Let’s talk updates!

In the last post, we had a look at the ‘Day in a life of a Developer’. We hope you guys enjoyed!  This time we’re going to be looking into some of the updates and improvements that have been made since then…

The most prominent new feature at least for you guys is that you now get to highlight specific lines of chat you would like the moderator to see. This has been a much-needed feature, which we hope will aid success of moderation process overall. Now when you report, these chosen lines of chat are highlighted so that a moderator can easily spot them. You can see an example of what a moderator will see, below.

Moderator Tool

Did you send a Valentine’s cards?

This year for Valentine’s Day the Habbo Stories team created some really neat valentines cards for you to send to your friends. They’re a really cool way to interact with your friends, and there were some free options too!

If you haven’t already sent one, pop on over to Habbo Stories and check it out! It’s always really nice to receive some special gift from a friend…

Habbo Stories Card

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s HabboTalk!

We’re very happy to announce the introduction of HabboTalk to the Hotel. What is ‘HabboTalk’, you ask? To put simply: It’s the re-invention of group forums. We’ve spent a lot of time working on this, taking feedback from users and it is almost ready to let you start using!

There are a few slight differences, that old school Habbos might remember. For instance, HabboTalk will be completely accessible inside of the client – no need to leave the hotel! How cool is that?

Below are some mock designs of how the feature will look, but remember it may be a little different by the time it hits the hotels. We are hoping to have this out for testing within the week, however as this is a pretty big update this could change.

If you would like to be a beta tester for ‘HabboTalk’ and you are in the .COM hotel, send an email to habbocompetitions@sulake.com with your Group name and Habbo name. Make the subject “I want to be a betatester for HabboTalk”.

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  1. Is the beta testing .com only?

  2. e-mail adress gets bounced back

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