3 New Bunnies!

The weekend just got off to a very good start in all our Hotels worldwide, with the launch of three new, very special little Bunnies!

One evil, one bored and one manic-ly excited… and if that wasn’t enough to make you pull up a smile, then surely badges will, no?

Each Bunny comes with its own special personality – and badge. And if you collect one of each (black, brown and pink), you’ll also receive an extra special triple threat badge (see below).

Oh, and did I mention… that those of you that already bought the white Bunny since its launch, will also get badgy treat? Well, you will. The white Bunny badge does not count towards the aforementioned triple threat badge, though…

In the Shop, you’ll also find the Bunnies’ new nests…  and one VERY special nest that will arrive in all Hotels on Saturday. Keep your eyes peeled and get ready to be quick about it!

The Bunnies are not here to stay forever, though… even the white bunny’s days will be counted soon, so if you’re a fan of these crazy, cute fluffballs, you’d better grab your chance this weekend, while they’re still here.

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  1. Awww I love that Badges :3

  2. Will the badge be handed out the day after you buy the rabbit?

  3. superkevindu60

    si on na deja achete un lapin blanc on recevrat quand meme le bage ?

  4. Bought all 3. Love the pink one the though, they’re so cute.

  5. Oh well, the evilcastle nest for the EviLBunny is going to be great :D

  6. erm. will i still get the badge if i buy the white bunny

  7. Is the blue badge hanging out too? If I buy a white bunny today, will I receive the badge?

  8. I love my brown bunny and the black one is hard to train but out of all the pets the spider has been the hardest to train by far! “hiss!”

  9. Isnt 66c for a bad bunny a bit expensive ? Dx

  10. ami me encantan los conejitos *,..,* y mas si son negros

  11. I LOVE THOSE BADGES!! Omfg. I want that Pink, Black, Brown, White .. EVERY BUNNY! Gonna buy them all! ;) Will so love those NESTS too. Gonna keep my eyes spying on that SPECIAL Nest!! Bytheway, will the special nest be an extra furni that is in the Pet Accesories Section or does it comes when you purchase a ‘certain’ bunny? LOVE HABBO! :D

  12. Vou comprar todos, adorei os emblemas! L – U – V Sulake!

  13. Spanish: ¿Si me regalan un conejo me dan a mi la placa o al que me lo regalo?
    English: if I get a rabbit gift I give to my plate?

  14. These are nice, feel quite unreasonably priced but great job anyhoo :)

  15. Have two Badge ;) later

  16. Hey, and what about sending bunnies in gifts?

  17. I’m sorry to mention this here, but I’ve already contacted the help tool about it without any luck.

    The pegasus badge (wing badge with the code peg01, which was suppose to be handed out to those who participated in the unlocking of the special pegasus wings during the horse campeign a month or so back), was not handed out to those who participated. Instead it seems to have been given to everyone who did not participate, but only loged on during the period. At least that’s the case at the Norwegian hotel. No one that actually participated got it, but a whole lot of people with no horse jumps nor horse quests completed, was given the badge.

    Could you send this to the people who were in charge of handig out the badge? I know that the right people at Habbo.com got it, but at Habbo.no it must have been mistankenly given to people who fulfilled the wrong set of criterias.

    Great job with the bunnies btw, and keep up the great blogs!

    • Hei Nathan! I will enquire about the Pegasus Rider badge for you. It won’t likely be dealt with until Monday, though, due to the fact that most people in the tech team have gone home for the day.

  18. Avec c’est badge je m’approche des 500 badge ^^

  19. deathscythe0814

    Linn, Why U So Cute… Like the bunny… :D
    BTW, those bunnies are cute… But the Black Bunny’s price is not that cute -.-“

  20. Is there something wrong with the badge-thingy? Nobody on the norwegian hotel have got a badge after buing a bunny.. :(

  21. Linn , Eu comprei o Meu coelho Rosinha *-* , E o Emblema não veio , Ele chega após 24 Horas ? Obrigado Croves.

  22. Pra Mim Agora, só falta o “Evil”

  23. vai chegar mais raro?

  24. Ficara na loja até quando ?

  25. Will we receive the white bunny badge for the bunny we bought during easter, or do we have to buy another bunny?

    • I was told that everyone that once bought (or buy) a white bunny will receive a badge. Not 100% exactly when, but..

