Meet the designers…

This year at Sulake, we have decided to take a slightly different approach to the digital design and production for Habbo. We have a growing team of designers and we have chosen to split them into 2 teams; Team Serenity and Team Savant. Both teams have a balance of newer, and older, designers and will alternate campaign design throughout this year.

We hope you enjoy getting to know our designers – Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for regular ‘Designer’ blog posts, that will include updates about upcoming campaigns and awesome sneak previews and polls!

Team Serenity

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.39.17 PMHiyas! My name’s Jenny and I go by the name ‘Kuyit’ in the hotel. I’m one of the many designers at Sulake and I’m part of the Serenity design team. I love all things geeky and cute, and sometimes that reflects into my work when I go into creative mode. I hope to do my very best to bring you new and exciting designs! :) – Kuyit


Hello! I’m Caroline (AKA Sparkaro in the hotels) and I’m a graphic designer for Habbo/Sulake. I’ve always loved to draw, and in recent years have become very interested in creating digital art – including, of course, pixel art! I also like to create 2D animations. Apart from the arty stuff, I enjoy watching movies and TV shows, (mostly of the science fiction & fantasy genre) reading and listening to music :) – Sparkaro


Hi! My name is James aka MrCroissant and I’m a designer. My hobbies and interests include sketching, pixel art, digital painting, illustration, collecting vinyl, video games and going on nights out with friends. I’m always open for feedback and ideas from Habbos. See you around the Hotel! ~ MrCroissant

Team Savant


Greetings to all! My name is Kelly and I’m a graphic designer for Habbo. I’ve drawn since I could hold a pencil and I’ve never wanted to do anything else. I am an animator and comic designer at heart but pixel’s are super fun to work with and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of making cool stuff for you all. I also love gaming. Whether it’s retro style arcade games or your modern day rpg shoot-em-up with rocket launchers, I love them all. Story is what drives me and I hope to bring all of these things I love to Habbo! – Elementary_Kage


Hi my name is Patrick, I have been working for Habbo Hotel since November last year. My background is in freelance illustration and animation. My preferred art software is Photoshop. I have been interested in pixel art since I was a lad – when all the best games were made with pixels.” – HungrySparrow

As promised, we have included some of our early stage sketches and concepts for the March campaign. This campaign will include a clothing, hair and accessory update. Let us know what you think in the comments section! – Team Serenity

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  1. What happened to Jeff? (notMiceElf)

  2. Those designs look great! – @HabboComNews

  3. That is pretty good. It would be good if you plan to inspire you this french pixel art made by “Wosley” in 2010 :

    Furthermore, I’d like see boxing gloves on Habbo !

    Thank you, artists !

  4. Very Good ! Good job =)

  5. Would be awesome to get “anime styled” outfits and accessories kinda Japanese fashioned and cute stuff.

  6. Nice introduction! Its good to see Sulake opening up about their fantastic staffs.


  8. Finally some new -nice- haircuts for men!

  9. Awesome! I hope to see a lot of cool features from you guys!

  10. Can’t wait for it! :)

  11. Adorei!
    Im Like =D

    By: Vitor-Maionese (HabboBR)

  12. Adorei!
    Im Like!

    By: Vitor-Maionese (HabboBR)

  13. Users can create Habbo clothes and arrange for you to review?


  15. Nice introduction! Its good to see Sulake opening up about their fantastic staffs.

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