Beta Testing of Rentable Spaces

This blog post was used to coordinate beta testing of Rentable Spaces. As the feature is released now, we though it could be interesting for everyone to see how it went…


Welcome to Rentable Spaces Beta!

Please visit group home room (, follow the teleport and rent one of those gray boxes on the floor (for this test, it’ll cost you 1 ducket for 60 minutes, ignore what UI tells you). Once rented, the space allows you to put your furniture inside it. You do not loose ownership of the furniture, you can always pick it up. When rent period ends, the furniture will be returned to you automatically.

Play with it and tell me in comments here how it works for you. I’d be grateful if could abuse it by finding a way to affect room beyond your rented space. Client crashes, lost furnis (will be returned) and visual glitches will do too. There’ll be badges for bug reporters and 1 months of HC to those who find the nastiest bugs.

Oh, and keep in mind – this is work in process.


Update 2013-07-01 20:25 UTC:

We got our first bugs:

  1. Renting the space crashes the client. After re-entering the room space is marked as rented and you can use it.
  2. When re-used, spaces render the whole room invalid. I’ve cleaned mess up and changed rent time to 10 hours, will fix it tomorrow.

Thank you, early testers – we have your names in logs. :-)

Update 2013-07-02 9:50 UTC:

Room stuck again after existing rents expired and someone tried to rent same space again. There will be new build in an hour, that should fix this and some other known issues.

Update 2013-07-02 11:10 UTC:

New build installed. We had to clean all existing rents, but the furni should have gone back to original owners. The misplaced puzzle boxes should have returned back to their owner too.

Thanks everyone for the efforts! Looks like there is no reliable way to restrict the visual height of the placed furniture, so this has to be rather part of “contract” when renting the space. We’ll give room owner rights to cancel the rent and eject the misplaced furniture. Please test what other furniture can break the rules. Isaac has found mountain background, anything else?

And yes, the furniture types we know for sure are going to break the rules are disabled. These include rollers / any wired box / magic stack tool / music playing furni / and some other things that can move by itself.

Update 2013-07-03 10:30 UTC:

New build, and starting the (hopefully) final round of testing. Known issues updated. If everything goes well, the beta test will end about this time on Thursday, with badges and HC club to follow shortly.

Update 2013-07-03 13:00 UTC:


  • Pucks can be in placed rented space and pushed outside. 
  • Background furniture, cloud machine and background toner can be placed in rented space and screw up the room.
  • Sound effect furni can be placed into rented space and can potentially become annoying.

Update 2013-07-04 11:50 UTC:


  • Beach ball can be in placed rented space and pushed outside.

Known issues

  • Graphically tall furni can be placed into rented space and obscure the view for others. This cannot be realistically fixed, and becomes a “policy” issue.
  • Some furniture cannot be placed into rented space and gives “You cannot place this in someone else’s room”. This is intentional.
  • Some furniture (black holes, water patch) cannot be placed into rented space and no error message is given. This is semi-intentional and will not be fixed, but please list those if you found one.

The Beta is Over

Thanks everyone! Badges and HC membership for those who found the nastiest bugs will follow shortly.

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  1. Not sure if this is a bug or just a general room rule – However, I am unable to place down rollers.

  2. I rented this place Once I rented it, I was disconnected from the client, and once I returned the spot was highlighted. When attempting to rent another space, this comes up – Which is not coded properly. Wired is unable to be dropped. I tested teleports, and people are able to get into the room through teleports. :Pickall command does not work in the room. You should maybe take off the vip walls, so we can test if we are able to put wall furniture up. Stacking it only able to be 2 high, and you are able to place a chair above the stack. When going into banzai teleport, stacked high, you are not on top of the box, you are inbetween. Click image to view – When clicking on furniture around the room, I noticed this under the bed. however, when you click on it again it disappears, and it isn’t shown on any other furni. There is a image glitch with the bed as well as you can view the rocks behind it –

    Hope it helps!

  3. When trying to place any roller / any wired box / magic stack tool / music playing furni inside your designated space it returns the message “You cannot place this in someone else’s room”. You get this message in your own rented lot. You are unable to place water furni, black holes or walk way furni at all. However, neither return a message – just doesn’t let you place it. Maybe some of these are intentional (I imagine the wired one at least is).

