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Habbo Helpers Q&A

Today marked a big day, as the entire Habbo Helpers program took its first trying steps outside the walls of the test Hotels! In order to make 100% sure that everything worked when put together the way it’s supposed to be (keep in mind that the test Hotels had been subjected to only bits and pieces), the team decided to do a “pre-release” one day early in

Good news is… this launch has so far been going really great, which means that the rest of the Hotels will likely follow this Thursday!

In other words: Habbo Helpers is nearly 100% done, and unless you’re in .COM, your wait is almost over: tomorrow is the day – yay!

Until then, I thought we’d look at the answers to some of your questions about Habbo Helpers. I chose the ones that hadn’t already been answered in some way or another, and sent them to the Project Manager (who is a very happy man today!) – here’s what he had to say!

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The Habbo Way

With the launch of Habbo Helpers comes a revamp of the Habbo Way. Though this update might look like it’s mostly visual, there is another important difference worth noting as well!

From the very start, the Habbo Way was always a two-way street, a division between the things you should enjoy doing in Habbo (chatting, playing, building rooms etc), and the things you should not be doing (scamming, scripting, cheating etc).

Then throughout the years, it slowly morphed into a list of very specific “DON’Ts”, the things you shouldn’t be doing unless you wanted to be banned from Habbo. Yikes, pretty negative!

It was time for a change.

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Ask Us About Habbo Helpers!

Thumbs Up!For the past few weeks, we’ve been giving you a lot of information about Habbo Helpers and a bit about Habbo Talents as a whole. Now that we’re nearing in on the global launch and the test phase is nearly over, I was wondering… do you have any questions before it all goes live?

So I’m inviting you all to ask one question each in this post’s comment field!

On Monday I’ll be picking the very best questions (among those that haven’t already been answered in previous posts here on the blog) and giving them to the project manager to reply to before the launch.

Please make sure that you’ve already read the main post about Habbo Helpers and progress report #1, #2 and #3 – that way you won’t waste your question asking something that was already answered :)


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Progress Report #3

This might be the last progress report before Habbo Helpers goes live in all Hotels! I checked in with the project manager, and although they experienced some technical challenges in the last week that put them back a bit, he’s still hopeful that the delays won’t be too big. Here’s what he had to say this time!

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Habbo Helpers – Another Progress Report

Showing The Way

It’s been a whole week since we last updated you on the progress of the Habbo Helpers test stage and how it’s all going (time flies!), and now we’re back with another update!

Just like last time, I checked in with the project manager to see how everything is going, and to find out if we’re still on schedule. Here’s what he said this week!

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Habbo Helpers Enters Test Mode!

First off.. the 514 project now has an official name! No longer will it go by its numerical mystery code, from now on, you will know it as… *drum roll please* … Habbo Talents!

And with that reveal, we’d love to give you a peek at the process ahead, what’s happening next, when and how it will all go down… It’s a long post, with loads of information, but you should be a whole lot wiser by the end of it :)

Habbo Talents  – What is it All About?
Habbo Talents is one of the biggest projects to ever be rolled out in Habbo (maybe the biggest)! It’s built around the idea that Habbos come to the Hotel for different reasons, because they enjoy doing different things. Some enjoy certain things more than others, and sometimes they enjoy it so much that they excel at it! We’re thinking room builders, traders, event hosts, help desk owners etc. Different Habbos with different talents.

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