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Pulling The Rabbit Out Of Our Hat

Fake BunnyThe Nutty community challenge was achieved in all Hotels, so where is the new pet bunny?? Well, as the Norwegian saying goes, the one who waits for something good, will not wait in vain!

So to avoid having you wait in vain, we have some good news to share!

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Rares, Rabbits & Nuts

We had an exciting weekend and I know the Rares got everyone very engaged because I added about 500 new followers on Twitter @PaulLaFo. Most of the comments were positive. We made some mistakes around timezones and we hear you clearly on that.

What was the most fun was hearing people talk about firsts for Habbo. This campaign had a lot of firsts, from the time based Rare releases to the idea of a temporary currency in Nuts. What is the most fun about this is that the ideas mostly came from Habbos.

As we all tweeted and went into the Hotels the idea about more buying power and time based rares came from Habbos. We just built on the idea and went with it. The result was exciting.

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Some Nutty Details

After yesterday’s posts about the Limited Edition Rares and the Easter “nuttiness”, I got a lot of good questions from you guys through the comments, and although I tried to answer as much as I could, I thought… why don’t I take some of your more frequent questions and bring them to our main nutty “Shop Keeper”

So.. that’s what I did, and here are his answers:

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Someone’s Clearly Gone Nuts…

As you may or may not know, I work in a different time zone than the bustling bee hive that is the Sulake Headquarters in Finland’s cool, but cold capitol city. This means that I will start work around an hour or so before my colleagues in Helsinki head home.

In those hurried minutes I get handed a whole lot of messages, new tasks and some loose ends (this will usually require at least two more cups of coffee than I prefer to drink on any given day).

Although admittedly, this process is always quite hectic, this week has been hectic times ten.

Maybe it’s because it’s a shorter work week, or perhaps it’s that spring truly is in the Helsinki air, but I’m telling you… something’s clearly going on over there, and I suspect, between you guys and I, that someone’s gone completely nuts.

Everywhere I look, there are squirrels and rabbits and.. nuts. Every conversation I’m having, there are squirrels and rabbits and… NUTS! This has lead me to reach the following conclusion: we can expect a lot of Nuts this Easter!

Here are some “loose ends” that I can share before Wednesday:

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