    One thing I did notice was with the furni item: Cabin Stone and Wood Tiles if you put two of these to their highest state you can’t place them on top of eachother. However, if you put one of them to their highest furni state and then place another one on the lowest state on top and change the lowest one’s state to the highest state, you can get them on top of each other.

    So I’m guessing you’ve tried to control how high people can stack their items. If so, I have totally negated that with some items. I’ve managed to block out almost an entire lot with tall items. Easier to see in client rather than to explain. If it expires before you see then let me know.

    Tried other things such as exchanging coins and opening gifts. Both worked fine.

  4. Each time I rent a space, I receive: Oops!! 1009 (#29927836) and the client reloads, however when I log back in the space HAS been rented successfully, some wired can also be placed in – the ones that displays high scores whereas others cannot be placed. Also cannot rent a space for a period of time after a previous rental expires.

  5. I love the new rentable spaces. A glitch I found is that users are able to drop their puzzle boxes which then they can push out of their rented area space.

  6. I tried renting a space, however it gave me a “Woops an error has occurred” message, so I tried renting it again however it gave me the message in red “rentablespace.cant_rent.can_only_rent_one_space” …so I tried going back through the teleporter and back in, however it still displayed this.

    I then tried exiting the client and coming back online, went into the main room with the teleporter and the client just freezes (doesn’t disconnect), with the teleport light constantly flashing.. however I don’t get disconnected and can still navigate through the hotel, I just can’t get into that particular room anymore.

  7. Not too sure if this is just me or not, but when I enter the first room and use the tele I don’t go anywhere and get stuck in the tele.

  8. Back from maintenance. No longer disconnects you when you rent a space. However, a lot more furni seems to be returning server error: 1 (petal patch, jungle waterfall, tall tree, blazing sun). Can no longer place puzzle boxes.

  9. Tried placing a Medieval Bookcase. Got an error.


  10. Background stuff still enabled? Should it be?

    Looks dodgy if it is, LOL.

  11. Games furni such as tag poles, game timer, banzai & freeze gates also able to be placed in a rented space

  12. Also yes music furni doesn’t work however the SFX furni can be placed

  13. Banzai Teleporters will allow you to teleport into others spaces. Basically banzai teles ignore plots.

  14. Banzai Pucks and most likely Hocket Pucks can be pushed out of bounds.

  15. SFX furni can still be placed into the room which can play sound.

  16. Not sure if intentional, but there are a few furni which can’t be placed, yet don’t give an error message. I can only remember Black Hole, definitely more though.

    • Yes. Black hole, water patch and others that cannot go on top of any furniture. And rentable space is a furniture.

  17. A new FAQ button was posted but it takes me to a forbidden page:

  18. Mr.L.Darragh

    Not sure if this is on purpose, but all room teleporters can be placed, meaning that non-beta users would be able to get into room aswell.

  19. Just a small thing. I noticed that the item ‘color tile’ cannot be placed in your rented space. Assume it’s an error as they’re not what you’d consider potentially troublesome furni.

  20. IDEA:
    Perhaps make known if the proceeds from hiring the lot will go to Habbo or a 50/50 Habbo and Room Owner. This would make users want to use the feature more if they got a reward from users hiring the plot in their room.

  21. Noticed another glitch. If you put down a ball, it can roll out of your space. We used a beach ball for this test.

  22. Lindsey is right about the beach ball. We shouldn’t be able to drop it. Everything else I tried appears to be set right.

  23. Is it intentional for both Banzai Tiles and Black Holes to not be placed?

  24. Another few furni I noticed that you can’t drop and returns no error message:
    blue walkway
    yellow walkway
    red walkway
    green walkway

    Presumably other coloUrs too :-)

  25. @Xemnas, The apparently rental space is considered a furni, and anything that can’t be placed on a furni can’t be placed in the space.

  26. I believe a form of rights in the form of being able to ‘kick someone out of your tent’ is needed, where instead of being kicked from the room, you are just kicked out of a tent. This is to prevent unwanted visitors who you then cannot do anything about.

  27. I just saw a beachball in .no’s main stage. Have you placed one of them in the room or have you reverted the beachball rule?

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