Pulling The Rabbit Out Of Our Hat

Fake BunnyThe Nutty community challenge was achieved in all Hotels, so where is the new pet bunny?? Well, as the Norwegian saying goes, the one who waits for something good, will not wait in vain!

So to avoid having you wait in vain, we have some good news to share!

First of all – remember how we said that Nuts would only be available until April 10 and had to be redeemed before April 12? Because we got a lot of comments, tweets and requests about extending it – we did! If you buy Credits today, you’ll still get Nuts that you can use until Sunday April 15!

Second of all – the Rabbit wasn’t originally going to be available for purchase with Nuts, but again, so many of you thought it ought to be, so.. it will be!

And last, but not least – because it’s all been a bit… well, nutty around here lately… we will be launching the Rabbit for only 10 Credits – or 10 Nuts! Good things await indeed :)

The new pet Rabbit will most likely arrive in ALL Hotels tomorrow (that’s Thursday), if all goes well and our test crew gives it a thumbs up.

Disclaimer: rabbit shown in top right corner is not the real pet rabbit, this one is ;P

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  1. 10 coins is VERY generous and makes the wait worthwhile. Now for more info on Habbo Council/Project 514!

    • I’m glad you like it!

      As for the Habbo Council and Project 514 — they are two VERY different things.. although similar in that they both pertain to Habbos helping Habbos! The Habbo Council will probably roll out next week (it’s a temporary project dealing solely with the unjust .COM bans), while the 514 project will roll out mid-May and include the Habbo Helpers program (aka HabboCM). :)

      • I understand, but there’s been a lack of news. ;[

        Can you clear up the HabboCM and Habbo Helpers discrepancy? Paul said CM would be able to answer CFH’s and you’ve mentioned everyone can be a Habbo Helper if they want to be. Surely not everybody can answer the CFH. I’m assuming they are different things to?

  2. Nice one!

  3. “…only 10 Credits – or 10 Nuts”
    WOW! Great! :)

  4. 10c is great and it would be even better with a badge……

  5. What does the pod icon on the community reward counter represent?

    • Also when are the Habbo Council being announced? I thought it was meant to be this week but thibautzimmer said in may…

      • The Habbo Council and the 514 project (aka Habbo Helpers aka HabboCM) are two different things entirely.. I think maybe someone misunderstood something, because the Council is underway right now, and will probably be published at some point next week – while the other project goes live (phase 1) in May :)

  6. like it!

  7. I’ve been wondering what the pod icon means too. Did you realise at the last minute you hadn’t created a second thing and skipped to the rabbit?

    Or did the pod symbolise furni and hence symbolise the bonus black dino egg on Saturday? Because that day we got two releases and not one.

  8. Will the gift option be enabled ? :\

    • The gift option was removed temporarily to make room for the Nuts purchasing option.. since things went a bit “nutty” a bit fast, there was no time to make the necessary design adjustments to fit everyting in there.. The Gift buying option will be back once the Nuts are done :)

  9. Glad its 10c so those who cannot afford such things have a better chance to get something!

  10. I forgot to add, will we get a badge with the rabbit?

  11. Is there a limit on how many bunnys will be sold or is it like they will be in the catalog for a while along with other pets?

  12. Linn, Next time your making pets, maybe you could do rare species like Red pandas, Koalas,
    Gaint Panda Etc….

  13. Are there any more pictures of the rabbit?

  14. Please, bring back Habbowood Moviemaker and Habbowood campaigns, they were awsome (With BonnieBlond and Johnny Squabble)!!

  15. I would love to have a cow or a donkey, but I would rather have a cow. I hope the rabbit is bigger than shown on the image. Have a nice day;)

  16. are you gonna put gifting back too? because i really want the rabbit for 10c but i dont wanna buy it on my second account and my main account is banned so i would kindly appreciate it if you would add gifting back while the rabbit is still 10c… if the gifting isnt there because of the peanuts then u can keep the peanuts for urself plz i prefer the rabbit :(

  17. Are the rabbits staying permanently? Is the price of the rabbit staying at 10c?

  18. Just wondering is the rabbit just for limited time only ..

  19. LOL i’m going to call Mine either Buneary or its pokemon evolution Lupunny xD hahaha lol My friend and I were just thinking that LOL

  20. That’s seriously amazing and so kind of you guys. Can’t wait :D

  21. Yes! Love it! <3

  22. How Come The Earn Credits Havn’t Work For The Past Time When Nuts Have Been On.
    I Really Want To Get Credits, But They Havn’t Been Working!

