On Walking and Stacking – Conclusion

ScreenshotOK, now that new stacking helper has (supposedly) replaced old “ditch stacking” magic, we can finally move on and conclude this round of walking and stacking changes.

Soon habbo.com will get some UI improvements for stacking helper, as well as 1×2 and 2×2 versions. Then we shall finally switch to new walking and stacking code. This is not fully 3-dimentional code yet, as I have to move on to work on other projects. But at least it’ll get us one nice bonus – ability to have proper bridges over non-walkable items without the need for optical illusions.




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  1. Ok, and what about “Habbo returns to his roots” ? We really don’t care about walking, stacking, seriously.

    • I do, that’s why I blog about it. :-)

      Define “habbo roots”. I wasn’t in Sulake back then, I do not know.

  2. This looks great, especially with walking over stacked non-walkable furni and multi tile stack tiles.
    However if you can, please put forward to price these tiles not so ridiculously expensive? The former method of stacking using ditches cost only .5-1 coin per ditch, and the price of the stack magic tiles are outrageous compared to that.

    Otherwise, keep up the great work.

  3. Would be great if we didn’t have to buy another Stack Magic and if we could choose the size from a menu…

  4. A Habbo Player

    I feel like all of these changes are slowly going to make Habbo less and less of what it once was. There was no need to take the other code out, the ditch stacking was just fine. Also, how about you guys fix things that actually need to be fixed. The client is flat out ugly because of all of the different styles you guys have implemented and then forgotten about. Forums are gone, homepages are crap… not to mention achievements have totally been forgotten as well. You guys take out all the features that Habbos loved and then put in these trivial things that nobody cares about. Bring back forums and stuff. It gave Habbos something to do and it gave us a community. Now the game is mainstream and is going downhill fast. There are 5 hotels in the .COM game… and there are barely 4000 users. In 2008,2009 there would be 9000-10,000 on ONE hotel. What does that tell you? It tells you that ever since the merge and ever since you guys have taken out things that Habbos want people leave. The only people that stay are the ones that are addicted. I don’t know why the Sulake team is so hidebound about bringing back these features.

  5. A Habbo Player

    oh and with these new updates snow storm is ruined. I doubt you guys care because it is an old game and for some reason old habbo is horrible in y’alls eyes

    • Thanks for letting me know. Testing games is always cumbersome, and this particular bug was triggered only after playing a few games on a different maps, so was really hard to catch in testing environment.

      Fixed. Fix will be deployed on Monday.

  6. If you want Habbo roots, there was no forums, home pages back then! btw. ;) Shame about snowstorm though, in-room games were always a strong part of Habbo, especially before the web-expansion that brought us home pages and forums.

  7. PlayerNumberOne

    This is sucks. are you killing me? Habbo roots is not true. all the bobba.

    do you really think that we care for any debris which can be carried out more easily? When prod back a large mute – the deleted features, which are mini-mail, guestbooks, forums group. And old news back to the web. it is Much more enjoyable to read and think about. as something which can / could do before you nullify it.

  8. mrbagheera, please reply to my comment.

    I am very pleased with the new stack tool, it is very useful and I thank you for this creation! I do love the old fashioned stacking as well though xD. I am so glad habbo is getting updated with modern coding and everything. I am also very happy about being able to walk over ‘bridges’ on stacks etc. This will be really good.

    A few problems though; I really hope these are fixable because it means so much to the habbo community:

    There is a problem, many habbos have and still make something that is called mat mazes. With the new update, you can simply double click the tele or the click the last mat and it automatically does the maze for you. This isn’t good as mat mazes used to be a fun part of habbo and now anyone can do it in one click.

    Another problem is that some don’t work at all. I really hope you can fix it so you can fall from any hight, and climb up to around 1.5 units. I have played habbo from the year 2004 and many old habbos and even new habbos are really sad about not being able to make proper and good mat mazes now. I really hope this fixable with the new coding :(.

    • Thank you for interesting and useful comment. A few questions, though – where does number 1.5 comes from? Did you measure it with stacking helper in some old maze room that doesn’t work now? I’ll be grateful for a few links to “good old” maze rooms that are “broken” now.

  9. Going over gates is still broken. You have to click onto the open gate and then on your destination past it from some gates and with others I can click into an area that is closed off and will be taken over there anyway.

  10. Mrbagheera, 1.5 comes from the stacking helper. You can still climb this amount (it may be a little less than 1.5 though)

    But, the real problem is not being able to fall from any hight, and being able to click the end of the maze, normally a teleport is there, and it automatically does the maze for you without you doing anything.

    I made a small example room for you to show the two problems, you will automatically teleport to a mat.
    http://www.habbo.com/room/62777686 – Problems are below for you to test :)

    1. If you click any square which a mat isn’t on, you’ll have to get to a certain hight by going down the mats automatically and then falling. You should be able to fall from any hight, as this is the point of mat mazes.

    2. If you click the very end mat where the teleport is, or double click the teleport itself, it’ll automatically do the maze for you without you putting any work in. This ruins mat mazes greatly :(
    I hope you can fix these! :)

    • thenormalgeek

      In a previous post mrbagheera have stated that there will be two types of rooms.

      1. You can fall from any height and no walking under furni.
      2. You can only fall 4units and walking under furni.

      Please go back and read, I am not 100% certain that this information is correct.

  11. Here is a room with the Venetian building that you can no longer walk on:

    Here is a room with the space walkways that we can’t walk on anymore either:

  12. Hey there, I really like this new stacking tool, but it sucks that if you have a furni that is bigger than one square, like the battle banzai tile, and you want to stack it on top of a furni; you’d need 4 of the stacking tiles. Stacking tiles are pretty expensive, and you’d need for. That is 60 coins. I think it is rather rude to take out this “bug” and then make us pay a lot of coins for it when ditch corners were 2 for 1or 1c per. There is no need for this to be 15 coins and it just seems like a way for you guys to make more cash.

    I saw that you said that you wanted to implement 2×2 magic tools etc. Why don’t you guys just add to the original tool and make different settings when the tool is made. Here is what I am thinking (PS sorry about the font not being the same size, I couldn’t make it smaller): http://i40.tinypic.com/2wc3zv6.png

    That would be really nice since the stacking tool already costs us a bunch.

    You can no longer walk on talker tiles that you used to be able to. Like Edgecrusher said, the Venetian building and space walkways are useless now. I also had a problem with the USVA tiles that were higher off the ground and the pura blocks.

    Thanks, I see a lot more growth with room building now!

  13. Please please let us continue to use z shelves to raise furni! I’m trying to put a floor on just one z shelf (how it’s been done since habbo started) and now I can’t. The special tile thing is too expensive and you have to reset it every time you want to use it….. this is so annoying

    • Works for me.

      Perhaps the reason is that we do not allow “dangling” furnis anymore, so if you are using multi-tile furni, you have to put z-shelves on all the tiles the furni will go. You can pick up / move shelves that become obscured after placing furni by using :furni command.

  14. Cool to walk over a bridge, but wouldn’t be more understandable with a video to show how it really works out? :)

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