LTD Rares – A Schedule

You’ve been asking for a schedule for the upcoming Limited Edition Rares, and lo and behold, we found one!

The following schedule is for the remaining Rainbow Plasto LTD Rares, and as you know, 3 items were already released. There are three more items coming, though! I’ve also been told to expect tables for Friday and Sunday, and the Pod Chair for Saturday…


To make it easier for everyone to see what time the LTD Rare is published where they live, I created a list of times in all the major countries / cities. Find it in the menu to the right, or by clicking here ››

4th LTD Rare will be released Friday May 11, 2012:
@ 19.00 / 7pm GMT in all European Hotels (except Spain)
@ 17.00 / 5pm EDT (= 10pm London) in the BR, ES and COM Hotels

5th LTD Rare will be released Saturday May 12, 2012:
@ 19.00 / 7pm GMT in all European Hotels (except Spain)
@ 17.00 / 5pm (= 10pm London) EDT in the BR, ES and COM Hotels

6th LTD Rare will be released Sunday May 13, 2012:
@ 19.00 / 7pm GMT in all European Hotels (except Spain)
@ 17.00 / 5pm EDT (= 10pm London) in the BR, ES and COM Hotels

If you are not sure what time this will be where you are, you can convert the time here ››

How To Convert:

* If you’re in a European Hotel (except Spain), click “Search”, type in and select “London (England)” in the first field of the converter, and select “19 / 7pm” as the time from the drop-down menu. Then click the “Search” button below and type in and select your own city. Finally, click “Convert Time” to see what time the Rare will be released where you are.

* If you’re in .BR, .ES or .COM, click “Search”, type in and select “New York (New York)” in the first field, and select “17 / 5pm” as the time from the drop-down menu. Then click the “Search” button below and type in and select your own city. Finally, click “Convert Time” to see what time the Rare will be released where you are.

Find out more about Limited Edition Rares ››

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  1. How do I get the chair effect?


  3. Apenas a Verdade

    Sulake deveria acabar com “raros limitados” e colocar raros a venda por 24 horas ou 12 horas ( tipo das 06h00min às 18h00min, um horário bom que facilitaria a aquisição pra todos os jogadores ).

    Do modo que esta, só esta favorecendo um grupo de jogadores. O Habbo BR/PT fica lotado nos 3 turnos. Sulake só coloca mobis raros de manha, prejudicando os jogadores de tarde e noite.

    Outra coisa que estamos indignados:
    Se comprarmos 3 mobis plastic cristal e reciclarmos = 1 efeito pufe vermelho grátis
    Se comprarmos 300 mobis plastic cristal e reciclarmos = 1 efeito pufe vermelho grátis ( isto é justo? neste caso deveria ser 100 efeitos pufes vermelho )

    Habbo Hotel já tá um tédio e Sulake ainda apronta com os jogadores.

    Isto é lamentável.

  4. Deveriam ter raros inusitados e não plágios de mobis atuais e antigos como a “Cortina Vermelha” “Mesa Arco-Iris” se tivesse mais raros novos concerteza a expectativa seria maior a cada mobi lançado.

  5. ¿A qué hora en españa?

    • Depende de dónde usted vive. Si usted vive en España, los puntos se dará a conocer a las 23.00 hora española.

  6. Not so difficult to count or convert the time where you live in from GMT-time zone, just find the out how many hours there are between UK-time and where you live, pick up any clock you have at home and then count forward or backwards, depends what time zone you live in ^^

    Nice to let us know :)

  7. “in all European Hotels (except Spain)” and “in the BR, ES and COM Hotels”… So what if youre from the UK… do we go ont he european time or the BR, ES and COM time? I’m confused…

  8. Uh UK merged with .com

  9. Hi!!

    Just a question! Why are you removing the plastic furnies? Are they too old for us?


    • It was decided that since Plasto (known as Plastic in most Hotels) was getting quite unpopular, we should let it go out “with a bang,” so to speak :)

  10. Eu gostaria que a Sulake colocasse raros limitados a venda por 24 horas. Atualmente a Sulake so ta favorecendo 1/3 dos usuarios e prejudicando 2/3. Isto é fato.

