New Account Safety Feature!

UPDATE: We have now updated the feature to automatically unlock your account when accessing from a trusted computer. We hope this prevents anyone from being accidentally locked from your own account.

We’ve just added a new way to keep your account safe and secure.

The account safety lock will automatically disable some features in the hotel if your account is accessed from an unknown computer. To unlock your account after safety lock, you’ll just have to answer a few additional security questions.

Features locked by this feature:

  1. Adding or removing credentials
  2. Changing password
  3. Changing email
  4. Linking and adding accounts to identity
  5. Trading
  6. Using marketplace
  7. Purchasing from catalog
  8. Dropping furniture to group room
  9. Deleting rooms

Visit your account identity settings to choose questions and enable this feature.

account-safety-lock-1 Account Safety Lock 2

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  1. yeah thanks…blocked my out of my account and the question setup won’t work. contacted support though :l

  2. Great feature! This is one of the best updates in the last few months!

  3. I logged into Habbo today after this update and was automatically locked out of my own account.. I press “Click here to unlock” but it doesn’t take me to any webpages. What do I do? I’ve been using the same computer and internet.

  4. Could you delete my email from my comment, I don’t want the world to see my email. Thnx.

  5. digimonfrontier

    Finally an upgrade that might benefit me. it will reduce risk of losing furni when hacked.

  6. I can’t fill out any safety questions because I’ve been locked out. No one has had access to my account. ..,

  7. lukedeandavies

    This is a cool idea! Safety means alot!

  8. Great to see Habbo taking such good security measures. I think something like this should of been introduced around the time of the “Habbo ID” though.

  9. One of the best updates yet, safety means a lot and should always come first. Thanks for this!

  10. When is the habbo homepage being remodled? It’s been relatively the same for like 5 years and it’s hideous

    • You do have a point and we’ll consider it, but please make sure to post suggestions in User Voice since that is where we review and decide on projects. Thanks you!

  11. Great to see increased safety features added to Habbo. I do have one concern however. If an account was compromised and the perpetrator decided to ban the individual by shouting obscene things or other clear violations of the Habbo Way in various rooms, wouldn’t this negate the effectiveness of this feature?

    I don’t believe any account is truly protected unless this safety feature also prevents the individual from communicating as well.

    • That is true and I guess there is always a fine line between account security and convenience. The features that can cause the most damage to a compromised account are disabled for now, but if this becomes an issue we will certainly consider adding more features to be locked.

  12. Will this make it easier for habbo’s to prove they own their account when their account has been eather banned or closed for other reasons? The current system is very problematic for a lot of habbo’s. Remebering old mails, when you bought credits, how many and so on…

    • Knowing the security answers will make it easier to verify identity as well, but make sure to also verify your email and keep your password safe as always.

  13. What if im playing at my house and I want to go to my mates and play or my grandparents house? Will it lock me then because i am on a different computer… Will it also lock if I don’t log in for a while??

  14. I was banned unfairly, and if I had have had this, I could have put a lock on trading, and then even if I traded my furni to my other account, I WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN BANNED FOR AUTHORISED ACCESS WHEN IT WAS ON MY IP. Can you look into this, Thank You.

  15. This is absolutely incredible! Bravo to the entire Habbo Staff for implementing this security feature. Thank you! :)

  16. The account safety lock will automatically disable some features in the hotel if you’re account is accessed from an unknown computer.

    your account***

  17. Sorry if I ask this. What happen if I forget my security answer ?

    • If you forget your security answers and your account is safety locked, then you’d have to contact our customer service at to unlock your account.

  18. Stil No Help… Locked out and wont let me unlock myself. Answered questions correctly… Bad Feature. Has to be a better way. Maybe a Live Support???

  19. So glad that this feature has been added! Every time I log in I’m worried that all my stuff will be gone, even though I use a completely different email to anything else and a computer generated password, so hopefully this’ll stop me being so paranoid!

  20. I’ve tried to email customer support a few times about my answer to my question which i do not remember, i’ve sent in two tickets and no one has answered.

    • We are still reviewing this feature for any issues; this does not seem to be a common occurrence.

      Did you contact via You should receive a response within soon.

  21. That pop up came up syaing answer these questions but I did it ages ago and now I cant remember what I put, so I cant do anything on it now, and I had alot of good furni and credit on that account and now it is all waisted, I hate the new feature and just let sulake no, I hate the new feature I wish it was deleted and if not I will go to channel 4 saying there are still phedofiles on it and still do things to people on it, and trust me it will be easy as I live in Britain not far away from the channel 4 news station!

    • We have updated this feature and as long as you are logging on from your trusted location it should not be locked. If you still have issues gaining access, our customer service can unlock it for you.

  22. Okay i logged in on firefox instead of chrome and i forgotten my answers and now my account is locked! Is there anything i can do to reset my answers?

    • You should still be able to log in from your trusted computer. If you have trouble, please create a report on to reset your account.


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