Habbo Helpers Q&A

Today marked a big day, as the entire Habbo Helpers program took its first trying steps outside the walls of the test Hotels! In order to make 100% sure that everything worked when put together the way it’s supposed to be (keep in mind that the test Hotels had been subjected to only bits and pieces), the team decided to do a “pre-release” one day early in Habbo.com.

Good news is… this launch has so far been going really great, which means that the rest of the Hotels will likely follow this Thursday!

In other words: Habbo Helpers is nearly 100% done, and unless you’re in .COM, your wait is almost over: tomorrow is the day – yay!

Until then, I thought we’d look at the answers to some of your questions about Habbo Helpers. I chose the ones that hadn’t already been answered in some way or another, and sent them to the Project Manager (who is a very happy man today!) – here’s what he had to say!

Q&A ~~

Agente00J – Will Habbo Helpers have a special badge?

A: There is no special badge, though of course you will get Habbo Helper skill badges as you work your way through the Helper’s path and earn Achievements.

IbexWill there be a max number of Habbo Helpers for each Hotel? And how many ‘stages/levels’ will there be?

A: There won’t be a max limit, no, because we want to give as many Habbos a chance to help others as possible. In the beginning there might very well be too many, but the amount of Helpers will likely stabilize as the initial curiosity wears off, and only those that truly want to help out will remain. And yes, we will be adding new levels to the Helper’s path (and new paths to the Talent tree!) over the next months and years, so basically, the Talent tree will continue to grow and grow… and grow!

AndersWill there be a possibility to choose what theme the help request is about? Like: Theme>Wired. Online wired specialists will get a message and will be able to help.

A: We have been considering that possibility, but in the beginning there will be no specialization. However, we might do it later on, once we figure out how to make sure there is always “generic” Helpers available.

Habbies.nlHow will you guys handle quality control, i.e. how to make sure that the Habbo Helpers, who are representing Habbo, are the best of the best?

A: We are not really looking for the best of the best. We are looking for a way to give Habbos that really want to help, the chance to do so. Then over time, the ones that get a steady stream of recommendations are going to stand out. Of course, really offensive Helpers that clearly abuse the system, can and should be reported and banned if necessary.

-Star-Girl-Something that hasn’t been mentioned in the Habbo Helpers reports is, do you as a habbo, need to become a friend to help, like with Habbo Guides, or does the helping process go through the IM-chat even if you’re not a friend to the one who needs help?

A: This is a new type of Helper tool with a built-in private chat. It works until either side closes the help session, and you do not need to become friends to help.

FinancierHow will you handle users who create clones and continue to make false help requests either just to kick their helper or rate them down / get them kicked from the programme or rate themselves up?

A: The kind of trolling you’re referring to is likely to wear down pretty quickly, especially when they realize that we are not looking at using the “I would not recommend this Helper” to kick anyone out. We are focusing on the positive recommendations, who are the Star Helpers that get lots of positive recommendations? Of course those Stars will also have some negative feed-back, but we’re looking at the the ratio of negative to positive recommendations, plus handled cases, and I don’t think a few trolls are going to break that. For the positive grinding, I think that if there are 1000 Helpers online, it’s not really likely that you can recommend your friend or clone more than once or twice a day.

amiguxFor being a Habbo Helper is it required to participate in any particular group or be made in the campaign as the Monster Plant, or activity in a given time?

A: No, not in the way that you’re describing. However, there are multiple levels of requirements on the Talent path that you have to fulfil before you can become a Habbo Helper, and experienced users will likely become Helpers more quickly, simply because they know Habbo so well.

cutealexjoshSo what happens if you finish your progress as a Helper?

A: When you become a Helper, you will have reached the level cap. However, we will release new levels later, so watch out! There will be new skills to unlock and new requirements to fulfill… the fun never stops!

Nicklas – One thing that a lot of people has been wanting to know, is exactly how much previous bans on your Habbo account will have to say in wether or not you can become a part of the first group of helpers. We’ve all heard the standard answers like “not that much” and “everyone will have the chance”. but what exactly does that mean? – X from Habbo.no

A: We will give everyone a fair chance to try out, but if you abuse your chance and your Helper powers, Moderators are likely to give you a penalty, which in turn will match the severity of your abuse.

aolahello this is zenith-habbo.fr, web radio, our question is: will there be Help Center Rooms specially created?

