is the boring details of costs, timing and other factors that slows down the deployment of great ideas. It can get frustrating. So the feedback on public rooms, forums and moderation is heard loud and clear. Getting there takes time, resources and clear communication. But keep on us!

We believe in this. We think our making you the Stars is an innovation when it comes to product method. We tweet, listen and open the communication so it is a way we all work together. And we will make mistakes. Some of it will just ok, but some of this is going to be outrageously great. So let’s get to work together and keep the feedback coming. The Easter campaign was only the first. Now on to HabboCM (aka 514)!

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  1. Nice Paul : )

    • Well Paul, if yall need help only ask;
      What you need or if you need more ideas we are here (Habbo users)
      Remember that

  2. I honestly do not believe that when managers resigned, succeeded in making the Hotel fun, but I was wrong. They are doing a phenomenal job, the whole team is fantastic and friendly, always open to suggestions from Habbos.

    I can not wait for HabboCM!

  3. because the pet rabbit is not available?

  4. If you read the other articles, you would know the rabbit is coming Wednesday.

  5. so whens the rabbit out…

  6. Nice post, Paul. – Can’t wait for HabboCM!

  7. the one criticism i have was the choice of rares, the black dino and cherry tree were nice but the rest were dreadful – only nice furni retains its value!

  8. It was a very, veeeeeery boring campaign. In the past, there were exciting events, new furnis and yes – you could WIN badges. This year we only got “Nuts” when we bought credits, expensive rares and some boring pets. WHERE are the events? Where are the free quests? I don’t like it…

  9. one question we all wanna know paul are the numbers going to stay as they are creating different prices for every and single item

  10. Woo, I really liked this event! The rares were a bit crazy, but I liked the way of buying and spending nuts. Even the rare pets cost nuts and I’m glad I could spend my nuts on those! I also wished to spend nuts on VIP, but I guess it’s fair enough to use credits. And the VIP offer was the best of the whole event, in my opinion :)

    HabboCM is next and I’m very excited!

  11. It was a Easter full of novelty… The new method to buy Rares it’s great, but you could release them in packets “two in two hours” or something like that, not all-in-one.

    But I missed some background story to entertain us… Without that I think this Easter will be easily forgot. Also to build nice rooms with great season furnis that this Easter haven’t.

    And about the Quests, when they’re colletive I think it is more funny and challenger than simply “chase” and click in furnis.

  12. Wthout a doubt this was an amazing campaign. I love how accessible moderators have become! Now i feel like we can voice our opinion and be taken into account. Please repeat in the future. I only bought the egg and the tree, and gosh, they are beautiful. Please continue to create beautiful furnis like these.
    The hotel is getting better by the day!

  13. So is it definite that the pet rabbits will be released on Wednesday?

  14. I don’t know from where I took so much money to spend this easter. LOL

  15. Good job

  16. Please be more thoughtful for future campaigns with people in the Asia – Pacific. I understand you recognise the mishap with the time zones but It meant that myself and hundreds of other habbos missed out on the one rare that we wanted because you changed the time of release last minute to suit the UK. Not fair. Thank you :/

  17. ok wtf why did u guys add 1000 more executive drink rares? I payed 75c for 1. if u guys add 1000 more they wont be worth 25c. i am not going to lie to you guys this whole campaign has been a messy pain in the butt. and you guys failed to properly communicate with us about the way this event was going to work not to mention the amount of sleep dedicated paying habbo members lost over this mess. And stop censoring my comments !

  18. Nice to see you’re blogging now too. Looking forward to seeing some more blog posts from you soon ;)

  19. Very good I like it! linn a question … What the about super Habbos?

  20. When will HabboCM be released?

  21. Loved the VIP offer! That was greatly appreciated. I think the rares could’ve been more seasonal. I loved the concept of the nuts too.

  22. It was fun! Very engaing, fun to play around with! Great work!

  23. Oh no, got to make 70c in like 1 day! Need help:(

  24. Will we be able to purchase Rabbits with nuts?

  25. Bonjour,
    Vous comprenez le Français Linn?
    En tout cas j’ai adoré cette campagne :D Bravo mais ce qui était ennuyant c’est que pour passer une bonne Pâque (Sur Habbo), il falais acheté et acheté…
    Mais bon c’est comme ça et puis j’adore Habbo. Bravos à tous!!

  26. I think this is definitely a step in the right direction & this use of communication seems viable to further improve Habbo!

  27. I missed the seasonal furni and the storyline as well, the edge of anticipating the release of the new rare and hoping to get one was intense. But the egg and the tree were the best of all. I was also happy to see the copier released that furni is so much fun! HabboCM hold on to ur seats….

  28. This Easter campaign was spectacular! But for the next future campaign please do the timezone fairly for others because there is a lot of users who missed out & they wanted to purchase the Limited Edition Furniture. Though Brilliant Work!