  26. I love this! And thank you for making the pink bunnies 5c!!! I already bought 2 pink and 1 white :) I might by a 3rd pink , idk yet. I would want the brown and black, but the black is way to much lol. I’m Excited to see future pets aswell, because this was a great addition!

  27. Will the evil bunnies bed, be a limited edition? :) Like the dark egg, and so on?

  28. Nice that there are more colors now, but why didn’t you tell there would be other colors when we asked? You said that there would only be white bunnies… Bit sad huh…

  29. adc no twitter la gente @DaniBibidani

  30. Pero que caro es el conejo negro.
    Me podrias decir porque lin?

  31. Hello linn, because rabbits are in limited edition?

    -Violet <3

  32. So i never bought a bunny on this account but i sent it to another person and i got the badge… will the other account get the badge too? and will the bunnies be in the catalog tuesday?

  33. Will we get a badge is someone sent us a bunny?

  34. I bought a pink bunny about 5 min ago, how long till the badge comes?

  35. Oh.. How do I make my black bunny happy?? He has 0 happieness, and I can’t train him.. :F

  36. I spotted a typo in the pink bunny’s speech.

    (em instead of me)

  37. Omg, they are so so cute ;) I cant wait till i get my bad bunny ;d, and why are the pink bunnies leaving the shop as it says on the hotelview ;)

  38. hally mischell

    llo queria a jugar

  39. Megwick (Habbo Username)

    Fantastic job!

  40. cute rabbits! Expansive tho XD
    But i think its worth it. Isnt it?

  41. if you buy a bunny for a freind do you still get the bage?

  42. Eu comprei o Coelho Feliz, Branco & Entediado. Muito fofos! (:

  43. Will Sender and Receiver both get badges for the all of those rabbits ?

  44. I really appreciate the pink one, so tiny so cute and so CHEAAAAAAAP !
    Gosh Linn you speak English, French, and Spanish, very impressive !

  45. eu nao ganhei meu enblema


  47. HabboLolaNorway

    Please make pink bunny come back! I was about to buy it yesterday, but I would have a name on it first so I thought i could buy it today, but it is gone! I didn’t know that it was only to saturday! PLEASE, I love the pink bunny ;((

  48. Why did you take the white and the pink rabbit out already? It’s still weekend. Really lousy to the people that wanted the badges this weekend.

  49. They wrote in the blog post that the rabbit was here all weekend. Well it WASNT. The pink and the white rabbit were gone sunday morning in habbo.dk
    PLEASE put it back so we’ll all have a chance to get our badge!

  50. hola compre el conejo rosado y aun no eh recicbido ninguna placa en habbo.es ayuda si
    att: jean12326tkm /habbo.es

  51. J’ai acheter tous les lapins samedi, j’ai toujours pas rèçu les badge sachant nous sommes déjà lundi matin. Pourquoi?

  52. Linn; you made a mistake, you took the pink rabbit away a day early… People are being let down..

    Please reply!

  53. linn vc pode nos dizer se haverá raros de efeitos? por exemplo um raro tipo o TOTEM chamaria muitos clientes

  54. hej, jag kommer inte in på min habbo, det står att jag måste uppdatera flach player men jag har redan den senaste uppdateringen…

  55. I LOVE these rabbits!

  56. Still nor fair. The blog said “you’d better grab your chance this weekend, while they’re still here.”

    Do you have a heart of stone?

  57. Gente, eu queria comprar o coelho rosa por 5 moedas, mas tiraram ele da loja, queria que colocassem ele na loja pra eu comprar, que chato, agora ninguém vai comprar o Coelho do Mal ! Porquê é muito caro, vocês só querem saber da alegria de vocês tendo o dinheiro aí, mas não querem saber da nossa alegria em ter um coelho !

  58. adoroo habbo

  59. irei pedir pra vcs colocarem os pets ”coelho” novamente no catalogo não pudi acompanhar a entrada deles e adoraria compra-los pf quero muito pelomenos 1 coelho

  60. João Lincoln Papa dos Santos

    Por quê o Coelho do Mal é tão caro?

  61. o que lixo de bosta bando de viado

  62. It would be fun if I had credits ;)

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