A: Not in the beginning, but we are looking into giving higher level Helpers the ability to create Helper groups. However, this is still an idea on a concept level.

DJ-Will17The texts of the Helpers of the tool are translated for each language of every hotel?

A: The tool will be translated to every Hotel’s local language! However, if you’re asking whether there is some kind auto-translator that would translate a question asked in a different language to your own, then no. Though that kind of translator would be pretty cool. :)

Alexsander Gabriel Lima De Araújo FontesHow long must a Habbo Helper stay in online in the Hotel per day? Is it the same as for Habbo Guides? (Original: Quanto Tempo o Habbo Ajudante, Tem que Fica Online Por Dia no Hotel, Caso Ele Seja um Habbo Guia Do Mesmo?)

A: You can set yourself on or off-duty whenever you feel like it. There is no online time limitation at all!

Htech – Will really senior helpers with lot’s of acceleration’s and years of experience controlled by staff have really really basic ban tools ?

A: No. But we might be looking into creating an extra high level (so you would have to have e.g. a lot of recommendations and handled cases) where you could perhaps moderate a room with the abilities to mute, kick and room ban others. However, it might be that it’s still too powerful. We’ll have to wait and see how the system evolves.

grosserchefWhat other Talents will there be apart from the “Helper” Talent?

A: The really cool thing about having released Helpers as the first path in the Talent tree, is that we now have the platform to build other Talents a little more easily. Paths for other core Habbo activities, like trading, decorating, hosting, each one with its own skills and abilities attached. However, these will still be big projects in and of themselves, so you might have to wait a while for your favourite path to arrive.

Linn (yeah, that’s me.. ;) – Will Habbo Helpers have the ability to enter locked rooms?

A: Helpers can access locked rooms only if they are requested by someone inside that room.

Please note: A few questions may have been cut short or otherwise altered to better fit the size and purpose of this Q&A!

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  1. Elienay Giaconne

    How great! I’m so excited (:

  2. Super Cool update this! I am in Helper HabboCOM, almost HabboFI and tomorrow in the Netherlands haha! Good work!

  3. Very excited ! Good Idea to answer questions and create a Q&A news ;)

  4. I’m not going to have a real life! I wanna help habbos all day long! HABBO.DK

  5. Cuando en el hotel Hispano Linn♥

  6. Omg! I’m going to work super hard to become a good helper!

  7. I liked this system! I’m waiting excited for this in Habbo BR/PT :P

  8. Thanks for picking my question. I’m very happy with the answer. Good to know trolls won’t be able to sabotage a helper’s progress.

    Linn, see the answer to your question at the end? I’m concerned because what if say… several users are in a locked, private room, and a user requests help falsely so that the secret contents of the room are exposed? (even though the helper assigned is random)

  9. Linn what awaits the Habbo Helpers at the end of the progress line?

  10. Los helpers estara en habbo.es? S: No entiendo muy bien, seran como los habbo guias de antes?

  11. Espero que dê certo no Habbo BR/PT.

  12. Lo estoy esperando con ansias gracias :D

  13. Famous.Stylez

    Are these habbo-helpers able to help habbos with bans? Because i’m really waiting since 5 months for a answer of the Help-Tool, but noone is answering me! … xx

  14. não tem como não da certo… quando existia os Habbos-Guias todo mundo gostava, e os emblemas eram muito legais ^^

  15. Moderators can talk to members who need help?

  16. Dear habbo,
    I have been a valid habbo customer for nearly 7 years. Since 2 years ago when my habbo acount was banned I agree I did wrong but banning me for 20 years is abit harsh. I have definatly learnt my lesson and would be much Appreciated if you would look at my case since I was a valid PAYING habbo customer

  17. que se necesita para hacer ayudante de habbo? estoy interesado en el tema.
    gracias por su atención y espero pronta respuesta por parte de ustedes

  18. fodha do baile

    mutchas gracias los my love LTD mis jales tas my bravo colen the limited

  19. Linn oque vc é do habbo ?
    Pode me adicionar Ricardoileu

  20. Linn I like you soo much :33

  21. Linn, como posso ser um Ajudante Habbo? Vai existir algum formulário para se inscrever?

    • Você não tem que se inscrever. Quando for lançado, você vai entender! :)

