New Year, New Blog!

Happy New Year from Habbo!

A New Year, brings a new blog! We decided to kick off 2014 by bringing this blog back to life to give you a look ‘Behind the Pixels’. We’re not going to be talking about local Habbo events or updates, instead we’ll be trying to focus on updates that are global and relevant to all of our users! Excitied? You should be. You can expect a bi-weekly update related to game development, frequent campaign updates from our designers, as well as a monthly update discussing the Habbo Economy.

A look at least year…

Pocket Habbo

As many of you know, 2013 was a pretty busy year for us. We had an overhaul of our entire client interface, based on user feedback. We also introduced Builders Club, Free Flow Chat,

Walking 2.0, and lots of new features to Pocket Habbo. In addition we created a whopping 549 pieces of furniture and 922 new badges – which now means there are over 8000 badges in Habbo.

We know there have been a few hiccups with these updates and changes, but it is because of your continued feedback that we’re able to react and make positive changes to your Habbo experience – Keep it coming!

Upcoming plans

Over the next few weeks, we have some pretty awesome stuff coming to you guys. On top of the exciting quests and events that your local managers are coordinating, we’ve got a brand new range of furni coming. This new furni is something that will finally give room builders the tools they need to make the most of their rooms.

Builders Club

We ran a poll at the beginning of the New Year asking you various questions, focusing around the different categories you all would like added to Builders Club. We received huge number of responses, and here are the global results of that poll. Interesting, hey?


This will be talked about in more detail in the monthly economy update, but we have to be very careful with what we put into the Builders Club Warehouse. We know trading is an important part of Habbo for many of you and we don’t want to ruin that. We currently have over 650 furni in there, but we certainly can see where everyone agree on what they would like to see more of, and will be looking into which of those furni could be added to the warehouse. In  addition to the furni updates for Builders Club, we are working hard on adding alternative payment options and are happy to announce that we will soon be releasing an SMS option for Builders Club!

User Interface

The UI has some more exiting changes coming its way too. Those of you with eagle eyes will have noticed the little changes that were made between different hotel builds, but we’re not done just yet! We’re hoping to have the final changes done soon, things like the navigation and friends toolbar is coming close to the final stages. Here’s what we think the final product is going to look like…what do you think?


Next Issue: In the next issue, we’ll also be discussing the upcoming number verification feature, how and why your data is safe and the upcoming Valentines Campaign!

About the Author

Dom the Developer!Hi, My names Dom and I am developer here at Sulake! You’ll often find me wandering the hotels on the avatar ‘Macklebee’. Every few weeks I will be posting a new ‘Behind the Pixels’ post, talking to you about what’s up and all the exciting stuff coming in the hotel…We will be sharing more than ever before, so make sure to tune in. This is really important to me – I hope you enjoy! I feel strongly that Habbo is a place where creativity can bloom and I really want you to feel as though you’re a part of it.

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  1. Hello, I like dev posts so good news for returning this blog!
    Here my opinion about things:


    I think right top box with duckets, credits, and more, will be better with a margin top instead of not showing the top of the box. And I like the old animation of credits, duckets and HC with + or – that has been disappeared.

    I have a big screen, so there are free space for menu, chat form and friends, but at this moment “quick friends view” is showing a lot of them and chat form get its up position. That is something I hate. I think it will be better show less friends and have the chat form included at the bottom structure.

    Right bottom box profiles will be better in my opinion with alpha design (transparent) like mockup showed.


    Every time I want to see a message, it took for me about two minutes in loading the app and data, and when I want to text a message every letter I hit took about 10 seconds loading. In my opinion I prefer an app fast and simple than a one slowly and with lots of graphics (that usually are deformed).


    We are developing every time cool tools for Habbos and due to there isn’t an official app we have to use Habbo webpage that is worse for Habbo and developers of fansites (a lot of bandwidth used). I think will be amazing an official API for fansites like Twitter offers one for using some stuff of accounts: timelines, data, etc…

    Anyway good job!

  2. This looks awesome! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with this year :) But to be honest, I wish you could change some of the UI buttons. They seem a bit childish and it’s easy to be confused on which is which. I have heard feedback on that on my hotel (Habbo Norway). Many people like it, but they get easily confused and misclick a button.

    For me it would be better if you could bring back the old buttons used or update them as they were before and modernize them or something. Or maybe bring back a modernized version of the old habbo buttons? Just a suggestion :)

    Keep on the good work otherwise!

  3. Great idea to post these sort of posts to keep us updated what’s going on:) I still feel like the UI requires a lot of tweaking, I don’t find it very appealing and would have preferred the two bar style (one on top one on bottom) – the friend bar is pretty useless if you only see a portion of them there. Don’t think I’ll ever grow fond of it really.

  4. Did the signing of the builder club Habbo Brazil and I am very satisfied, especially because they have added the Furni 2013 campaign as Christmas and Valentine.
    The only thing missing is an inventory for the Furni builder club so we can move the furniture which are not available in the catalog for other rooms.
    It would also be good to add wired to facilitate the creation of dynamic rooms.

    • “The only thing missing is an inventory for the Furni builder club so we can move the furniture which are not available in the catalog for other rooms.”
      I agree. Rather than going directly back into the limit, you should have an inventory and then be able to exchange for limit within the inventory instead.

  5. Great to see this is back in action. What I’d love to see is support for Retina Display users. Basically I have a MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display and a lot of the text/furniture within Habbo is pixelated. However the text on the chat is crystal clear and is upgraded for retina display unlike the text on the UI (e.g. friendship bar, credits or shop). I’ve spoke to a few of the design team and said it should be a relatively easy job, do you think we’ll see this any time soon?

  6. I recommend more clothes and styles for HC members! And host more competition which doesn’t require money!

  7. Yes. Pocket Habbo is amazing. Thanks.

  8. I know it seems like a minuscule thing but it would be great if you guys could update the TVs to display different shows like you used too. i.e. the Battleball scene on the Digital TV, and how the Flatscreen TV would be updated for each holiday. Even putting the old designs back on those TVs as different states would be great to add some variety!!

  9. The “final product” of the UI doesn’t make sense. There’s all that empty space on the bottom menu bar that can be used. Either fill it up with the online friend icons or get rid of the online friend icons. Showing so little makes it essentially useless.

  10. Valentine is going to be awesome this year :D

  11. After adding the package 14 days of builder club you removed the option to buy 30 days via credit card in Brazil’s currency page. Please resolve this issue.

  12. I love the new additions to the new year! :)

  13. I really like the new Habbo User Interface (UI), but please consider bringing the old forums and guest book back. Don’t think you will get a higher online number (more users) my removing everything. Like seriously.

  14. Great UI, although I’d like to see the other dialog boxes such as trading go from that ugly blue colour to a nice slick black or something. Awesome stuff so far!

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