A Farewell To Pixels

The time is nearing when Pixels will be no more… it might seem harsh and sudden, but we can assure you that we’ve thought long and hard about this, and we would not have decided to remove them unless we had something else up our sleeve that we think would work better!

In order to answer some questions that will undoubtedly surface in the aftermath of these news, I asked Heini for some answers. Here’s what she had to say!

* Why are Pixels being removed?
When Pixels were originally created, we had a different system in mind, a system more like Frequent Flyer Miles. A type of currency you earn based on your activity AND that will expire. Because the expiration was never implemented for Pixels, we are now in a situation in which we cannot really design anything cool that both new and old Habbos could get their hands on (without it being worth nothing), the Pixel imbalance is just too big. In other words, this system did not work the way it was intended. That’s why we introduced seasonal currencies instead, like Hearts etc.

* When will the Pixels be removed?
It won’t happen suddenly, and you’ll have plenty of time to prepare. This week we’ll start out by removing Pixel earnings from Quests and Achievements, change fireworks charging to unlimited (so you can charge without Pixels). Next week we’ll be launching a special Farewell To Pixels campaign, with new, cool items that you can buy for your remaining Pixels. Then probably around June 19 (we might install a count down timer in the Hotels), Pixels will be removed.

* Why didn’t you try to create better rewards for Pixels instead of creating new currencies all the time, like Hearts, Snowflakes, Nuts etc?
As mentioned above, pricing Pixel items proved to be extremely hard, because there was such a huge imbalance. Some Habbos have hundreds of thousands of Pixels and some have only got a few hundred. Seasonal currencies are easier to tie into campaigns and the activities we do (competitions, Quests and promotions).

* Speaking of Hearts, Snowflakes, Nuts etc, will we keep getting currencies like those? Will we be able to earn them? And will we be able to buy stuff with those currencies only?
Yes, they will stay and we’ll give them even more attention during upcoming campaigns! And yes, there will be items that you can get using only that currency, while some will be available with both Credits and the seasonal currency.

* Right now, we earn a few Pixels everytime we get a new Achievement, with Pixels removed, will we get something else instead?
We are looking at the whole Achievement system (also related to Talents and new paths), re-evaluating the rewards. Instead of Pixels, in the future, Achievements will sometimes earn you badges, and sometimes fun new skills and tools!

* I have fifteen trillion Pixel points (or thereabouts), what do I do with them? There’s not enough for me to spend them on and I don’t want thousands of Pixel Beds… Did I earn it all for nothing?
We might have something in the Farewell To Pixels campaign that costs fifteen trillion pixels (or thereabouts), let’s see… ;)

* What happens to Pixel Effects?
You can stock up on Effects during the campaign, after that we will take the Effects away for a while in order to renew them. In the future, some of them might cost Credits (in that case the expiration will be longer or you can buy them in packs), while some will be given as free rewards from Quests and competitions, or even from the Ecotron. Maybe we could even make Effects that could be harvested from Monster Plants… how about that for an idea? :)

* How about Special Effects that I can rent for my room, or stuff like Pixel Furni, Automobile Furni and Hello Furni? Will we have to pay for those now, or will you just remove them altogether?
We’ll probably remove them for now and have them as part of the campaigns/seasonal offerings. New Habbos will still get items for free when they join, as usual, and we have some other fun plans up our sleeve as well!

* What about the Pixel Pet Foods? My pet will starve…
We will check the pet food packages and pricing to make sure no pets will starve!

* I was hoping for another Pixel Cat! Will that happen in the future?
We might have something like that with our future campaign currency, stay tuned! :)

If you have more questions regarding this, you can contact Heini directly on Twitter ››

PS. Habbo will still appear in its Pixelicious form, thus this Blog will not change its name ;P

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  1. I never used them, so doesn’t effect me that much.

    • Well, yeah, this was part of the problem with the Pixels, which is why we would rather do the seasonal currencies :)

  2. Hmm ok. Hope there will be an alternative for the pixel pet food. But I guess you will not let us done >;D

  3. pixels where always a stupid idea anyway.

  4. well RIP pixels 2008-2012 it was nerver useful bring out more seasonal currencies.

  5. Our First Hand Giant Trax along with WB and now want to take our pixels?
    The pixels are as a Reward for beginners. who never collected pixel furnis and thought it was rich?
    Now everything will be the basis of coins? Until fun effects, like a jet pack for an hour.
    Habbo is ceasing to be that game you had pleasure to spend hours in front of the computer to become a grim game, where those with cool effects and furnis that is paying.

    • I have to say, I don’t really agree with you… we will still have seasonal currencies that you will be able to earn, new players still get free stuff, do Quests, and they automatically get started on the Habbo Helpers path with guided tours from older Habbos and they get to earn Achievements. Achievements will give you badges and new skills, and I think ultimately, that will be a lot better than what Pixels were. The bottom line is that Pixels didn’t really work the way they were supposed to (for all the reasons that Heini explained above), and I think that we can have better ways of making it fun for new Habbos (and old!) :)

  6. awww no more noob furni in the shop ;)

  7. .:lithuania:.

    Ahhh… i have 143 000 pixels…. what a waste T_T I hope the furni we can buy for remaining pixels will be worth it :)

  8. I still miss the Cunning Fox Gamehall now you have to take away my precious pixles argh the agony!

    • Well, the seasonal currencies are not really that far off from Pixels, and we’re going to continue with those, so.. it’s not all lost!