      • Habbo Help's> kantdeec

        Poxa Eu Pensava que era tipo exclusivo, tipo 100Habbbos Sao Help’s e o Resto Nao e mais como eu estou vendo Todos Vamo ser Pensava te q ia ser iqua ao habbo-Guia, Falando aq fala lah que e pra fazer outro KickWars e Voutar o Planeta Totem

  22. Krijgen we credits?

  23. Bom, queria ser o Ajudante proque..

    Sei trabalhar..
    Já mecho com essas coisas..
    e não tenho erro de ortográfia ;D

    http://www.habbo.com.br ;D ‘

  24. eu posso ser um habbo guia ??

  25. Linn, como posso ser um AJUDANTE HABBO? #HabboBR/PT

  26. isso vai ter no HABBO PT/BR ???

  27. Boy-ArthurPixel

    Conheço muitos Habbos Piratas Mais de 14 tipos que conheço e eu estou pronto para ajudar Obrigada Pela Opção!

  28. Is it sad that all I need to unlock now is being the 7 days of helper? I’ve got all the badges in one day.

    Excellent system though, I can’t wait to see what comes next!

    • It definitely means you spent a lot of time in Habbo already, which will make you a great Helper for sure! We’ll keep building on to it, but in the beginning we also need people to become Helpers, so that we have someone to help new Habbos etc :)

  29. eu queria muito ser AJUDANTE Linn posso ser ? HabboBR/PT

  30. aahh ya quiero jugar

  31. agora entendi a noticia se por acaso eu consegui ser guia vou me esforça o meu maximo para que todos os usuarios fiquem contentes com meu auxilio :D

  32. Hejsan!! Kommer helpers kunna banna någon? Och varje gång någon registrerar sig, får den en helper ett tag då? Tack på förhand

    • Ingen av Helpers kommer att kunna banna någon… och när du registrerar dig, erbjuds du en guidad tur från en hjälpare :)

  33. Sou do Habbo Brasil , Poderia Ajudar como eu faço para ser Ajudante Habbo?
    Jogo Habbo a muito tempo e espero que consiga

  34. Hey, how do you become a habbo helper? I havnt been on habbo lately. Please answer, and thanks!!

  35. Hello,
    Come the Upgrade 24:00 Uhr?

  36. Como fasso pra participar ?

  37. Cuando va a estar activo esto en Habbo.es?? :D

  38. i don’t understand: can everbody be a Habbo Helper?

    • Yes! But you still have to achieve it… You do not just become Habbo Helper automatically. You work for it.

  39. Vale grax :D lo estaremos esperando :)

  40. Eu gostaria de fazer uma perguntar que não muito a ver com este post , mas Por que acabou as Prmoções de quartos e tal , e , Vai ter mais ou acabo e não terá mais promoções de quartos ?

  41. Espero que toque como habbo alfa tengo 3040 de puntuación soy Jrguest53605 :D

  42. This new Habbo Way is against roleplayers! It nulls out violent roleplay and roleplay characters that swear more than the average bear and I will NOT STAND FOR IT.

    • No, no.. it doesn’t. If it’s understood that it’s under the pretence of roleplay, and all parties are in on it, there would be no reason for intervening. The rules for being banned have not changed, it’s just that we added a “DO” side to the Habbo Way.. and images.

  43. Tenho duas perguntas á fazer ; 1 ; O Habbo Helppers Terá um catalago exclusivo ? 2 ;Terá direitos em quartos de outras pessoas ? Agradecerei se responder :)

  44. To become a Habbo Helper we have to make quests in the beginning. I saw one quest in .COM. We have to make a tour with a Habbo Helper. Are there some Habbos who are Helpers at the beginning who didn’t make the quests? Sorry for my bad english :(

    • Because of the nature of this, some Habbos (first ones to log on after the launch) were able to bypass this level, simply because there would not have been anyone there to guide them. So… it was only for the first few :)

  45. Linn, why do you speak Norwegian? Are You Norwegian?

    I think you could make a ask-an-question round in one of the hotels every week! ;D

  46. A specific time tomorrow for Habbo Helpers in .FR for example?

    • No, I am sorry, I do not have a specific time! Tomorrow is all I know… and even that is not 100% sure, but… 95% sure :)

