Pocket Habbo for Android released

The moment has arrived! Pocket Habbo is now available for your Android phone or tablet. Get it from Google Play store.

This is our first version for the platform and we tested on most modern Android devices, but please provide us with feedback in the comments if you come across any bugs. Note that our minimum supported screen size is 320×480.

In addition to the tablet layouts some other small tweaks were added like searching for new friends like you can do in Habbo Messenger. These changes are also coming for the iOS-version soon.

So grab your phone and start chatting.

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  1. An update for iOS tablets please! It shows like an iPhone resolution and not in full screen.

  2. What address can I find it?

  3. The app stops automatically when is trying to connect to the account.

  4. Crashes for me too! samsung galaxy player andriod version 2.3

  5. so what do you think the problem is? and when can it be fixxed?

    • We don’t know yet. We have to find that kind of device to test it. One thing that might also solve the problems is if you can give us the crash report from your phone we can use it to figure out the problem.

  6. Very disappointed its not working, the application is not supported on my LG Optimus L3

    • We are sorry but we really could not get it working good enough with so small resolution. If we figure way to support those devices well we will add the support.

  7. I want it for Windows Phone ._.’

  8. On my HTC One, I can’t even login… The email and password fields are numbers-only, how do I enter my email then?

  9. dolphingirl99945

    I’d love to use this, but I have a BlackBerry :( Would be cool if you could use it through consoles like 3DS, would be so adorable.

  10. So, xnode did you find out whats going on? did my report help?

  11. Samsung Galaxy S3
    Android 4.1.2

    When i log in, it crashes! Only first use it works.

    (Excuse me for my bad english)

  12. Crash on Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.2

  13. HTC EVO 4G crashes constantly.

  14. Since the update last week I have no crash anymore. For me the update worked :). So see if you can update that program.

  15. iOS version still doesn’t work… apparently I have 539 friends online and have done for the past month.

  16. hello wacht
    hablo español coño

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