    Aqui no Habbo BR/PT recebemos 1 efeito pufe vermelho ao comprar 3 pufe de cristal e reciclar. E pra aquele habbo que comprou e reciclou mais de 300 mobis pufe de cristal??? Também só recebe 1 efeito???

    Cadê o bom senso Sulake???

    • Espero que o novo horário é melhor para você no Brasil. Nós tentamos torná-lo mais justo neste momento, dizer o tempo.

  11. Vejam isto ! :)

    A Sulake podia fechar os hackers, tem como hackear pela home page ! Fui Hackeado 3 vezes, depois criei uma nova conta, coloquei moedas e até barras, depois tive que fechar minha home page ! Se não fecharem serão hackeados por muitas pessoas !

    Sulake could close hackers, is hacking the home page! I Hacked 3 times, then created a new account, put coins and bars until then I had to close my home page! If you do not make a lot of people will be hacked!

  12. Linn, I know this isn’t the place for this comment, but ya’ll should add more pets, like penguin.

    • Hehe, well, at least you have 24 Advent Penguins from the Christmas Calendar a few years back to keep you company :)

  13. so there is gonna be different kind of purple plasto coming out too? is that fucshia? and when will it be available and how will we receive it?

  14. Lyyn , sempre nos empresionando , obrigado por passar essa informação!

  15. Me interesa el de el savado ya que no estoy en la seman mucho tiempo conectado

  16. This or course means that all of them get sold in 1-5 seconds but it also means I can get one. Thank you very much everybody was waiting for someone to release the right time.

    • We were hoping that this would make it more fair.. also giving everyone a heads up way ahead of time :)

  17. This is why we need a Habbo Standard Time.

    • I think that even if we had a Habbo Standard time, people would still need to convert whatever time that was to their own time, and it might just become even more messy, unfortunately. Maybe we can do some kind of local countdown clocks inside the Hotels for when the next LTD Rare comes out.. but…

  18. All of them get sold in 1 second! Hahahaha

  19. Yes! Thanks ;)

  20. Hello, i just want to ask that, if you are having the shop open while the rare items will we added, do i have to close and open the shop again to buy the item, or will it be added while i have the shoped open? :)

  21. LTD Furni is a good idea on many fronts however, I do believe it lacks some originality. Newer Habbo’s make a large section of the members however, it’s also true to say that older Habbo’s from my experience tend to have more credits to spend on them.

    ”New style” Rares seem a good idea to both endure future development but remove the old aspects of Habbo rare releases.

    It might be a good idea to release a nostalgia range of furni’s based on the older ranges.

    • We are still in the process of developing this LTD Rare idea, as it is quite new, and we weren’t 100% it would be popular… Now that we know that Habbos really like it, we will try to develop the idea further, with a more original outlook :)

  22. braziiiiiiiiiil

  23. Hello, i have a question about the Rainbow Pods.
    Are they gonna be 75c, or more?

  24. Linn can I ask if you have any indication of how much the pods will cost and wether the release date on saturday is for certain or is there a possibility it might pop up on the other dates specified.

    Thanks, Ben.

  25. Linn. Disculpa. ¿A qué hora sale el 4th rare en México? ( Gracias.

  26. How can u get the Plastic-chair Effect?

    • I believe you had to fulfill a certain set of Plastic related criteria, but I am not 100% what these were! Sorry!

  27. Plastic wasn’t unpopulair, look how many people have it. I miss the (g)old times from Habbo.
    Also the new public rooms, it’s so fugly.
    Give back old public rooms, trax, camera, OLD CLOTHES COLOURS!!!