  47. The group of habbo helpers as we find it? will be created in all the hotels from mKiukku?

  48. legal adorei so queria ter essa oportunidade , mais uma coisa Disco-lee tenho inveja de seu jogo adoro habbo so queria ser como vc rico ser vip q nunka acaba :(

  49. Thank you for your prompt response.

  50. Apenas a Verdade

    Pelo que li neste post de hoje, Habbo Helpers será nada mais, nada menos do que o antigo Habbo Guia. Quanto mais você ajuda, mais níveis do emblema você conquista. Sinceramente não será isso que irá manter a fidelidade do Habbo. Acredito que o Habbo está com seus dias contado, infelizmente. =(

  51. Okaaay , Quero Ganhar Emblemas .

  52. Heya Linn.

    I’ve noticed people get Help Requests at different time, are Tours & Help Requests sent out randomly to Helpers, or is there some kind of other system?


  53. não eu gosto dos habbo-guias não acho que é o fim do habbo hotel :)

  54. DouglasMatarazzo

    Linn How do I formalize my Expert Group X? He is to help beginners and Moderation.

  55. Eu Adoraria ser um Habbo-Guia, Se alguem sabe como entrar nisto me avise
    meu nome no habbo é rgs2010

  56. DJmateusgomesbb

    Assim com a chegada desses emblemas de habbo-guias , você acha que o habbo BR/PT vai evoluir muito mais?

  57. Olá, Eu gostaria de ser uma ajudante, eu sou membro habbo, desde o ano de 2006, sou do habbo.com.br, e gostaria muito de ajudar os outros! não tenho erro ortográfico! o que melhor a minha situação, bom, desde já. obrigada!

  58. IMobile. [HABBO]

    Yes :D quiero ser Habbo alfa en Habbo.es Ayuda :) soy un buen ayudante

  59. linn seria uma honra ajudar o habbo hotel em tudo o que precisar <3

  60. So what happens if you becomde a full helper? do we get more features?

  61. When will they be adding new levels Linn?

  62. It would be great the possibility of a “power” some Helpers, powers such as Mute, kik, or a room close;)

  63. Oh my god! I love Habbo Helpers! I’m gonna help so many ppl i can! :D

  64. Is there actually any “Head helpers” at the moment because certain people are spamming that they are on the forums

  65. cuando lega al hotel de españa linn? y como se escojeran alos habbo alfas ?

  66. when are they gunna unban all the kids who got banned because of “a recent payment transaction going wrong” im perm banned for no reason my username is maxmex i came on one day and the next tried to log in and got perm banned thi also happened to my brother and alot of our habbo friends for the same reason please help

  67. Lin, que dia chegará no habbo PT/BR?

  68. linn, os habbos guias que se sairem melhores terão algum tipo de ferramenta especial?

  69. Claro que é só ter força de vontade, e concluir todas as fases, mais eu to meia por fora disso, até por que, eu ando muito ocupada, fazendo cursos e estudando, se não, com certeza ajudaria, mais no momento tá dificil até pra mim entrar no facebook(risos#).
    Liín, eu queria saber se anda tendo alguma coisa de Muito Nova, que eu não ando sabendo, afinal , ja faz um tempãão que nãão entro!!

    E pra quem prescisa de Apoio pra alguma coisa, é só progressiar com o Google, e ter força de vontade!!

  70. Rie.Goes.Rawr

    I’am Proud To Say: I Have No Life Out Of Habbo Hotel (Well I Have A Job And What Not)

    But! I Love Helping Habbo’s Out With Issues They Have With In The Hotel!! New Era Of Habbo! “Helping Era!”

  71. Quero. Participar mas Como Faso.
    Vocês Podem Responder. ?

  72. Nossa muito legal isso , isso ira ser bom para os novatos =]

  73. Hey I was a Habbo Guide some years back and still have my badge, so will you give me the NEXT lv after getting good reviews?

  74. how i hope habbo will have some dj’s to play songs in habbo, so we dont need to go other website to listen to their songs

  75. How soon will there will be added new missions on helpers path?

  76. varken_schattig@hotmail.com

    Oh, Habbo is only good wenn Old colours come back for clothes and trax and camera :)

  77. How many monster plants do you think will die in the summer holliday, with a lot of kids going away on vacation, and perhaps not having anyone to attend the plants for them?