  23. I’ve spent the last hour completing Habbo offers just to get a rabbit.
    Thank you for making them 10c!!

  24. I’m glad the rabbits are small! It makes them much cuter :) I feel like the habbo chick that was released was waaay too big..
    Also, 10 credits! Yay
    Can’t wait to buy one. This whole nutty campaign has been great. Nice work to everyone involved! :)

  25. what about the limeted time rares that are not so limited cause yall keep adding more to the catolog the curtian is not even worth what i paid for it now!

  26. It’s so cute!!! I wish i haven’t spent all my nuts/credits :(

  27. So if I buy coins tomorrow, I won’t get any nuts? Siigh.. ;l

  28. What a remarkable bargain. 10 credits. ;)

  29. Omg 10c wow, thats really kind! Glad the nut offer is extended. I hope it all goes well so we can have fun being nutty with our rabbits -fail joke x-

  30. Wow! 10 credits! That’s a great offer. The rabbit is looking very cute, I can’t wait to buy one! Thanks a bunch Habbo! I hope you had a hoppy easter (x

  31. deathscythe0814

    Oh this is great… A cute little creature (Pet) worth as cute as it is… How cute… XD

  32. So, when is the rabbit coming out?Gimme a date,


  34. This is awesome. I love the person who created Habbo. YOU RULE.. xD

  35. I think habbo hotel is a great place to communicate and i love it how your animals talk to you…………right now im wondering what the rabbit is like, but i suppose ill have to wait and see!!.i especially love all the places you can go to, for example:shopping,resturants and if your lucky you might get a job.also i love it how you can become friends really fast!

  36. There Really needs to be more rabbits around. Lynn do you like Rabbits? :) … If not rabbit stewing pot. :O

  37. Woaaah! Thanks, very kind of you :-)

  38. ZackTheLegend11

    10 credits? Now thats a pet that everyone could afford :)

  39. :D Can’t wait till rabbit comes :D

  40. Is the rabbit only going to stay in White or is there going to be other colours? black, brown etc?

  41. HabboNL is now in maintenance :-)

  42. Is the Rabbit going to be in the cataloge forever? or just for like a week? ;-D

  43. Awh there so cute, wish there was more colour.

  44. Doesn't matter

    Will there be rabbits in other colors as well? Or only white? And for how long do they cost 10cr?
    Thank you in advance for answering!

  45. I love it, very cute. Although I wish there were more colors and designs/breeds. D:

  46. Strange.. the pictures show different colours, but the bunny is only available in white..

    Maybe in the future more colours? Hope they are still 10credits @ that time..

  47. I love the bunny, is soo cute *-*

    Linn, are you puffin?

  48. When will the other colours be released & will they remain at 10c?

  49. I called mine Mr. Whiskers. From Brandy & Mr. Whiskers show <3

  50. Hey Linn, I’m wondering when the pegasus badge in the Norwegian hotel will be fixed? I’ve tried to contact staff through twitter and so on, but with no luck. The badge was supposed to be handed out again because of a mistake, but it never happened. Could you forward it?

    • “the one who waits for something good, will not wait in vain!”
      I waited for that dino egg and didnt get it…my wait was in vain -.-

  51. Omg this is like sooo awesome! I love habbo.com :-D me on habbo.no – DigitalTV xD cool name, right? Or left? Whatever ! I loveeeeeeeeeeee habbo.com <3 <3 <3 <3 And btw.. 10 c Omfg that IS awesomeeeeeee!!!!!! :-D

  52. I name mine Hope like my in real adorable one :)!

  53. Rodger-Rabbit is mine!

  54. Will we have to buy the rabbit as the colour when the colours come out or can we dye them like we did the horse? I wanna buy one now but I don’t want a white one.

  55. What’s the difference between this and project 514?

  56. OMG…10C?! WOW/! THANKS HABBO! ERM..are the rabbits permenent at this price? will the bunny be available for easter only or limited?! I STILL HAVE 0 NUTS/COINS!!!

  57. With the new pet bunny, the tricks do lack a lot. There should be some ‘athletic’ tricks with the bunnies, like in cartoons. Tricks, such as flips, cartwheels, hopping, and if a balance beam could be included the rabbits could do balancing or tricks on the balance beam.

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