    • A lot of people HAVE Plasto, but not a lot of people were buying it. You will still HAVE your Plasto, and now you can trade it in the Marketplace, too :)

  28. Is there a pink plastic set being released as well?

  29. Hmm, I meant like when are ya’ll thinking of adding pets?

    • We just added bunnies a little while back :)

      Creating a whole new pet takes a looong time, as it’s a process that requires developers, designers, copy writers, translators etc etc — but fear not, we’re always thinking about the next pet :)

  30. Hmm ok. Just a offtopic question, is there a change we get old colours back?
    That’s my Habbo wish.

  31. Look at these colours Linn

  32. i am a vip on this game

  33. Apenas a Verdade

    SULAKE tinha de criar opção de negociar pet como adotar / doar

  34. Rie.Goes.Rawr

    Very Nice! Could you make pods have more than 200 items of it i want to get atleast 35 for my event rooms :/

  35. Boobinafashee

    I recycled a whole bunch of plasto furni for the effect and it’s been 24 hours and I still haven’t gotten it.

  36. Habbo mó téééédio. Vocês deviam criar uma promoção tipo pra poder mudar o nome por algum tempo. Tem vários jogadores que jogam e não gostam tanto assim de seu nick (nome). Faz uma forcinha ai galerinha namoral, :D

  37. Die regenboog plastic zijn echt vet! Ik heb er een stuk of 9 van.

  38. Alguien me puede decir a que hora sale en CHILE CONTINENTAL PORFAVOR?

  39. The output of mobis “plastic” comes a new collection in their place? Math. Habbo BR / PT.

  40. The plant “Monster” is scheduled to arrive that day at all hotels? Math. Habbo Hotel BR / PT.

  41. camaro amarelo

    coe pow quero raros nao limitados tipo quando vender todos nao assim tipo se lançar 1 hora da tarde duraçe ate 1 hora do outro dia tipo 1 dia intero com o raro na loja ai quando passase 1 dia tirava assim todos ficarian feliz e sem discusao bom essa e minha opiniao bom dia para todos os fanaticos em habbo :)

  42. Brasil / sao paulo Quero moedinha (:
    “SR.NESKAU” manda la =P

  43. Nos da 7 Dias de Vip gratis por causa dos dias das maes.

  44. where is the rare in germany? I think at 7pm :(

  45. muchas gracias por saver la hora pero no la entiendo

    • Había que entrar en “London” en el primer cuadro “Buscar”, a continuación, introduzca su ciudad en el próximo cuadro y escriba la hora (19.00) en el menú desplegable.

  46. As I understand the pods have been released already in EU hotels can someone please post and tell me how much the release price was?

    Thanks, Ben.

  47. The pods sold out in 15 seconds. LOL

  48. aora los rares son mas chidos

  49. Rie.Goes.Rawr

    I Don’t Like The Time’s They Get Released At 1AM Australian Time, And Some People Can’t Get Them.

    Can You Help Me Out And Change The Time?

    • I can suggest that they change the time every now and then, but it will always be difficult for some unfortunately :(

  50. will the limited edition rares stop?

  51. porfavor deberian aser concursos para regalar algunos furnis en verdad a ustedes no le cuesta nada ami me encanta habbo pero me cuesta mucho conseguir furnis ojala se pudiera acer una donacion debes en cuando porfavor POSDATA:gracias a todos los desarrolladores de habbo en verdad es muy bueno este juego mucha gente me pregunta que como paso tanto tiempo en el ,y yo solo respondo (es inevitable) disculpa si tube faltas de ortografia

  52. When you purchase a lmt edition rare, is the number (#) you receive random? Or in order, so the first person to buy one will recieve #1?

    • It’s numbered, so that the first one that buys gets the highest number, and then it counts down from there :)

  53. linn qual a hora que saira os raros???

  54. Eu acho que voces deviam colocar mobis legais também para os que não são VIP isso é uma injustiça

  55. to sem grana pra comprar afs!

  56. Comprei os 3 plasto transparente e reciclei não ganhei poha de efeito puff nenhum pf SULAKE ME DA O MEU EFEITO PPUFF :@
    Meu nick: Nettoh70

  57. any idea when the next rare is due for release ?

  58. Hey Linn I got a question.. is any of that real? Ive been following it for the past couple of months and I just thought it was a retro? But too much coincidences <_<"

  59. Linn, como posso trabalhar na sulake? Apenas uma duvida! Estou sem emprego, e estou pensando em ser um dependente do HabboHotel

  60. Linn , merci pour cette news , les Limited Edtion sont un vrai Succés ! :)

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