    And how do you feel about that?

    Are you going to conserve the plants for the summer week to prevent mass-death?

  78. Thanks for the answer to my question. Really appreciate the clarification :)

    And just one more little thing.. On the helper’s path there is a section called “A Helping Hand”, where people get encouraged to contact the Habbo Helpers. If you spend 10 minutes on tour with one of the helpers, you get a badge etc. And my question is wether or not it is beneficial for the helpers to complete those 3 achievements as well? And if not, could it have a negative impact on our progress as a helper if we do? Any info on what impact those three have would be great! (Picture of the section: http://i45.tinypic.com/25p7fc3.png)

    • In the beginning, there were no one there to take people on tours, so the first Habbos to log on after the launch had to be able to bypass that level… However, going forward, everyone will have to go through that level themselves.

  79. Hey Puffin, what’s on June 8?

  80. Cool Öh.. ok?

  81. Muito bom, tendo assim a chance de despertar, novos talentos pelo habbo. (HABBO BR/PT)

  82. drtiaguinhoboy

    Muito bom, tendo assim aos habbos uma nova chance, para despertar novos talentos.

  83. Kan je zelf een helper worden?

  84. adorei o habbo:D!!!!!!

  85. Quero ser habbo ajuda KK >)( XD

  86. Adc ae no habbo Br -Erick200-

  87. Bueno habbo , es muy genial lo que hacen sigan así.

    Tengo un problema con una habbo cuenta , es muy complicado y no confió decírmelo por este comentario , ¿ algún ayudante de habbo me puede hablar por privado o algo para decirle mi problema en este momento? Gracias.

    • Yo no puedo ayudar porque yo no soy el servicio al cliente. Lo siento! Por favor, póngase en contacto con el Ayudante de Habbo!

  88. I love habbo ! me mandem tudo sobre habboi

  89. Question:
    Using an example of the trade talent tree…. would a habbo who has played for many years and made thousands of trades in the past need to start from scratch essentially to prove he/she is competent at helping others with trade related issues?

    • I cannot really comment on something that hasn’t even been started on yet, I’m sorry, but I expect it will be something along the lines of the Helpers.. where some things were already achieved for some, and not everyone started right from scratch. Plus, experienced Habbos will likely climb faster anyway, because they know the Hotel so well.

  90. Hola,soy alvaro = XD me preguntaba si me pueden enviar a mi e-mail la dirección de la empresa española tengo proyectos contra los retroservers,Un saludo a todos.

  91. Q & A>Kantdeec

    Linn, Como vai funcionar o Projeto vai ser como o Habbo Guia ou Habbo-x ou Diferente?


  93. Hi Linn. I have a few questions:

    1. The minutes we gain from touring (ie. Tour Guide)–> Does it only count if they call for a tour? or do minutes add up if they ‘ask a question’?

    2. If a habbo logs out or disconnects during tour, does the tour guide get their minutes?

    3. When we wait for new calls, is it at random? Or does it go in order (ie. everyone gets a chance first, etc)?


    • I am not 100% sure about these… I will investigate and get back to you!!

    • Got some answers for you :)

      1) only the time spent on the tour itself is counted.

      2) if the other side (the requester) disconnects, the Helper should get the points. However, since you earn the points when a case is closed, I’m not 100% sure… we have to look at this.

      3) All available Helpers form a queue, after handling a case or when you start a duty you will be at the bottom of the queue.

      • Hi Linn,

        Thanks for your quick response. In regards to #2, I was assisting a new habbo for over an hour (taught the habbo how to dance, follow, sit on tub master, etc) and then I (as a habbo helper) got disconnected xD.

        Having diagnosed myself with OCD (heheheh :P), it would be great if you could let me know once you find out!

        Thanks so much!

  94. eu tou dentro também tem que ajudar mesmo :)

  95. I’m a helper on the Danish hotel, but there is a mission with the name: Sand Hjælper (Real Helper).
    After: Frank’s little helper, there first mission, on the top, to the left side, looks like a star.. Be active in 7 min.
    How does the mission work? All the other ones have move a little bit, but not the first one, what should I do, for make it move?
    Sorry for my bad English.. ):

  96. I am now a helper tbh not what i was expecting lol …. I feel tour guiding is somewhat different to helping habbos and as such I do not do tours but I do answer genuine questions from habbos needing help or advice.