  29. Is the code name 514 the date it will be released by any chance? :p (Habbo CM)

  30. I have more followers than him? :L @krisgrr

  31. It was both good and bad. The new system with rares is very good (can be better, but I’m sure that you know what to improve), but it was a really boring easter for us who don’t use our money on Habbo credits. I miss some events (NOT QUESTS!!!) like the old days and some new furni collections but it is not so easy without staff (the events) lol … and “official events” don’t work, I think. Hm, I don’t know :-) But for me it was soooo boring, hehe .. but probably fun for at lot of other people. I think it is hard to find a good balance!

    • I agree with you and I think more free quests or events that give out automatic badges would be a good idea as Paul has already said he doesn’t like using staff resources handing out badges.

  32. Dear god after the manager left the Brazil habbo i cant get help, nobody answer me in the help section i have a problem with habbo a BUG with all habbos in web site… and nobody can help me, i only can get atention in this forum, please fix this BUG :PLEASE! in friend maneagement click in LAST LOGIN and this dont show in last login ORDER FIX IT PLZ!!! i need to delete a big quanty of habbos in my friend manegeament, in habbo before this atualization when i clicked in Last login (in brasil , i already test in .com eua and dont work too) the last login of habbos were ordered by the last time that habbo was in habbbo hotel. and now i click and nothing happy anymore, i need that us fix it , please, because now i need to select habbos one by one in last login, when u click in NAME ok the name of habbos are ordered it alphabetic, u know? ( i mean : a , b , c , d , e …. etc) but in last login NO.

    sorry for post in here but i cant get atention in anywhere in anyplace i already try to talk paul and all habbo managers in twitter and nobody talk with me and i already send a envitation to habbo help about 2 weeks and nobody talk to me too..
    i lost many money in this game and dont have a good helping tools…

    Thank you ( i think )

  33. and AH a goood work with text error in habbo home page , the vip anuntiation hahahaha

    “Ah, eu falei que você tambpem ganha um lindo Emblema Diamante VIP?”

    Its not tambpem, its também… u see how guys with habbo work and pay atention in habbo (:

    i appreciate it hahaha… fix it too.

  34. It was okay. Not bad, not great, just borderline okay.

    The only decent rares were the cherry tree and the black dino egg (and possibly the
    executive drinks cabinet as it’s new). The rest were just silly (not to mention costly) recolors that anyone could create in a matter of seconds. The pricing was atrocious, 75 and even 200 credits for a rare. I was surprised that people even bought them. Whatever happened to 25 credits for a rare? I also think the amount of rares and the time they were released were badly organized. Majority of the rares were released at 10AM BST time. What time would that be around NY? 5AM? If anything you should of released a batch of rares during different time zones.

    Also, it didn’t really have much of an Easter feel to it this year. No competitions, no events, no awards, no prizes no badges, no new furniture… All in all I think all this re-releasing furniture and the lazy “rare” recoloured furniture is just a way of telling us that you guys couldn’t of bothered to create a decent event/competition or even release a NEW Easter furniture line.

    Having said that, I do appreciate the VIP offers and the amazing credit and nut deals.

  35. Apenas a Verdade

    Eu achei uma merda isso dos raros ter limites. Deveria ficar no catalogo por 24 horas ou por até 12 horas, mas isso de limite foi ridiculo. Muitos compraram por 75c e ja estavam vendendo por 350c. Loucura isso. Mas pra Sulake que se dane o jogador, vocês só querem lucrar e nada mais. Isto é um fato ja comprovado. LAMENTAVEL

    • How was this approved? I thought the blog was English only and I can see vulgar language.

      That being said here is the English translation as according to Google Translate:

      “I found this one of the rare s**t have limits. It should be in the catalog for 24 hours or 12 hours, but this limit was ridiculous. Many bought for 75c and 350c were already selling for. Madness it. But what the hell to Sulake the player, you just want to make money and nothing else. This is a fact already proven. Regrettable”

    • apenas uma tatica para ganhar muito dinheiro, como disse nossa amiga Acq lá embaixo e ainda sem nenhuma interação da moderação, da staff do habbo.

  36. You have this blind belief that you’re giving Habbos power and control, when you’re not. You take away features, you change design layouts and remove aspects Habbos want, you release rares Habbos want for insane prices that only the rich can afford and you cater to the European market more than the North American one.

    • Mate…rares are SUPPOSED to be insanely priced – they’re not exactly rare, otherwise.

    • Well said Acq.

      • *has a great mental image of the blog-writing CEO sat fingering through the wadges of cash he’s made this weekend…. “Oh yes, this campaign was VERY sucessful!” *

        I totally agree. The rares were priced ridiculously. Sulake are celebrating the novelty and success of these “NUTS”, but they were just a marketing ploy to get people to buy credits. The must have made thousands of Pounds/Dollars/w.e. this weekend. And what do we get for it? A delayed pet.

        As for the “Nuts” achievement, the first two levels were fine, at 1 and 99 nuts. But the third level… at 900c? That is more than most of the weekly spending limits! Are you honestly asking people to buy 1000 credits over one weekend? This is a game aimed at 13-20 year olds, yet how many of that age group are going to have over £100 /$160 to spend on a game in one weekend? Astronomically idiotic. I work for a living, bring home a tidy wage, but I would NEVER spend £100 on Habbo in one weekend.