      And the Cunning Fox Game Hall was a bit of a head ache, because the games didn’t work properly to begin with, so every time we put it live, people would complain.. then we’d remove it, and people would complain… BUT… there is another mini-game coming SOON… so stay tuned :)

      • Yes I know how bad the game hall was. It never worked. I heard habbo,fi has Fast Food so I went on there and all I can say is it could fire a rocket thingy at battleships any day :P

  9. Yet another unwarranted decision without any input from the community at large. Just because something isn’t carried out the initial way it was planned to be doesn’t mean you need to remove it. Pixels were a great thing to have for a few reasons.
    Nearly every other online game has some sort of free-to-play currency so that players can enjoy the service without having to make a purchase. Seasonal currencies aren’t going to replace that, they’re *seasonal*.
    Pixel effects for coins would be absurd, I’m never, ever, going to use my credits to buy something that expires (apart from VIP). The same goes for the rental furni (bubbles, explosions, etc.).
    Of course older Habbos are going to have more Pixels than new Habbos, that’s the point of playing longer… Older Habbos will also have more furniture and more coins than new Habbos, is that a reason to remove them to? A similar imbalance can be seen with coins right now. You release furniture costing upwards of 100 coins and you expect new players to be able to purchase those? The amount of hypocrisy coming out of Sulake recently is ridiculous.

    • I would encourage you to direct these questions to Heini, as she would be able to answer all your concerns regarding this.

  10. Is the new mini-game possibly going to involve a certain food type.. ;)

  11. Is there going to be a LTD rare to do with pixels leaving? :D

    • I’ve been trying to sneak a peek at the campaign info, and I saw some cool items in there.. not sure if any were LTD, though! We’ll see :)

  12. This is great to be honest.

    I am sad to see them go as they’re practically a classic part of Habbo now. However, I’ll stock up on more effects if I fancy any.

    Also, I love that you guys are doing a campaign. And I’ve wanted Habbo to release a super expensive pixel furni for ages! If you make it cost coins too, it’ll be even rarer!

    You should commemorate pixels leaving by reintroducing EVERY single effect EVER released since effects were created. This might encourage users to spend their remaining pixels. :)

    • I was saying that! I mean, about re-releasing every single Pixel Effect there ever was… Some are tied to movie promotions that we cannot release without authorization, though, so it might be a bit difficult, but…

      Also, the Pixel Effects won’t be gone forever, obviously, we’ll bring them back with campaigns and such in the future, because there will still be the seasonal currencies. And as Heini said, maybe we’ll even make them part of the Monster Plants (which I think could be awesome).

      • Meh all my monster plants died

      • Yeah I agree, those are great ideas for introducing effects in the future.

        I understand about the effects tied to movie campaigns, though luckily there are some effects that aren’t that we no longer have, such as the Viking effect, which gives Habbos a helmet and sword.

  13. Apenas a Verdade

    Tomara que a Sulake coloque Raros de Pixels.

    Valendo tipo 50.000 pixels ou 80.000 pixels ou 100.000 pixels.

  14. oh man, I was suppose to save up my pixels to a plan to build a special newbie room with newbie furnis, and that cost a lots of furnis. Now you destroyed my plans :(

    Better hope you got some good furnis during the Pixel campaign and hope cheap furnis during the campaign doesn’t cost too much :-/

  15. Linn, por que quando falamos Habbo no Hotel BR nós recebemos um aviso?

  16. What pixel pet food? Every pet accessory in Habbo.com is used with coins. Some DID cost pixels, but that has been changed over to coins for a long time now. I was very disappointed in that switch, as now my pet has to starve.


  18. stop removing stuff just because there are no ideas left for new campaigns…first plasto and now this….i can also see you releasing a pixel memoir ltd……so obvious, unoriginal and predictable………..

    • Yea, they shall stop removing stuffs that has been at habbo hotel in many years. Like plasto furnis, what if you were planning on building something nice with different plast furnis like a table rainbow or any likely? Now they ruined the plans for that :(

      Now they even ruined the plans to build something cool with pixel furnis, because those cost in pixels and if pixels is going to be removed … no, pixels are one of the necessary things at the hotel, especially for new ones.

  19. I hope there will be a “Rare” that will be bought by pixel, and I hope habbo won’t over prize it… “Goodby Pixel Badge” please :D

  20. I wish pixels did nt leave, atleast bring back the old public rooms like Sun Terrace or the Lobbys

  21. i hope we get a badge for saying bye to them ;[ and you should do a farewell pixel video comp

  22. Apenas a Verdade

    Que pena. Achei que teriamos um raro de 50.000 ou 100.000 pixels, mas preferiram colocar de 15.000 + 20c. Lamentavel.

  23. Why was the pixel memorial removed from catalog?!

  24. This is HORRIBLE for Habbo to do. One, the only new furni from the campaign currently is just a recolor in red, and the REAL campaign stuff USES COINS, which MANY PEOPLE CANNOT GET AHOLD OF. Some people don’t have phones, or can’t do surveys because all of them require a phone for some reason, or are just broken, and others do not have gift cards or credit cards to use. Gift cards are not sold everywhere, Habbo.

  25. I know that this is a late reply, but I just want to say this. The only reason that Habbo is introducing/taking away things so unexpected is because they are trying to “pump new features into Habbo as fast as possible and hope that they don’t kept up”. That was taken from a recent news article about RETROS. That’s all that this is about. I would understand this idea, if it were only minor features such as more LTD’s or a new CMS, not the removal of Plastic furniture, pixels, and to top it all off, a global mute. Habbo is slowing degrading itself.

  26. I don’t like habbo as much anymore. :( The cool public rooms are gone, the pixels for effects are gone..I used to use the pixel furni because you didn’t need coins to use it. I really don’t feel like using $10 for a card when I could spend that $10 on something useful like a book. This isn’t fair to me, habbo.

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