    • The touring is what you have to do before you get to the top level. It’s part of being a Helper for sure, but it’s not all.

  97. so this is like Habbo X?



  99. Linn, honestly, this is the fastest way to get official Habbo feedback now, which is somewhat disappointing.
    While Helping someone who requested a tour, I was banned for “Offering and/or requesting sexually inappropriate images”, even though, if you were to check my recent chat history, you wouldn’t even see me talking about non-sexual images or images in general.
    I posted a Help Request in Customer Service as well as using the Emergency Help Tool at least 20 minutes ago, and I have yet to hear from either one.
    I would understand if this was a mistake and someone accidentally banned the wrong person, but not even getting a response is a bit unacceptable.

    • The Help Tool has a lot of requests sent to it all the time, and it works differently from the Call For Help system (where moderators respond immediately). Cases usually take a lot longer to investigate, and it could take between 1 and 48 hours before someone can look into your case…

  100. and THE TALENTS ARE BUG… I SEND 11 PETITIONS and i recommenden .. but i can’t complete the talent.

  101. .:lithuania:.

    You should really think about a feedback system which would allow the helper to evaluate the requester. For example im the person is a troll and abuses the system the helper would flag him, that way the troll would be unable to send more requests to the helpers.

    • You are able to give feedback now on the tours. Also, you can report the helper to the Moderators if they are abusing their position.

  102. Hey Linn! Seen alot of problems with people calling Helpers in Carnivals/SAWS and causing havoc due to the automatic lock bypass… I understand stalking is an easy way to show people there helper and get the ball rolling, but it will obviously affect ALOT of games… Do you know if this could be changed in the future, for example by turning off auto-stalking on tours?

    • I would write “GAME ROOM: name of the room” in the name part, and make it clear in the description, too. I do see how it could be a problem, and perhaps turning off auto-stalking could be a solution.

  103. I’m a helper on the Danish hotel, but there is a mission with the name: Sand Hjælper (Real Helper).
    After: Frank’s little helper, there first mission, on the top, to the left side, looks like a star.. Be active in 7 min.
    How does the mission work? All the other ones have move a little bit, but not the first one, what should I do, for make it move?
    Sorry for my bad English.. ):

  104. How comes you forgot to mention ‘don’t give out personal info like address and telephone number’ in the new Habbo Way?

  105. Linn on habbo.it are happening very bad thing ! leaving the fact that all archievement of the talent are in spanish and not in italian (??) .. most part of thabbo abuse of the helper instruments .. for example ask for a tour .. so the helper were automatically transported in to the room .. only for increase the user of their room .. other habbo ask help and close immediatly the request only for take the archievement .. is impossibile give help … and the moderator is completly absent .. they never reply our request …. do samething please!!

  106. Hey again Linn! I’ve also asked around and most people I know have not been credited for one or even 2 days for the 7 days Habbo Helpers achievement? (by credited I mean given some progress on the bar) Know anything about this :) ??

    • is the archievement how will be credited not the day .. so i think that will be credited at once when you spent 7 days as helper .. isn’t it linn ?

  107. What happens if a Habbo Helper abuses their position? I would like to also add that as I am brazilian and I speak english properly, I will be assisiting brazilian comments here if you don’t mind Linn. :P


    • Are the user too who backmail the helper with the negative feedback :l .. saying “you will recieve negative feedback if you don’t what i say ” :l (source : my personal experience) >______<

  108. I love helping around, love this! Thanks. :)

  109. There should be a ticker on the hotel view or in the Helpers content box telling us how many other helpers are currently On Duty.

  110. Hi Linn/Paul,

    It’s been close to a week of the scheme being in effect, and there are some unsettling problems arising, which I doubt will go away in the near future. Many of the Helpers have concerns about this system, myself included.

    I’ve summarised some of these issues in my wordpress blog, and would appreciate it if anyone had a spare couple of minutes to read over it.


    Thanks for your attention,

  111. How long does it normally take to get someone for you to help.

  1. Pingback: Mange Toi Ça !

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