        There was a middle item too in the Community Challenge meter – between the VIP offer and the Rabbit….. looks like a pod…. what was that supposed to be? Or were you so busy counting your money Sulake that you forgot to give us that reward?

        Habbo is just an impersonal money-making machine now. No humanity whatsoever, and simply a breeding ground for scammers and trolls – more than ever.

        When you say you’re “handing the power over to the Habbos”, what you mean is that you want to cut staffing-costs by utilising a free workforce. We’re already your unpaid beta-testers – now you want us to run the Hotel too? All to line your pockets.

        You’re dragging this downhill Sulake – best put on the brakes soon before you lose even more players.

        You released an easy link into the User Voice forums – to report bugs and suggest ideas – but no one is even looking/responding to even the most popular ones (with close to a thousand votes, etc).

        Poor show.

  37. Hi! I play habbo.es and live in the US and I guess there are other users playing in the hispanic habbo and would like to buy credits but unfortunaltely we cannot buy credits because on the payments options there are only certain countries but not the US. Can you please consider with sulake staff to add in http://www.habbo.es for people that live in USA so they can buy credits. Thank you so much.

  38. Neaters (Habbo Name)

    What is HabboCM ??

  39. One of the Gud thingz bout habbo was that the staff made the comps so it was dif. And exciting. Seriously u all suuck i want the older habbo back stop chacning it we have been saying how much we dnt want change and yet yal do it? K

  40. Some comment on your “new-thinking Easter”:

    Buy stuff for nuts: Yes, but only for people with credit cards. Sulake made sure that you had to buy Credits for every single nut. No quests or other events to bring habbos together in social activities, like last Easter, like every holiday. MONEY MONEY and egoism.

    Sulake staff on Tweeter; Great idea, but Sulake staff are ignoring people with criticism… only happy habbos allowed. Is it not allowed to ask critical questions? The least you could do is to say “I don’t want to go into this”. It’s disrespectful, not to answer…

    VIP offer.: Fine idea.. Good offer.

    Habbo CM: Sulake fired staff. Sulake need to save money. Sulake now want habbos to help moderating. For free. Really clever.. At the same time, Sulake don’t even bother to translate English texts correctly into Danish (don’t know about the other languages). This is disrespectful and a bad example to youth!

    Rare’s: An ok idea, I agree with others, only the tree and the egg was worth buying. And only the rich had a chance. Why? 200 credits for the egg. That’s Sulake greed. A rare is not a lot worth to start with. Its value increases with time. But I guess Sulake knew that casino freaks was ready to buy at any price…

    Rabbit: You mention rabbit in the headline for this article. But not a word in the article? Well, I guess we thought that if we bought a lot of credits during the week, the rabbit would arrive once the pointer went up. That’s what it said, right? That’s what’s usually happens, right? Pegasus wings.. VIP offer… But we were let down. NO rabbit. And not a WORD to explain why not. Again, disrespectful to habbos that spend a fortune on your product.

    It’s been a sad Easter. No social event to bring habbos together. The thing I enjoyed the most in the past. Doing quests together, helping each other. Buying the new furni line.

    I think you are taking the wrong path…

  41. I liked the campaign. but why no badge?

  42. Just some quick maths: 1016087 nuts spent so far. That means 1016087 credits bought. Using a credit card, that would cost £103,682.00…. yes. This weekend Sulake has made over £100k for minimal effort, no quests, no staff interaction – just recolouring a few old rares, and re-releasing old lines.

    *slaps on the back*

    Well done. You must be EVER so proud.

  43. Please help me in the bug… i’m so sad about the ‘help tool’ in habbo.. i thinking in stop the play and lookk my history of bought coins (: i bounght more 1k peer month, its a good idea to us lost a user like that? i think no.

  44. Btw, just like to ask..HabboCM, it involves whole habbo hotel? I will really love to contribute some ideas in which I THINK can kinda help out with Habbo’s Community. Anyway, on the note, is there any helpline I can call if I’m staying in Singapore, regarding habbo stuffs. Like, Habbo’s Customer Service Hotline [Singapore], is there anything of this sort? ;)

  45. I’m very unimpressed with the method to choose the HabboCM’s after several conversations with you, about getting involved with it.

  46. Will the Gift option be enabled when rabbits are released ?

  47. ok since you’re giving us some control first thing i want you guys to do is to stop taxing for exchange and market place. Once you get that done ill tell you about the hundred other things i would like to change about habbo.

    • Sharing in transactions is how platforms work everywhere. Even someone with more control has to benchmark against the market standards! Let’s hear more about your hundred I’m sure you have some good ideas.

  48. what about the limeted time rares that are not so limited cause yall keep adding more to the catolog the curtian is not even worth what i paid for it now!



  51. just my opinion and i know you won’t see it . please design more hairstyles or clothing for VIP and make up more new actions that we can do for VIP and in normals ty

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